The Electric Blankets To Rely On This Winter

The Electric Blankets To Rely On This Winter

It’s starting to get chilly at night, so there’s only one thing for it – an electric blanket. An affordable way to stay warm, they’re the perfect cold-weather companion now we’re spending more time at home. Whether for the bedroom or the sofa, here are the key functions to consider and some of our favourites.

It may have been a 70s bedroom staple, but the electric blanket is making a comeback. In fact, according to Silentnight, sales have increased by 400% in the last couple of weeks alone, and research shows 48% of the nation’s electric blankets are owned by millennials. We caught up with Po Lon Corrigan, partner and assistant buyer at John Lewis, to find out what you should be looking for when buying one…

So, are there different types of electric blanket? 

“You can get blankets which go on top of your mattress or throws which sit on top of you. Throws are very popular at the moment, especially with more people working from home as they can be used to keep you warm without having to heat the whole house. Heated mattress protectors cover and protect the whole area, offering cushioned heat that you can leave on year-round, while heated under-blankets lie flat on the mattress and fit to the bed with elasticated straps or tie tapes. If you prefer to feel the heat on top of your body, a heated throw is ideal.” 

Are they safe? 

“Yes – electric blankets are safe and are tested and approved according to the latest European standards. Dreamland’s new Intelliheat+ technology has a built-in auto-safety function, which automatically runs a full check of your blanket every time you switch it on and constantly monitors the blanket throughout the night, keeping you safe and warm.”

Will they raise your heating bill? 

“Heated bedding and throws are economical to operate and quick to reach optimum temperature. For example, Dreamland’s Intelliheat technology heats up an electric blanket or throw in just five minutes and costs from as little as 1p per night to run, making them a good option for when you don’t want to turn the central heating on.”

What fabrics should you look for? 

“For under-blankets, look for technical polyester-blended fabrics that mix high-performance fabric with anti-microbial benefits. Over-blankets in luxurious soft Sherpa and teddy-style fleece have the all-important snuggle-factor, while luxurious 200 thread count cotton percale is fresh, soft to the touch, and perfect throughout the seasons. For living room lounging or working from home, electric throws in faux fur offer a burst of hidden heat at the touch of a button, perfect to pimp up your sofa or desk.”

It’s clear household temperature is a perennial bone of contention, so electric blankets with dual control options, which offer personal temperature settings, can be a relationship saver.

How many settings should a decent blanket have? 

“Top of the range technology should come with a choice of six temperature settings, and some have technology that ensures the blanket maintains the same level of comfort all night long, automatically adjusting to the temperature of your body and bedroom.”

What features are worth keeping an eye out for? 

“Look out for dual control. Sleep experts know there are fundamental biological differences between the sleep patterns of men and women, with hormones, circadian rhythms and ambient temperature all playing a role. It’s clear household temperature is a perennial bone of contention, so electric blankets with dual control options, which offer personal temperature settings, can be a relationship saver. You should also consider one with an automatic timer, so you can totally relax and enjoy the best night’s sleep.”

Does size matter? 

“Yes – you should check the measurements provided by the manufacturer, not just the bed size, as under-blankets can come in smaller dimensions. Also, check that the fitting is compatible with your mattress and bedding, which may better suit an elasticated skirt or easy-fit elasticated corner straps.”

How do you keep them clean? 

“Most electric blankets are machine washable, just make sure to follow the instructions. With Dreamland blankets, for example, simply detach the control and pop it in the wash. It’s fine to put them in the tumble dryer, too. If you remember to add fabric conditioner to the wash, your blanket will release a gorgeous scent the next time you turn it on.”

How long will it last? 

“Most electric blankets will be guaranteed for two to three years, but they will last much longer if you look after them properly.”


