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Having struggled with her relationship with food and body image as a teenager, Harriet Lidgard is now a nutritionist and health coach on a mission to help women find balance with food. An advocate of adding things to the diet as opposed to cutting things out, her weekly food diary is a colourful array of vegetable traybakes, warming soups and protein breakfast bowls. Here’s what she eats in a week…
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Poached Eggs On Sourdough


Breakfast: Monday mornings always start early with client calls, and a mug of warm green tea is the perfect accompaniment. When calls are finished, I make a quick breakfast, which I know will dictate my energy levels for the rest of the day. Today, I have a yoghurt and granola bowl. I use full-fat Greek yoghurt and seedy granola and top it with apple and berry compote as well as a tablespoon of hemp seeds for extra protein and healthy fats. Around 11am, I make a coffee with almond milk.

Lunch: At the weekend, I picked up a loaf of sourdough and there’s still some left – so I toast a couple of slices and serve it with wilted spinach, poached eggs, basil and lots of salt and pepper. This is the perfect combination of carbs, protein and healthy fats – it really hits the spot.

Supper: There’s a chill in the air today which calls for a bowl of hearty soup – a good way to use up leftover vegetables in the fridge. I also add cannellini beans for a source of protein and to make it more satisfying and serve with a couple of slices of the sourdough loaf. I finish my day with a peppermint tea and a homemade dark chocolate miso brownie I made on Friday.


Breakfast: I start the day with a large glass of water, followed by a cup of tea. I wake up hungry this morning, so I have breakfast while waiting for my weekly grocery delivery and before going for a run. I make a bowl of protein oats (oats mixed with protein powder) topped with chopped apple, seeds, peanut butter and hemp seeds.

Lunch: I reheat a portion of yesterday’s soup and have it with the last of the sourdough. One of the simplest hacks for easy, healthy lunches is to make an extra portion at dinner to save for lunch the next day.

Supper: I am tired this evening after a busy day so I make crispy fish tacos – one of my staple recipes when I want something quick but tasty. I bake frozen crumbled fish fillets in the oven for around 30 minutes while prepping the sides – a Greek yoghurt and paprika sauce, guacamole with fresh coriander and a slaw with fresh chilli. I serve all of this together in soft tortilla wraps.

Protein Oats
Hearty Soup


Breakfast: It’s a gorgeous morning so I head out for a walk first thing and have breakfast when I get home – a delicious creamy bowl of protein porridge. I try to make sure I have a good source of protein with breakfast as it helps to balance blood sugar, regulate hormones and keeps me energised throughout the morning. My go-to is Free Soul’s vegan protein. Later in the morning, I have a coffee with a dash of almond milk.

Lunch: When I’m working from home, it’s a great excuse to take the time to make something healthy for lunch. Today, I stir fry vegetables and tofu with soy sauce and add it to a bowl with fresh greens and top with hummus and spring onions. Tasty and super quick.

Supper: Roasted vegetable traybakes are a staple in my house – the options are endless and it’s a great way to sneak in a variety of different plant foods, which we know is great for gut diversity. I roast a variety of vegetables with chickpeas, olive oil and salt and pepper until tender and golden. I serve it with spinach leaves, hummus, herbs and chilli flakes. Later in the evening I have a mug of peppermint tea and the last miso brownie.


Breakfast: I start the morning with a walk and a podcast. When I get home, I have a bowl of protein oats with Greek yoghurt, berries and hemp seeds. I love starting the day with oats – not only are they a great source of fibre, which helps regulate blood sugar, but they are a good source of complex carbohydrates, to keep you fuller for longer. I skip my morning coffee today – it’s something I try to do when I’m conscious my stress levels are creeping up. Coffee can be great, but it can also play havoc with your stress levels.

Lunch: Lunch today is a bowl of leftover roasted vegetables with eggs and spinach. I fry the vegetables from last night to warm them through and add a couple of eggs to scramble through. I top this with hummus and coriander. I go to the gym around 6pm and before I go, I have some crudites and hummus.

Supper: I am ravenous when I get home from the gym so I make one of my favourite recipes – lemon, pea and feta pasta. It’s just what I need after the gym. I have a cup of peppermint tea before bed, too.

Protein Oats
Stir Fry Vegetables & Tofu
Lemon, Pea & Feta Pasta
Oats With Berries & Greek Yoghurt


Breakfast: I get up and head out for an early run. Before I jump in the shower, I mix together oats, chia seeds, coconut flakes, chocolate protein powder and almond milk. Once this has had 20 minutes to soak, it’s delicious. I top it with Greek yoghurt, berries and hemp seeds.

Lunch: I pull together a leftover salad bowl with roasted vegetables, tofu, avocado, spinach, feta, spring onion and chilli. Having plenty of fresh vegetables and your favourite sources of protein to hand really helps when you want to throw together a quick and nourishing meal. Around 4pm, I have a protein bar.

Supper: I met up with friends for a post-work drink, and we then went on to check out a new Mexican spot that’s just opened in Covent Garden. I enjoyed a few lovely fresh margaritas, fish tacos and pumpkin quesadillas.


Breakfast: A much-needed, slow start to the day. I get some admin done while having a green tea and then make a bowl of Greek yoghurt, banana, seedy granola, maple syrup and hemp seeds. My partner and I visit a local market and pick up a couple of coffees and a croissant to share.

Lunch: Being new to London, I try to get out and explore a different part of the city every weekend. I meet a friend in Notting Hill today and we go to Portobello market – I pick up a delicious Greek souvlaki from a food stall.

Supper: I am hosting friends this evening and make a cherry tomato pasta. It’s simple but so delicious and a real crowd pleaser. I serve it with a green salad, garlic bread and red wine. It’s a lovely, wholesome evening of eating, chatting and playing cards.

Leftover Salad Bowl
Greek Yoghurt With Banana


Breakfast: The weather is terrible this morning, so I take it as an excuse to have a lie in. I make a chocolate protein smoothie before heading to the gym and pick up groceries on the way back to make meals for the coming week. I have some soaked oats with Greek yoghurt as a post-gym snack.

Lunch: I have a toasted bagel with pesto, a fried egg and greens – a tasty snack that’s perfect for a chilled Sunday at home. The afternoon is spent watching films with tea and biscuits.

Supper: We get a takeaway this evening, which is the perfect end to the week – we order sourdough, wood-fired pizzas. I order a margarita, and it’s delicious. Whether you love pizza, burgers or chocolate, it can all be part of a healthy, balanced diet – these foods should never be something to feel bad about or something to be earned or ‘worked off’. All your favourite foods can, and should be, enjoyed without guilt with the right approach and mindset.

For more information or to book a session with Harriet, who is currently taking on new 1:1 clients, visit and follow @Harriet_Well

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

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