6 Unusual Ways To Use Paint

If you thought paint was intended for one use only, think again. Instagram is bursting with inspiring trends and unmissable ideas for throwing out the rule book and decorating with panache. Armed with a good ruler, masking tape and a paint chart, you can transform any room in your home.


A tweak on a horizontally divided, half-painted wall, this diagonal iteration is more eye-catching and unusual. Like @AMotherDesigner, use the darker colour on the bottom to anchor the scheme and be sure to pick up on some of the accent colours in the room, as demonstrated here with this rug.


Don’t ignore the wall behind your shelves – it’s a design opportunity. Contrasting the crisp, bright white woodwork with a rich, verdant green in this bathroom, @TheWhitePepperVintage creates a satisfying backdrop to her collectables and the whole display is far more interesting for it. 


As @ParkAndOakDesign says, sometimes the best features in your home just need to be highlighted. Switching the bolder colour from the walls to the ceiling creates a dramatic statement that, in this case, accentuates the stunning curve above. Keep the rest of the scheme simple with a clean palette and strong lines.


Painted floorboards don’t have to mean one solid colour or predictable stripes. The chessboard effect in this @RitaKonig project creates the look of tiles underfoot while maintaining the warm feel and acoustic benefits of wood.

Door Frame

Inject some neon drama into a traditional room with a brightly painted door frame or architrave. @SuzyHoodless nails it with this statement yellow stripe in an otherwise soft colour scheme.

Wall Stripe

Pair two colours using a contrasting dividing line – it instantly adds interest where a dado rail or panelling would be lacking, as in this @FarrowAndBall design. For the most successful proportion, aim for two-thirds of the way up the wall. 

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