9 Protein-Packed Vegetables & Grains

9 Protein-Packed Vegetables & Grains

There are vegetables and grains out there that can deliver 8g of protein a serving. They’re more affordable than meat – and healthier too. Nutritionist Fiona Lawson shares nine of the best to seek out on your next supermarket run…


Protein per serving: 4g
Enjoy both the florets and the stalk for a good protein hit, as well as a generous serving of bone-supporting vitamin K. For a side dish that will make you fall back in love with the green stuff, toss chopped broccoli florets and the stalk with olive oil and sliced garlic, then roast for 20 minutes. Delicious.


Protein per serving: 5g
Known for their hormone-supporting properties and high levels of protein, sprouts are not just for Christmas. Eat them throughout their season (October to March) to reap their core benefits. They’re especially tasty when roasted or shredded into salads. 


Protein per serving: 4g
From this delicate veg, you’ll get plenty of gut-healthy prebiotic fibre as well as protein. Gently steam and enjoy with a pat of butter or coconut oil. Or blitz with spinach, shallots and vegetable stock for a simple, warming soup.


Protein per serving: 5g
Cooked peas give you a hefty dose of protein, along with more than half your recommended daily intake of skin-supporting vitamin C. Stir them into risottos; or sprinkle cold into salads for something a bit different. 


Protein per serving: 3g
It’s not just greenery that provides protein. A medium-sized baked potato contains 3g of the good stuff, a heap of vitamin C, potassium and filling fibre. Expect to feel satisfied long after consuming one, which means you won’t be reaching for snacks. 


Protein per serving: 8g
A staple of vegetable dishes, the chickpea can be used to make hummus, falafel, curries and so much more. With a large amount of protein per serving, it also delivers a great dose of polyunsaturated fats – making it another filling option. 


Protein per serving: 18g
These versatile beans contain an impressive amount of protein and are also full of folate – an essential vitamin that supports normal, psychological function. Add them to your stir fries and Buddha bowls for a real health kick. 


Protein per serving: 8g
Okay, it’s a seed rather than a grain, but it offers a protein hit worth noting. It’s also really easy to cook, not to mention healthy. Serve it in place of rice or potatoes. 


Protein per serving: 6g
Mushrooms have got the protein and they’ve also got 1g of fibre, which makes for a hearty meal. For an easy brunch, sauté sliced mushrooms in a little coconut oil and garlic, and enjoy on sourdough toast. Or whip up an easy lunch with a Gosh! Mushroom Burger and green side salad, which in total delivers almost 8g of protein.

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