The Best Dairy-Free Yoghurts

From soya to coconut, there are myriad dairy-free yoghurt alternatives, but are they any good? We tasted some of the market leaders to decide which are worth buying for being dairy-free and delicious.

Alpro Plain

One of the first alternatives to dairy to hit the mainstream, Alpro plain soya yoghurt could pass in a blind tasting as a bona fide cow product. It’s thick, creamy and has the added benefit of calcium and vitamins, including D and B12. With a neutral flavour, it’s the perfect base for breakfast, cooking, baking and smoothies. It’s low fat too, with just 1.2g per 100g and it has added live cultures. The packaging may feel a bit old school but the taste and consistency run close on the heels of ‘real’ yoghurt making this a convincing dairy-free option.

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The Almond Collaborative Natural

Smooth, light and with a totally inoffensive neutral taste, the slight hint of nuttiness doesn’t overpower, making this yoghurt a serious contender for the number one spot. Even though it is the lowest in fat (just 1.9g of saturated fat per 100g), it still has enough creaminess to satisfy with a bowl of crunchy granola or bulk up a smoothie. Protein, calcium and live cultures mean it packs a nutritional punch too. Unlike some of its larger-sized competitors, it’s the perfect size so you can actually finish it before it goes out of date.

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Koko Plain

Light, silky and neutral, this yoghurt alternative is made with freshly-pressed coconut milk and live dairy-free yogurt culture. It’s really a neutral hit of the cool white stuff that lends itself to breakfast – dolloped on a pancake, enhanced with a fruit compote – as much as the real deal. It’s a bit sweeter, with 4.3g of saturated fat per 100g (Yeo Valley Plain Yogurt is 2.9g per 100g, for reference), but it delivers live cultures and versatility.

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The Coconut Collaborative Plain

Like many other coconut-based dairy alternatives out there, this is a quite heavy on coconut flavour, so definitely one to swerve if you’re after a neutral option. It’s low fat (just 1.6g per 100g) and not too thick. It does look a bit like a can of coconut cream (there’s a slightly grey tinge to its whiteness) but it’s a brilliant alternative to a trad dairy yoghurt… if you love coconut.

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CoYo Natural Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative

Despite its light texture, this is a rich and indulgent tasting yoghurt that will definitely satisfy your palate. It is quite coconutty – not one for those looking for a neutral alternative – and supplies 3.3g per 100g of fat in each luxurious mouthful. With live vegan cultures and only two other ingredients, it’s a pure and simple option that works for lots of dishes, providing you don’t want a neutral flavour.

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For dairy-free eating, The Almond Collaborative Natural is probably the tastiest option. It’s delicious on its own, but the flavor isn’t too overpowering that you can’t add other elements to it, like fruit. Plus, it’s low in fat and high in live cultures – a clear SheerLuxe winner.

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