My Food & Fitness Regime: Rosemary Ferguson

My Food & Fitness Regime: Rosemary Ferguson

Nutritionist and naturopath Rosemary Ferguson is one of those straight-talking, totally honest gems who happily admits to enjoying the odd glass of rosé. The former model swapped the catwalk for a clinic on Harley Street and here she shares her secrets for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I’m usually on the go. So, for breakfast during the week, I’ll have a nutrient-packed protein shake. For lunch, I love soup with some flax seed crackers, hummus, maybe a boiled egg. Then a typical dinner would be a lentil and chickpea dhal or currently I’m loving a slow-cooked chicken stew with loads of fresh herbs, garlic, onions and root veg.

Weekends are different. For breakfast I go classic, eggs and avocado on toast. Then maybe a Sunday roast, or lunch out somewhere. My favourite dinner in summer is spaghetti alle vongole or else a lentil or bean-based curry.

Nuts and seeds are always kicking about. I also snack on crudité, Ancient + Brave drinks and maybe some raw chocolate and ice cream.

I take supplements as I need them. I feel we should get most of our nutrients from our food. So, if I’m feeling under the weather, I'll take a potent high dose of vitamin C. If I’m feeling stressed then I’ll take a good B complex. Every six months I’ll take a course of probiotics to help my gut too.

I find it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My job definitely helps with that. I know that finding balance between everything is really hard though.

Hangovers derail me, they write me off. It’s not even the headache from the wine or dehydration as you can reverse that with plenty of electrolytes, fluids and liver-supporting foods. It’s the tiredness that hangs on until nearly the end of the week. I just want to sleep and sleep.

I drink alcohol, but not that often. As and when I feel like it. In the summer I love an ice-cold glass of rosé, a personal favourite of mine is Whispering Angel. But I absolutely love a martini too – you just can’t go wrong.

If I’m having a takeaway, I’ll order Indian. I love a tarka dhal, prawn tikka masala, okra and naan bread. It’s definitely a favourite in our household.

I quite like a facial. Not every week but I do try and have them often. I love the OxyGeneo facial by Pamela Crombie at Quartz Aesthetics

I usually exercise between three to five times a week.  My favourite is yoga – a power flow. As I’m training for the New York marathon at the moment, I’m non-stop running, doing a mixture of endurance runs, intervals and HIIT sessions. I love spinning too. I think variety is key, otherwise my interest dies out.

It’s so important to me to enjoy food. I don’t hold back and order what I really fancy – maybe a steak or pasta – it’s good for the soul.

I love eating out. I do it about once a week. It’s so important to me to enjoy food. I don’t hold back and order what I really fancy – maybe a steak or pasta – it’s good for the soul.

My sleep routine is usually quite good. Like most people some nights I don’t sleep well. I do like going to bed at a decent time each night. I don’t have a strict time, but if I know I’m up early I’ll make sure I go to bed early.

I enjoy the Headspace app. I’m not great at mediation so having a guided session really helps. Also, I find yoga a great tool for the mind.

I’ve always been healthy but I’ve always had a lot of fun too. So, there has always been balance. When I was modelling, I always had an interest in food and what it can do for you health-wise.

I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. However, I would say that I mostly eat a plant-based diet due to the fact that most of my household are veggies - and a vegan.

I’ve always been a big fan of fasting. I try to do one liquid-only day a week which consists of smoothies, juices, soups. This really helps reset my metabolism and gives my digestive system a rest. Keto I think has great scientific and clinical evidence behind it. It’s a little extreme for me, but I’m an advocate of a high-fat low-carb diet. 

We are surrounded by many pollutants, herbicides and pesticides every day. I think limiting our consumption of them as much as possible is important. But also, if organic isn’t an option than making sure to scrub everything really well. Anything that has a skin or shell is a great option. 

I use all Method household-cleaning products. With my beauty routine I definitely use as natural as possible most of the time too, but I don’t shy away from other products like Crème de le Mer.

It’s so important to rest and digest your food. I say this all the time in my clinic. When eating; have a good posture, chew everything properly and make sure you’re sitting down and away from distractions such as your phone or laptop. Otherwise nutrients won’t be absorbed properly, and poor digestion can lead to bloating and sluggishness.

Without fail, every week I buy. Hummus, nut milks, nut butter, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts (when they are available).

Rosemary Ferguson is a nutritionist, founder of The 5 Day Plan, and co-founder of healthy junk food brand Filth. 

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