Inspired? Here are our top picks…

Beurer Allergy-Free Heated Mattress Cover, £89.99

A top pick for allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as those with skin problems, this heated blanket boasts clever anti-allergy technology and a 60°C anti-mite heat setting, which protects against house dust mites, bacteria and mould. It has six heat settings, as well as an additional quick heat feature, ideal for putting on just before bed or waking up to make 6am alarms in the depths of winter that little bit more bearable. Bonus points also go to the breathable cotton fabric, which can easily be washed in the machine. 


Silentnight Comfort Control Fleecy Electric Blanket, From £30

If you’re keen to try an electric blanket but don’t want to spend a fortune, this affordable option is a good starting point. Silentnight is one of the most trusted bed brands, and this under-blanket, which lies directly on top of your mattress and below your bottom sheet, features a fuss-free controller with three heat settings. Unlike other cheaper options, this blanket has a soft fleece finish, meaning the wires underneath are undetectable, even to the most sensitive of sleepers. It also has in-built overheat protection, so rest assured this one ticks all the safety boxes, too.


Dreamland Boutique Dual Control Electric Blanket, From £58

A firm favourite in Dreamland’s collection, this award-winning blanket feels extra luxurious thanks to the 200-thread count cotton percale and a deep spiral filling, which adds an additional layer of comfort to your mattress. As well as dual controls, you’ll also find six temperature settings as well as one, three or nine hour shut-off controls and a five-minute fast heat up. It also uses intelligent technology that responds to the temperature of both your body and bedroom, and has an extra deep elasticated skirt, perfect for deeper mattress.


Dreamland Luxury Heated Throw, £59

The ultimate companion for your next box-set, this stylish heated throw will cocoon you in warmth for as little as 1p for eight hours. Heating up in just five minutes, it has a digital detachable control with six temperature settings and an auto shut-off timer. The soft-touch microfleece fabric offers the ultimate comfort and it’s easy to maintain, too – simply machine wash at 40 degrees and tumble dry on a low setting. 


Dreamland Sherpa Electric Underblanket, £79.99

Unlike many electric blankets, this new model spans the entire breadth of the mattress for 360-degree warmth, and is easy to fit thanks to elasticated corner straps. The plush fleece topper helps trap heat for maximum efficiency, and it’s reversible, too, meaning you can turn it over in the warmer months. Available up to super king size and with six heat settings and dual control, it offers plenty of options when it comes to staying warm, whatever the weather. 


Lakeland Faux Fur Heated Throw, £99

Perfect for chilly offices and living rooms alike, this throw is made with high-quality faux fur and is machine washable and tumble dryer safe. It has six temperature settings, an LED digital control and will adjust its warmth to your body heat. The reverse fabric is a soft beige micromink, allowing for endless style possibilities, and it also comes with a storage bag to keep the blanket safe out of season. Try layering it on top of your duvet for an extra burst of warmth on particularly chilly nights.


Lakeland Luxury Fleece Fitted Electric Blanket, £99

Costing less than 5p per night to run, this fully-fitted (meaning no fiddly ties) electric blanket heats up in just ten minutes, and has six warmth settings, including graduated foot warmth, ideal for those who are prone to cold feet in bed. The easy-to-read LED control also features overheat protection for peace of mind, and, made from machine washable polyester, it’s a breeze to keep clean. Currently only available for king-sized beds. 


Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Heated Underblanket, From £35.99

This expert favourite wins on the comfort front thanks to a layer of fleece between the quilted outer layers, giving you a soft, supported base, and sturdy elasticated straps, which keep the blanket in place throughout the night, however much you fidget. As well as nine different heat settings, it also offers zone control, meaning you can warm up different parts of the blanket as you need. With a low energy consumption and automatic shut-off, it offers comfort and complete peace of mind. 


Snuggledown Supreme Comfort Heated Mattress Topper, From £56

If your mattress is on the firm side, a topper is the perfect way to up the comfort factor, and this quilted, heated topper is an industry favourite. Climate zone controls give you different warmth settings for different areas, while dual controls on the double, king and super-sized versions mean you and your other half can make your own adjustments. With a 180-thread count and nine heat settings, this option ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for an electric blanket that doubles up as a luxury topper.


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