14 Games To Play Online Over Christmas

14 Games To Play Online Over Christmas

If you’re stuck at home but having to work over the festive period, most of us are now likely to be looking for some extra entertainment over the holidays. From puzzles to drawing challenges, here are some of the best games and activities to play online.

Flappy Bird

Use your spacebar to fly Flappy Bird as far as you can without hitting a pipe. It’s harder than it sounds and requires full concentration to keep Flappy alive. Don’t be surprised if you have to restart the game a few times before you get the hang of it.

Visit FlappyBird.io


Jigsaw Planet

If you discovered a new love for puzzles during lockdown, you’ll love Jigsaw Planet. Choose from hundreds of layouts, themes and levels of difficulty. A firm favourite with the SL Team, it’s a great way to spend an hour (or two).  

Visit JigsawPlanet.com


Snow Line

The aim of this game is to safely guide Father Christmas to the finish line, collecting presents along the way. You’ll have to use the pencil to draw his route, but it’s not as easy as it sounds – don’t be surprised if he falls off the track on your first few attempts. 

Visit MiniClip.com


Snake On Google Maps

Nokia 2000 fans will remember one of the best mobile phone games from the 90s, Snake. This version is set on Google Maps where you can choose to play on a map of Sydney, London, Cairo or San Francisco. Use the keyboard arrows to guide the snake around the city and gobble up the objects along the way.  

Visit Snake.GoogleMaps.com


Pacman Doodle

Celebrate Pacman’s 40th anniversary with this online version of the classic arcade game. Guide Pacman through the maze to eat all the dots, while avoiding the four ghosts. Look out for the larger dots which turn the ghosts blue – if Pacman manages to eat them, you’ll get bonus points.

Visit Google.com/Pacman



Sudoku fans don’t need to head to the back of a newspaper to enjoy this number puzzle. Simply head online to find thousands of brainteasers. You can choose the difficulty level and even download puzzles to play offline, too.

Visit WebSudoku.com



Join a virtual room to play Drawasaurus or send the link to friends to create your own. Much like Pictionary, the aim of the game is to draw a word while the other players guess the answer. Your drawing can be as elaborate as you like but each level is timed, so every second counts. 

Visit Drawasaurus.org​


Card Games

With over 35 games to choose from, this website has everything from gin rummy and solitaire, to checkers and chess. Either compete against an automated opponent or other real-life players. 

Visit CardGames.io


Word Wipe

Scrabble and word puzzle experts will love this simple game. All you have to do is join adjacent letters in the grid to create different words and clear as many lines as you can before the time runs out. 

Visit Arkadium.com



This game is one of the simplest, but hardest to complete, on this list. Using your mouse or keyboard arrows, glide through the maze without hitting the cubes. If you don’t dodge them in time, you’ll have to start over. 

Visit Cubefield.org.uk


The Maze

Based on the book Maze by Christopher Manson, this online game allows you to move from room to room by selecting a door based on various clues. You’ll have to find your way to Room 1 to win the game, but not all of the clues are to be trusted, so choose the doors carefully…

Visit Archives.obs


Quick Draw

For a speedy challenge, Quick Draw gives you various objects to draw in under 20 seconds. If the online bot guesses correctly, you’ll move to the next word, but if the object can’t be detected, you’ll lose out on points.  

Visit QuickDraw.WithGoogle.com



Use the letters on your keyboard to move the legs of your Olympic runner in this tricky online game. Each letter (Q, W, O and P) moves each part of his legs, so you’ll have to use some serious coordination skills to get him to run across the track. 

Visit Foddy.net



For an old-school classic, spend some spare moments playing Minesweeper. The aim of the game is to open all the cells of the board without finding the bomb. Right click to place a flag on the squares where you think the bombs might be hiding, but if you set them off, it’s game over.

Visit MinesweeperOnline.com


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