My Food & Fitness Regime: Georgie Coleridge Cole

My Food & Fitness Regime: Georgie Coleridge Cole

Today kickstarts a brand-new series where we ask industry experts to share the ins and outs of their weekly food and fitness regimes. From getting the low-down on how they work out to discovering how they maintain balance in their diet, we’ll discover exactly what powers these power players.

First up, we got the low-down from Editor and Sheerluxe Founder, Georgie Coleridge Cole on what she eats in a typical day, how she cares for her physical and mental health, as well as why she believes carbohydrates get a raw deal. 

During the working week I try to be quite strict in terms of food, drink and exercise. Breakfast is almost always nut butter, mashed banana and corn thins. A hearty dose of nut butter sees me through until lunchtime. Then it’s something from Gails (the seeded soughdough is incredible) or occasionally, if I’m really pushed for time, a pot of porridge, a banana and berries at my desk. My days in the office go by so fast and when I don’t have time to stop, I know it will do the job of filling me up.

In the evening I try not to overdo the carbs – not because I think they’re fattening (they’re not!) but because I go quite heavy on them during the day. After work I always snack on pretzels, raw carrots, cucumber, sugar snaps – I eat bags of them at a time – and humus. For supper I’ll have fish (salmon, tuna, sea bream, sea bass) and salad or roasted veg. I love a homemade soup (cauliflower and celeriac are creamy without needing cream) followed by fruit or yoghurt and always a bit of chocolate. 

At the weekend I often have porridge with apricots and a bit of granola or a bagel and yoghurt with fruit for breakfast. Whatever day of the week it is, if I scrimp on breakfast I always lack in energy, so end up grazing through the morning and then don’t feel like lunch. For weekend lunches we tend to go for salad, quiche, French bread and more humus. Supper at the weekend is often out and nearly always Thai or Japanese. Tempura and pad thai is my well-earned treat at the end of the week.

I avoid having too much dairy. All in moderation of course and butter with Marmite on toast is hard to beat. I don’t really eat fried foods, but if I’m pan frying something I swear by a bit of one calorie Fry Light spray. Not sure what a nutritionist would have to say on that one but there we go!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve had my hang-ups with my body over the years but at 38 I’d say I’m at peace with who I am and what size I am. I’m happy to admit I work at it though. People talk about the 80/20 rule – eat well 80% of the time and have what you fancy the other 20%. I’d say I’m a bit more 70/30…

Generally, I’m pretty disciplined but lack of sleep and hangovers derail me. I have quite a sweet tooth anyway and when I’m tired or jaded – like so many people – I crave sugar. That said I do try to excercise if I'm feeling the effects of too much to drink the night before. I like to sweat it out and, hard as it is, I always feel better afterwards.

I used to be pretty partial to a 'Lychee Martini' until I saw how much sugar went into just one! Now I tend to stick to gin and Fever Tree Light. I love an oaky or buttery New World chardonnay but a gin & slim is definitely better for you – especially the next day.

People talk about the 80/20 rule – eat well 80% of the time and have what you fancy the other 20%. I’d say I’m a bit more 70/30…

My weakness is Diet Coke. I used to drink three cans a day. I gave it up for six months but really missed it because it’s the only caffeine I consume. I also really missed the pleasure it gives me. I didn’t feel that much better without it so I’m drinking it again, but trying to stick to just one a day now plus two-litres of water. The latter has been a struggle, but I have vastly improved and upped my water consumption.

I take probiotics daily. Either Henrietta Norton’s range Wild Nutrition or OptiBac. I know a lot of people in the industry swear by Symprove. I also take 100g of effervescent vitamin C every day religiously. I don't get ill all that often and swear by it.

I try not to eat out at restaurants more than a couple of nights a week. However healthily you order there’s a lot of butter, cream and salt that goes into so much of what comes out of a really tasty kitchen. If I limit myself to a couple of times a week then I know I can really enjoy it. If it’s a busy week for eating out then I try not to order anything too saucy and will always order salads with the dressing on the side.

We don’t order many takeaways in our house. Occasionally we’ll get Wagamama or Pho now they’re available via Deliveroo, but if we do, I’ll go for a salad or summer rolls. Personally I’d rather be healthier at home and enjoy a treat when I’m out.

I’m not one for fasting and I don’t believe in diets, although I’ve seen how well the 5:2 can work for some people. Occasionally I’ll do a five-day detox food delivery service like The Detox Kitchen or Spring Green. After a holiday or a period of overindulgence, I find a really focused week is all you need for a bit of a reset.

For me exercise is key. I’ve been a member of a gym since I was 18. I have just moved house and turned a store cupboard into a tiny gym big enough for a machine and some weights. With three children, it has changed my life because I don’t waste time in the car going back and forth to the gym. I work out at least four or five days a week and I’d do it every day if I could. 

From time to time I see a personal trainer. It's a great way to correct your technique and get you to push yourself that bit harder. Until about three years ago I only did cardio but as I'm getting older, I see the need for weights and strength training to tone. I spent a couple of weeks seeing Peter Cobby in the summer. He trains top models who are slim, but want more tone and definition. He really helped me with my technique. Squats, planks and sit-ups can be pretty ineffective if you're not doing them properly.

I don't have a huge amount of time for classes. If I could justify the cost and the time, I’d go to Kobox twice a week, mixed in with a bit of Barry’s Bootcamp and some spin classes – that would be the dream!

Working out is the number one thing I prioritise to look after my mental health. It’s the only time that’s all mine. I listen to podcasts while I work out, catch up on Netflix or just think. I’d love to have the time for an hour a day but more often than not it’s 30-40 minutes. I have just bought a Bowflex Max Trainer M7. It burns about a third more calories than other machines do in the same amount of time. The 14-minute HIIT setting is killer. That and some weights is better than nothing. If I get to Friday and have worked out at least three times then both mentally and physically I’m in a better place for it.

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