No-Bake Reindeer Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

No-Bake Reindeer Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

These brownies boast a festive twist that is sure to delight both adults and children. Plus, they're vegan-friendly and there's no need to bake them either!
Makes 9
Total Time
1 Hour 40 Minutes Including Freezing time
For the brownies:
250g of pitted dates
80g of cashews
40g of pretzels (GF if needed)
140g of cashew or almond butter
1 tsp of vanilla
30g of cacao powder
A pinch of salt
For The Chocolate Ganache:
60g of cashew or almond butter
15g of maple syrup
10g of cacao powder
2 tbsps of plant-based milk
For The Pretzel Reindeers:
9 pretzels
15g of chocolate, melted
9 Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Protein Balls
Googly eyes (or more protein balls, chopped)
Edible stars
Extra pretzels
Step 1

Soak the dates in boiling water for 10 minutes and then drain, reserving 1-2 tbsps of the water.

Step 2

Blitz the cashews and pretzels in a blender to form a fine flour with small chunks then pour into a bowl.

Step 3

Add the dates to the blender with the cashew/almond butter and vanilla and process until jammy. Add in the cashews and pretzels, cacao powder and salt and blitz until it forms a sticky dough. Scrape down the sides as necessary and add 1-2 tbsp of reserved date water if needed.

Step 4

Line an 8-inch square dish with parchment paper. Transfer the sticky brownie mix to the dish and press down firmly to form an even base layer. Transfer to the freezer for 30-60 minutes.

Step 5

Meanwhile, make the pretzel reindeer. Spoon over a little chocolate in the middle of the pretzel and add on the protein balls for the nose and then the eyes (or use extra protein balls chopped in 1/4). Place on a parchment lined tray and set in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Step 6

Make the chocolate ganache by whisking or stirring together all the ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Step 7

Spread the chocolate ganache over the brownies, chop into 9 squares and decorate with extra pretzels, some edible stars and the pretzel reindeer.

Recipes devised for The Protein Ball Co. and The Great British Porridge Co. by Amy Lanza @NourishingAmy

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