Everything A Nutritionist Eats On Repeat
Everything A Nutritionist Eats On Repeat

Everything A Nutritionist Eats On Repeat

After a decade of gut problems, skin flare-ups and erratic periods, Jess Shand decided to dig deeper into her hormonal heath. Discovering she had PCOS and an underactive thyroid, she transformed her diet, lifestyle and mindset, later training as a naturopathic nutritionist so she could share her wisdom with others. From morning rituals to the recipes she returns to time and again, here’s what she’s been eating recently…
By Tor West

I never drink coffee on an empty stomach. Drinking caffeine first thing in the morning, when cortisol is naturally high, blunts the hormone’s production and can wreak havoc with your stress and energy levels. I’m mindful of keeping my cortisol balanced, so I avoid coffee and matcha before I’ve had breakfast. The minute I wake up, I head to the kitchen and make a mug of hot water with fresh ginger and lemon. It’s a great way to hydrate after sleeping – many of us unknowingly wake up dehydrated. It’s my go-to morning ritual, along with a shot of Symprove. Throughout the day, I’ll sip on Pukka or Dragonfly herbal teas.

A bowl of porridge is a great way to start the day. I swirl through almond butter for a dose of healthy fats and add blood sugar-balancing cinnamon, berries, chia and flaxseed. Porridge is high in fibre, and served with a dose of healthy fats it will provide slow-release energy to keep you full until lunchtime. It’s also a great opportunity to pack in extra goodness with the toppings you add – I make mine with Plenish unsweetened oat milk and go through jars and jars of Manilife peanut butter.

On busy mornings, I make a smoothie. My go-to blend is a handful of frozen cauliflower florets, a handful of berries (fresh or frozen), a glass of Plenish unsweetened almond milk, one tablespoon of Pip & Nut peanut butter, one tablespoon of oats, a few cashew nuts, a pinch of cinnamon, a tablespoon each of chia seeds and flaxseeds, as well as two tablespoons of Wild Nutrition’s vegan protein powder. Frozen cauliflower may sound strange but it’s a quick way to boost your smoothie with a dose of hormone-supporting B vitamins, immune-boosting vitamin C, and gut-loving fibre. The protein powder also contains adaptogenic mushrooms and supergreens for an added boost.

If I’m feeling run down, I’ll make a juice. My turmeric, orange and ginger cold-busting tonic never fails to make me feel better. I’ll drink a cup then decant the rest into a bottle to keep in the fridge. I’ll then drink it for the next few days topped up with hot water to give my immune system some extra support.

It doesn’t get better than a CREAMY BOWL OF PORRIDGE – I swirl through almond butter for a DOSE OF HEALTHY FATS.

The weekend is all about lazy brunches. I’m currently obsessed with jammy eggs (boil for six minutes then submerge into cold water), served on toasted sourdough spread with mashed avocado, which I mix with a generous squeeze of lime, a small handful of coriander, a pinch of sea salt, a twist of pepper, chilli flakes, and a glug of extra virgin olive oil. It works well with a side of roasted cherry tomatoes, too. When scooping out the flesh of an avocado, get as close as you can to the skin as this is where the most nutrients are found. I also love pesto mushrooms and black beans served on mashed avocado bagels. Black beans are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, including folate, potassium, iron and plant-based protein.

You’ll always find leafy greens in my fridge. Kale, broccoli and cavolo nero aren’t just delicious and nutrient rich, they’re easy to add to midweek meals like curries and roasted fish traybakes. I also always have a constant supply of blackberries, cherries and kiwis to add to porridge bowls and smoothies for a dose of vitamin C – which is so important at this time of the year. I’m also loving the Plenish ginger immunity shots – each serving contains 100% of your daily dose of vitamin C.

A warm salad is my ideal WFH lunch. I’ll roast a traybake of root vegetables and stir through spinach, cranberries, kale, pecans and feta. My favourite dressing is apple cider vinegar and honey. If I’m not at home, I’ll make a packed lunch to take with me. A recipe I make at least once a week is harissa-roasted fennel, mixed peppers, onion, garlic and tomatoes served with quinoa, hummus and spinach.

I’m a big believer in adding things into your diet – as opposed to cutting out entire food groups. Countless studies show diversity is the key to a healthy and strong gut microbiome, and we should all be aiming for at least 30 different plant foods per week. Meal planning for the week ahead is a simple way to ensure you’re reaching this goal. Every week, pick at least three different plants you didn’t eat the week before – remember wholegrains, herbs, nuts and seeds, as well as fruit and vegetables, all count.

Bibi’s in Covent Garden does the best salads. If I have meetings in the area, I’ll always pop by. Don’t let the queues put you off as the salads never disappoint – think roasted carrots with fresh herbs, bulgur wheat with roasted vegetables, pickled cabbage and homemade hummus. You can add oven-fried coconut chicken, grilled halloumi and fresh avocado, too. When it comes to restaurants, you’ll often find me at Granger & Co. I recently went for a lunch meeting and ordered the braised butter beans with roasted fennel, tahini, cucumber, dill and mint – it was light, fresh and perfect for spring.

When scooping out the flesh of an avocado, GET AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO THE SKIN as this is where the MOST NUTRIENTS are found.

Fresh fruit and nuts is a great snack combination. I can’t wait for cherries to come into season – nothing beats a bowl of cherries with cashews, walnuts and pecans. In the meantime, I’m eating lots of pears – they’re addictive sliced and dipped into almond butter.

I make dhal on repeat. Hearty and wholesome, dhal is a great one-pot batch-cook recipe that’s full of anti-inflammatory plant diversity. I make mine with red lentils, sweet potato, onion, carrots, garlic, ginger, lots of spices and full-fat coconut milk. I’ll often make a dhal when entertaining, as you can make it in advance and gently heat through when you’re ready to eat. Stir through raw spinach for extra nutrients.

Sweet treats don’t have to be naughty. I can’t get enough of my frozen coconut yoghurt fruit and nut bar – it’s loaded with antioxidants and tastes amazing. Coconut Collaborative’s yoghurt is my favourite yoghurt brand – I spread a tub of the raspberry flavour in an enamel roasting tin and top with fresh mixed berries, chopped hazelnuts, chia seeds and dark chocolate chips. Pop in the freezer to set and then cut into squares. It’s like a healthy version of rocky road.

I unwind with a cup of herbal tea. Dragonfly’s Night Sky Calm tea is my current favourite – it contains chamomile, valerian and lavender to calm my body and mind before bed.

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