12 New Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Know
12 New Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Know

12 New Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Know

Whether you’re cutting back or want to try something a bit different this summer, here are some of the latest non-alcoholic drinks to know…
By Sherri Andrew


Sea Arch

Created by a small team in Devon, Sea Arch is a non-alcoholic spirit made using traditional distillation techniques. During the process, natural botanicals like sea kelp, samphire, cardamom and blood orange are added to the spirit before the alcohol is removed. It doesn’t contain any sugar or sweeteners, and it’s also calorie-free thanks to its natural ingredients. To make the brand’s signature ‘Sea & T’, serve yours over tonic water with plenty of ice.

Visit SeaArchDrinks.com


Regular readers will know we love Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits, so we were excited to hear it’s launched a pink gin, which can be enjoyed on its own or made into a fruity G&T. Notes of rose, cherry, red berry and blackberry are light and balanced, while infused juniper berries give it the distinctive flavour of traditional gin. Crisp and refreshing, serve yours with plenty of ice and fresh fruit to garnish. 

Visit Lyres.co.uk

Sipsmith FreeGlider

The latest launch from pioneering gin brand Sipsmith, FreeGlider is an alcohol-free spirit which aims to enhance the drinking experience of non-drinkers and those looking to moderate the amount of alcohol they consume. As with the core range of Sipsmith gins, Sipsmith FreeGlider has been developed and refined numerous times, with the team testing 189 prototypes before landing on the final seven-ingredient recipe. Like in gin, juniper plays a leading role, balanced with citrus and capsicum to replace the warmth usually found in gin. 

Visit Sipsmith.com

Strykk Not Aperitivo

Strykk was founded back in 2014 by two friends who wanted to drink, but didn’t want the hangover. Its products are distilled with the same botanicals as their spirit counterparts, just without any alcohol. With similar flavours to those found in Aperol and Campari, Strykk’s latest non-alcoholic spirit has notes of prosecco and orange for those who like their drinks on the bitter side. It’s best served with soda and orange slices.

Visit Strykk.com


Wild Idol

If you’re entertaining this summer, it’s worth having quality non-alcohol wines on hand. Cue Wild Idol. Made using traditional winemaking techniques, its range includes a sparkling rosé, with red fruit and floral aromas, and a bright sparkling white with crisp apple notes. Unlike ‘de-alcoholised’ products, Wild Idol has never contained alcohol and doesn’t undergo a process of fermentation, meaning it’s naturally alcohol free for a completely clean finish.

Visit WildIdol.com

Three Spirit

Three Spirit was created by a team of bartenders and plant scientists who extract active compounds from alcoholic drinks. Using a complicated fermentation process, bottles are made using reverse osmosis and freeze-drying to pack in lots of flavour. In addition to the brand’s non-alcoholic spirits, there are two new wines in its ‘Blurred Vines’ range. Sharp is a punchy white wine made with cold-brewed herbs, while Spark is a sparkling rosé with tropical notes of watermelon and guava. The best part? Both have added vitamins and minerals (like amino acids, and vitamin D and B) and are low-calorie.

Visit ThreeSpiritDrinks.com

Wednesday's Domaine

Set to launch next month, Wednesday's Domaine adds natural flavours to de-alcoholised wines for a grown-up flavour that nearly tastes like the real thing. A great option if you want a full-bodied wine without the alcohol, there are two bottles to choose from: Piquant, a white wine made from Airen and Blanco grapes with floral notes and a crisp and clean finish: and Sanguine, a light red made from Tempranillo grapes. Even better, each glass contains just 45 calories. 

Visit WednesdaysDomaine.com

French Bloom

Non-alcoholic wine label French Bloom launched in the UK earlier this year. Available to shop exclusively at Selfridges, the brand was co-created by model Constance Jablonski who struggled to find alcohol alternatives that were also low in calories. Produced in the south of France, there are two bottles to choose from: Le Blanc and Le Rosé, both made from dealcoholized wines from France, organic white grape juice and sparkling spring water. Light and refreshing, French Bloom doesn’t contain any added sugar or sulphites.

Visit French-Bloom.com


Describing itself as ‘liberated from alcohol’, Oddbird is Scandinavia’s largest producer of non-alcoholic wine. The brand has created two new organic bottles in time for summer. One of the most affordable options on this list, each cost £8.99 and are made using sustainable techniques, reducing the brand’s CO2 emissions six-fold. The Domaine de la Prade red wine is made with a blend of Merlot and Shiraz grapes from the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon, aged for 12 months with notes of blackberry, cherry, plum and caramel. The white wine features Garganega and Vespaiola grapes from Breganze, a town in the Veneto region of Italy. Don’t forget to browse the brand’s spirit collection, including its non-alcoholic gin distilled with Scandi lingonberries. 

Visit Oddbird.com

Sprigster Fizz

Wiltshire restaurant Pythouse Kitchen Garden came up with Sprigster two years ago. It’s a non-alcoholic aperitif made from ingredients grown and harvested on the estate, like apple, rhubarb and ginger. Now you can enjoy Sprigster Fizz – an alternative to sparkling wine and champagne. Like the original botanical drink, it’s inspired by ingredients found in the English garden, with notes of rhubarb, ginger, fennel seeds and gooseberry, resulting in a dry and refreshing summer drink. It can also be used as a mixer with alcoholic spirits, or to add depth to classic cocktails like a French 75. 

Visit SprigsterDrinks.com


Freixenet is best known for its cava, but the brand recently launched two non-alcoholic wines. Choose from a sparkling white and rosé, both of which are low calorie with the natural aromas and characteristics of traditional grapes. The white wine is fresh and tropical on the nose with a fruity palate, while the rosé features wild red fruits like raspberries and strawberries. Both pair well with appetisers and desserts.

Visit Freixenet.es


L.A Brewery 

L.A Brewery created a range of botanical kombuchas back in 2017 and now has eight different bottles to choose from, all infused with flowers, fruits and herbs. The kombucha is brewed, fermented and bottled at its micro-brewery in Suffolk, with flavours like ginger, strawberry and black pepper, and lemongrass. Its latest creation is Sparkling Blush kombucha, inspired by summer rosé wines. With floral notes of elderflower and rhubarb, it’s delicate and refreshing. 

Visit LABrewery.co.uk

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