Trend Watch: Green Bathrooms
Trend Watch: Green Bathrooms

Trend Watch: Green Bathrooms

We’ve had the green kitchen trend and now the green bathroom is on the rise. To help you get the look – while avoiding the dreaded 1970s ‘avocado suite’ – we asked three interior designers how to make it work.
By Georgina Blaskey


Why is green the colour of the moment? 

“I think it’s because green is such a soothing colour – and more and more people want to feel a sense of calm in their homes. It also doesn’t have to be as dramatic as painting a room green – a plant or two can instantly make a house feel more homely.” – Anahita Rigby 

“Anyone who’s a little apprehensive about embracing colour can draw inspiration from nature – which is where you find a lot of blues and greens. Green can also feel warm and cosy, depending on the shade you choose.” – Linda Boronkay 

Why does green work well in bathrooms? 

“Smaller rooms such as powder rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways are perfect places to challenge yourself to be a little more experimental – and naturally, this includes colour. Nowadays there’s so much choice when it comes to materials – you are no longer limited to lavish green marbles or granite; the market is full of stunning green glazed tiles, or you can simply paint your walls green.” – Linda

“The bathroom is often the one room in the house where the only thing you have to focus on is yourself, so that sense of calm can really help people feel relaxed. It’s actually a very powerful colour.” – Anahita

Is there a style of bathroom that green suits best?  

“As with all colours, it’s best to have as much natural light as possible. It’s also important to know what you’re pairing your green tile or paint with – for me, it would be pinks, peach and yellow.” – Linda

“I love a subtle sage green marble in a contemporary bathroom, a rich dark green in a traditional bathroom or even a cool mint chocolate chip green mixed with nickel fittings to create that eclectic mix.” – Anahita


What other colours work well with green in bathrooms? 

“Green works especially well with warm whites and creams. For a child’s bathroom you could also pair it with pink, which would be pretty.” – Lara 

“Depending on the warmth of the green, I would pair it with a yellowy white. Likewise, if it were a cool green, I would pair it with a bluer white. I love how natural wood looks with a warm green and I’m really loving deep sky blue with mint green.” – Anahita

Is there a shade of green you like best? 

“We just did a big sort-out of our materials library and I think we have every possible shade of green – because we use it so much. The shade really depends on the atmosphere you are trying to create and the context of the other colours in the space. I love chartreuse paired with deep olive, and we use sage green a lot, but we tend to stay away from very bright shades like lime.” – Linda

“At the moment, my favourite shades are Farrow & Ball’s ‘Bancha’ and then a mint chocolate chip ice cream green – so summery.” – Anahita

Do you tend to prefer green tiles and plain walls? Or green walls and contrasting tiles? 

“I like using coloured tiles in general, especially if the glaze has a handmade quality to it. I like the variety you get in texture and colour in tiles, and the reactive glazes.” – Linda

“I like rooms to feel harmonious, so I prefer coloured tiles and a subtle paint colour. However, if I had a client who wanted a more dramatic bathroom, I wouldn’t shy away from a bolder wall colour and a lighter tile.” – Anahita

“While it always depends on the space, we tend to use green as an accent colour – i.e. in the tiles – and keep the walls more neutral to balance things out. Otherwise, it can dominate, and people find out that’s not really the look they were going for.” – Lara Clarke


What kind of hardware works well with green?

“I’ve always liked nickel. It’s not too cold or too warm and it’s more sustainable than chrome – which sadly does not decompose. I’m also a huge fan of unlacquered brass; I like finding perfection in the imperfect.” – Anahita

How do you avoid that ‘avocado suite’ look? 

“Avoiding chunky shapes with fixtures – especially the bath and the basin – will help the entire scheme feel more contemporary.” – Anahita

“The choice of tiles is important if you want to stop the bathroom from feeling dated. If you do decide on green shower tiles, go for a more neutral or plain floor tile and vice versa.” – Lara

Finally, is there anything else to consider?

“If you love something, you will make it work. That’s the most important rule in interiors. Go for the best sanitary fittings you can afford, that feel good to the touch, and they will stand the test of time. Pay close attention to the grout colour, too. Lighter grout for lighter tiles makes the room feel airy and bright. Dark grout with light tiles is a much more contemporary look, so I would always test the grout with the tiles before committing to anything.” – Anahita

“I would just add that it might be best to avoid a green that is too pale, as it can look sickly in certain lights. Instead, try picking up the green in your woodwork or joinery to make things feel coherent.” – Lara

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