The Bread Makers We Rate

The Bread Makers We Rate

A home filled with the scent of freshly baked bread is undeniably appealing – throw autumn into the mix and there’s possibly never been a more appropriate time to buy one. But from budget to all the bells and whistles, it’s important to know what you want from your machine. Here are the key functions to consider and some of our favourites.

Bread makers have come on a long way in recent years. Saving endless hours of kneading and proving, the latest counter-top appliances can make multiple types of bread – from sweet brioche to rye loaves, basic white to tangy sourdough. Some of the newer, more expensive models will even make jam, yoghurt and pizza dough. 

The Key Features

Delay Timer: This allows you to add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl in advance and set the appliance to make the bread when you want it, whether that’s as you get home or when you wake up.

Automatic Ingredient Dispenser: A small basket where yeast or other additional ingredients such as nuts or sultanas, will sit and be dispensed at the right time during the process.

Viewing Window: Not every machine has one but, like with an oven, it’s useful if you want to check on your bread without opening the lid.

Keep Warm Function: This will keep your freshly baked loaf warm for a short time after the programme is finished.

Rapid Bake Function: This allows you to bake your loaf faster.

Multiple Crust Settings: If you want to vary your crust from light to dark, and control how crunchy it is, look out for these variable settings.

Inspired? Here Are Our Top 10…

Cookworks Breadmaker, £44.99

This Cookworks model can bake a variety of loaves, as well as changing the crust colour to your preference. Bake overnight using the 13-hour delay timer to wake up to fresh homemade bread, or check the baking status on the LCD display as you go.

Available at

Morphy Richards 48280 Breadmaker, £59.99 (was £79.99)

Create a range of sweet and savoury breads with one of 12 available programmes. You’ll have enough for sandwiches all week long too, as it makes loaves weighing up to 900g. Whether you prefer coming home to a fresh loaf, or you want warm bread when you wake-up, the handy delay timer lets you start the baking whenever suits you.

Available at

Tower T11003 Bread Maker, £60

With 12 pre-set programmes, crusty sourdough and Italian ciabatta are just a click away. This model also comes with a ‘Rapid Bake’ function, which will speed up the process if you’ve invited friends over for a last-minute brunch date. If you want to check how well the dough’s risen, the handy viewing window is invaluable.

Available at

Lakeland Compact 1lb Daily Loaf Bread Maker, £64.99

An ideal compact size, this breadmaker comes with knead-only functions for pizza dough or if you’re keen to make your own rolls – as well as 11 easy-to-use pre-installed settings. To check on the progress of your bakes, there’s a viewing window in the lid.

Available at

Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Breadmaker, £64.99

White, wholemeal or gluten free, however you like your bread, this machine bakes it. With a choice of 12 programmes, three loaf sizes and different crust options, it makes life easy by mixing, kneading, proving and baking for you. A 13-hour delay timer also lets you set it up in advance, and there's a 55 min ‘Fast Bake’ option if time is at a premium.

Available at

Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker 502001, £95

There are 14 programmes to choose from with this one, so you can experiment with a range of different recipes – there’s even a gluten-free programme for those with sensitivities. If you can’t wait to sink your teeth into a fresh slice, the ‘Rapid Bake’ feature lets you bake a whole loaf in just 90 minutes. There are five crust settings available, too, as well as a handy viewing window.

Available at

Panasonic SD-2500WXC Breadmaker, £99.99

With 25 programmes including white bread, French bread, whole-wheat, rolls and brioche, this is a stylish addition to any kitchen. There’s even an in-built ‘keep warm’ function if you’re not quite ready to tuck in.

Available at

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Bread Maker, £179.99

Thanks to its advanced features, this appliance has 27 programmes including white bread, French bread, wholewheat, gluten-free, rye, pizza bases and brioche. You’ll even know when to add ingredients thanks to the in-built ingredient signal.

Available at

Sage The Custom Loaf Bread Maker, £199

With more than 60 different settings to ensure you get the bread you want, this appliance lets you select what time you want the bread to be ready, as well as adding fruit, nuts and jam at the appropriate time. The chute opens automatically to dispense ingredients into the dough during the kneading cycle, and there's also a choice of different crust settings.

Available at

Panasonic SD-ZX2522 Breadmaker, £239.99

As well as special programs for rapid multigrain bread, 100% gluten-free recipes, and jam and compotes, the SD-ZX2522 breadmaker also lets you choose from three sizes of loaf and a specific crust colour, offering extra flexibility and personalisation. There’s also a glass touch control pane, a yeast and raisin/nut dispenser and a dual internal and ambient temperature sensor.

Available at

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