The Versatile Rug That Will Transform Your Home

The Versatile Rug That Will Transform Your Home

Rugs aren't just good under your feet, they can really pull an entire space together. We love dhurrie rugs for their colourful patterns and bold designs, which work in just about every room. You can even have one made in a bespoke design just for you. We chatted to the interiors experts to find out how to use one in your space…

Decorative & Durable

“Not only does the dhurrie rug make a versatile, decorative addition to a room, but its tight, flat no-pile weave makes it incredibly durable and easy to clean,” says Emma Sims Hilditch, Creative Director of Sims Hilditch. Designs vary hugely, and are fresher and more versatile than a traditional Persian rug, working in both traditional and modern settings. “They bring graphic pattern and colour to a room as they usually come in bolder, larger designs and motifs,” explains interior designer Elizabeth Hay, who incorporates dhurries in vibrant colours and patterns in to her eclectic schemes. “They are very practical - you can have them cleaned easily and most of the stains come out.” 

Made To Order

Dhurries can be bought off the peg, but it's also possible to have them made bespoke. “When selecting a rug for a home, it’s very important to choose a design that will complement the style of the respective room,” explains Emma. “As such, you can have dhurrie rugs made bespoke to order, which is useful for avoiding that ‘one size fits all’ look.” Just remeber to consider the size of the rug, as well as the yarn and colour combination against any existing interiors. You can also choose from wool, silk or cotton, or a mixture of these materials. Interior design firm Salvesen Graham have collaborated with designer Jennifer Manners to create a fresh take on the look. “Our Scallop rug can be made in any size and though we have some fabulous standard colourways, we love seeing the bespoke colours people choose,” says Nicole Salvesen.


Designed To Be Reversible

One of the most interesting features of the dhurrie rug is its reversibility; simply flip it over to reveal a slight variation on its pattern or design. “The difference is the slight change in colour which is determined by the part of the strand that is visible when the rug is turned over,” explains Emma. “Although the difference is minor, when paired with new cushion covers and other corresponding soft furnishings, it's a simple and inexpensive way to give your room an instant makeover.” 

Versatile For Every Room

Thanks to its simple construction, a dhurrie is just as suitable for use in a kitchen or hallway, as it is in a living room or bedroom. “The variety of bold patterns and colours make it an aesthetically versatile addition to any home, wherever it’s placed,” says Emma. And while they can lend a scheme a more informal feel, they also work well in more formal rooms, too. “Don’t be afraid to use in a formal space, such as a drawing room, as they provide extra texture next to richer fabrics like silks and velvets,” says Nicole.  


Studio Peake


Ideal For Layering

While these rugs work well to bring warmth and cosiness in rooms with a tiled or wooden floor, it’s important to remember an underlay. Many interior designers use a dhurrie rug on top of a plush carpet as a way of defining zones, too. “I often use them to create a layered or border effect, over another rug such as a sisal, or in a room with wall-to-wall carpet to ground and give a base frame to the furniture,” Elizabeth explains.

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