How To Hang Decorative Plates
How To Hang Decorative Plates

How To Hang Decorative Plates

There are so many beautiful, hand-painted ceramics around, it’s a shame to keep them hidden away in a cupboard. Enter the interior trend having a moment: displaying plates on walls. Designer Alice Palmer explains how she hangs hers – and we suggest some pieces to help you build your own collection.
By Georgina Blaskey

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What Do You Need To Hang A Plate On The Wall?

On the smaller plates (if they don’t have a hole at the back for a wire) I use the yellow Original Disc Plate Hanger, as I prefer the invisible hang look, rather than being able to see the spring holder hooks at the front. This gets a bit trickier for heavy plates, so often I will try and source ceramics with wire hook holes already in the back. Then I use a good quality framing string to hang them, and three nail picture hooks (for the larger ones). 

Should Plates Be The Same Size And Colours?

I love the mismatched look so I will also try to combine different sizes or colours – or even paired against a painting can work well. Ceramics are very flexible, so you can get away with mixing up different styles. Bowls next to plates always looks interesting, or a large bowl with two plates either side can create interest over a doorway.

How Do You Mix And Match Successfully?

Don’t go too whacky! I tend to keep the look similar but have one or two things slightly different: for example, if I had a large bowl and two small plates, I would keep a similar colour palette so they still complement each other. 

How Do You Work Out Where To Hang Them?

I will be totally honest and admit I am a bit of a ‘hit and hope’ kind of girl. This can end up with a couple of extra holes in the wall, but having a friend to help hold the plate on the wall beforehand will help to gauge what it will look like.

Octavia Dickinson
Octavia Dickinson



How Do You Keep Them Clean?

I don’t take them down to dust them but, if you need to, a duster usually does the trick. Just be careful with the yellow discs not to get the adhesive wet after you’ve attached it, as it may come off. 

Should You Light Them In A Certain Way?

I’m not a big fan of down lights but you could always angle them towards a wall hanging plate to make a focal point in the room. Personally, I think unlit is a more relaxed and natural look. 

What Are Your Favourite Plates?

I love the simplicity of the Southern Italian and Andalusian ceramics but you can also find lots of amazing contemporary ceramic artists who do fab work for walls! Markets are great for one off ceramics (especially when you are travelling) but some of my favourite contemporary ceramicists are George Bronwyn, Gavin Houghton, Mercedes Workman, Malaika, Florence St George, Laetitia Rouget and Claudia Rankin.

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