11 Foodie Accounts To Follow On Instagram

If you’re looking for foodie inspiration or simply want to drool over the culinary delights of budding chefs, we’ve rounded up the top 11 foodie Instagrammers that you need to be following right now…


Let’s face it: we’ve all made a pact with ourselves at some point in our lives to go vegetarian or at least cut down on our meat consumption, but it can be really hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, and before you know it you’re a hardcore carnivore once again. Bri and Anguel, who run the Evergreen Kitchen Insta, make veggie meals that you actually want to eat. If you’re bored of your lunches, they’ll show you how to spice them up; if you’re missing steak they’ll show you the next best thing - you’ll be amazed how many different things you can do with a Portobello mushroom. 

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It’s in all of our interests to start eating more seasonally, and Jill Fergus is here to show us how to do just that. From making carrots sing with Tahini yoghurt and pistachio dukkah to experimenting with lesser-known favourites such as squash blossoms (surprisingly easy to cook, actually), you’ll soon be looking at what’s in your vegetable drawer in a whole new light.

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Rosie Birkett is a food writer, stylist and broadcaster with over a decade of experience in food media - in fact, we love her food so much we’ve even spoken to her about it. But most importantly, she has the foodie Instagram page of dreams: she likes to focus on sustainable, seasonal produce and you’ll often see her tending to her gorgeous allotment on his Insta stories. Rosie’s brand is very much using what you have in the kitchen to make delicious, home-cooked meals that make the most of what’s in season now.

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Food writer, stylist and woman with the most welcoming smile, Georgina Hayden’s Instagram is guaranteed to make you happy. And her food is insane. Growing up above her grandparents’ Greek Cypriot taverna in Tufnell Park, she developed a love of cooking from the recipes passed down to her. And that’s what her cooking is all about - wholesome, Greek food that’s not too hard to master. If you thought Greek cooking was just gyros and tzaziki, think again - it’s fish keftedes with mustard and dill; it’s flaounes for breakfast; it’s even just a hunk of halloumi with apricot jam, and the best baklava you’ve ever had in your life.

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Although not one to necessarily take recipe inspiration from, self-professed ‘purveyor of the wild and exotic’ and founder of Regalis Food, who specialise in rare and exotic fare, Ian Purkayastha’s Insta page is filled with interesting and curious foodie finds. Whilst you’re not likely to cook with a large grey morel or a live sheep crab yourself, it’s fascinating to see all the weird and wonderful things that some people do cook with, and Purkayastha will often give you a hint of what these peculiar foods taste like. 

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Food stylist, photographer and ‘delicious hunter’ Sam Linsell is offering a snapshot of her appetising meals on the daily over on her Instagram, as she travels the world in search of great views and even better food. Look out for her travel snaps nestled in between her dreamy food shots to get a taste of where she is in the world.

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It’s a hard job being the New York Times’ dining photographer, but someone’s gotta do it. Andrew Scrivani’s Instagram is a stunning portfolio of all the greatest meals NYC has to offer, presented in the most appetising way possible. Not only that, but Scrivani also runs a blog titled Make Sunday Sauce - a tribute to his grandmother and the food he grew up with, Scrivani features some of his favourite Italian-American meals. 

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Editor-at-Large of Bon Appétit magazine, Andrew Knowlton is the one to watch for the best restaurants to eat in across America and beyond. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the eats you can’t beat are documented in his daily Insta posts - from Italian to seafood to good, old fashioned Texas BBQ, you’ll know where to head to try the best of the best.

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Not only is Nina Parker a chef and a food writer, but she’s also the director of her own food company, NINA, and has two cookbooks (NINA St Tropez and Capri) on the go too. Her private catering company has also worked with the likes of Russell Brand, Donatella Versace and Stormzy. But if you head over to her Insta, you’ll see a dreamy mix of recipes, restaurants to visit and countries to travel to (for the food, of course). With Nina, it’s all about the colours: delicate pinks, vivid greens, seductive reds. Plus, she’s currently working on a plant-based ‘fast food’ series with Millie Mackintosh, so get ready for plenty of summer meal inspo.

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If anyone knows how to photograph a good lookin’ bowl of pasta, it’s Izzy Croker. You’ll find her work in the Guardian, Vogue and Suitcase magazine, to new but a few. From winter warmers to summer dishes perfect for al fresco dining, Issy somehow knows exactly what you want to eat and whacks it straight on your feed. 

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If you don’t follow food photographer Ros yet, then you need to start right now. The gorgeous edit technique she uses on her photos turns real life pictures into Baroque paintings. She is able to take the pouring of cake batter and make it look like a decadent work of art. From pasta to pastry to even just Rolo brownies for her boys, Ros will have you wanting her to paint you like one of her foodie girls.

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