How A Pilates Expert Stays Fit & Healthy
How A Pilates Expert Stays Fit & Healthy

How A Pilates Expert Stays Fit & Healthy

Sunrise workouts, a protein-rich breakfast and collagen supplements are self-care essentials for Kirsten King, the founder of online Pilates platform Fluidform. From her go-to activewear to how she winds down at the end of the day, here are all of her healthy habits…
By Tor West

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My day starts with 20 minutes of movement. This is my daily non-negotiable and the ethos Fluidform is built on. Twenty minutes may not sound like much but when you push your body in just the right way, you can make real and lasting changes. Plus, as a mum to three children, I know how quickly the day can get away from you. Working out in the morning is my moment to focus on my mind and body. Once my alarm goes off around 5.30am, I throw on some activewear (Lululemon Align leggings are my favourite, always paired with a Live The Process top) and hit the mat. 

I focus on a different body part every day. My go-to workout incorporates Fluidform fundamental movements and layering sequences to keep my body challenged. If I have more time, I’ll do a full-body circuit to wake up every muscle in the body – lunge sequences with a resistance band moving into ab work using a Pilates ball, with a series of planks and mountain climbers for a final challenge. It’s possible to achieve a complete, total-body workout with just a few pieces of equipment in 20 minutes. If you only invest in one piece of equipment, make it a Theraband (a long, flat resistance band), they’re so versatile. I always take a few minutes to stretch post-class, too – hip flexor stretches are my favourite. They reset, realign and release tension in the body. 

A BALANCED, NUTRIENT-DENSE DIET fuels an active mind and body.

Having young children means movement is a part of life. I am very active with my girls and always opt to walk when I can, spending as much time outside as possible – studies show the benefits for your health are immeasurable. When my body needs a little more intensity, I turn to cardio – boxing and skipping are my favourite ways to raise my heart rate.

A knee injury in my 20s led me to Pilates. I was always active as a teenager and loved playing sports, which quickly developed into a passion for running. Running gave me an immediate high, which was addictive, although it’s only with hindsight that I see this high was then followed by exhaustion, bodily imbalances and, ultimately, injury. At the time it felt good, but I didn’t realise the impact running and high-intensity exercise was having on my joints, muscles, postural alignment and mental health. When I discovered Pilates, I realised I could challenge my body in a different way. And after three pregnancies, I have experienced first hand the power of Pilates to rebuild both physical and mental health. 


We need to shift our perception of exercise. We’ve noticed at Fluidform that people want to rediscover the best version of themselves – to feel strong again, regain confidence and find happiness – and a huge proportion of this comes down to redefining what we think exercise is.  

Finding what works for you is the most important factor. The fitness programme that worked for your best friend may not necessarily work for you – we are all too quick to jump into a one-size-fits-all solution that claims to improve our body. My top piece of advice for seeing lasting results is to find a personalised approach to movement, and move for you, your body and your goals. It’s a common misconception that to achieve results the body must be pushed tirelessly until you’re burnt out. When we do this, we lose the mind-body connection and quickly neglect form and technique. Not only does this put you more at risk of injury and imbalances from overusing certain muscle groups, but you also reduce the sensation of empowerment and confidence, and become fixated on the physical results. 

Movement and nutrition go hand in hand. A balanced, nutrient-dense diet fuels an active mind and body, and consistent movement helps motivate a healthy lifestyle. However, we live in a world driven by the latest trends, suffocated by endless dieting fads that leave us feeling confused or guilty about what we are eating. For me, eating well comes down to being sustainable and making conscious choices to feel satisfied, minimising my impact on the environment, and preserving my time and energy. Protein for breakfast is essential – my go-to is folded eggs with spinach and sourdough or gluten-free, seeded bread. Lunch tends to be a serving of protein with lots of vegetables – I’m currently loving a grilled chicken salad with roast pumpkin, chickpeas, tomato and cucumber with a tahini dressing. Dinner will be grilled fish with salad and roast potatoes, or a buckwheat pesto pasta. 

Sweet treats are part of a balanced diet. A little bit of what you fancy does you good – deprivation never did anyone any favours. I make my own dark chocolate, sweetened with honey and dried fruit – it’s delicious paired with a pot of herbal tea. 


I take collagen and vitamin C daily. I’ve been taking Pearl Collagen powder every day for years – I either add it to a glass of water or black tea. I also rely on Lipon Vitamin C. Vitamin C supports collagen production so the two work hand in hand. 

Recovery is one of the most important processes in any movement journey. Recovery resets alignment, releases tension, and tightness and effectively balances your body. Without effective recovery, you may overwork your body, leading to imbalances, pain and injury. On a rest day, I incorporate gentle, considered movements to promote blood flow through the muscles and oxygen through the body. I’ll start by stretching to rebalance before moving into gentle movements to warm up the muscles, gradually moving them through their full functioning range.

Hip flexor stretches are my favourite. They RESET, REALIGN AND RELEASE TENSION in the body.

After having children, I struggled with my sleep. A friend recommended magnesium, which has been a game-changer. On a chemical level, magnesium activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed. I also try to avoid screens for half an hour before bed, and drink a sleepy tea. If my mind is racing, I’ll add a few drops of a relaxing essential oil to an atomiser to gently scent the room, and do a few minutes of breathwork. I’ll often listen to a podcast, too. Current favourites include The Goop Podcast, Body + Soul, The Body Keeps Score and Atomic Habits

Nothing beats a spa day. I have regular infrared saunas to aid detoxification and muscle recovery, but for relaxation and restoration I love a remedial massage with Maggie Hedman, a unique sports massage that incorporates myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. Hydrafacials are also my go-to for a dewy, lit-from-within glow. 

For more information or to sign up to Fluidform, visit & follow @FluidFormPilates.



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