8 Healthy Detoxes To Get You Back On Track
8 Healthy Detoxes To Get You Back On Track

8 Healthy Detoxes To Get You Back On Track

Whether you’re looking to clean up your diet after an indulgent summer or just want a bit of help with making healthier food choices, there’s no better time than September to hit reset. From juice cleanses to plant-based meals, these are the diet and detox packages that get our vote…
By Tor West

Best Luxury Option:

The Pure Package

If you’re looking for heathier home-cooked meals that also taste delicious, look no further than The Pure Package. With the option to create your own bespoke menu, it’s like having a personal chef on hand every day, cooking delicious meals with produce from the local farmer’s market. Breakfast could be fresh berries with nut butter and rye bread; lunch a zesty prawn Asian salad; and supper a monkfish curry with steamed vegetables. Each Pure Package experience kicks off with a phone consultation with a nutritionist, and the team are on hand 24/7 for any queries you may have, although your daily menu comes with detailed instructions on heating, macros and ingredients.

THE DETAILS: Whether you’re looking to try the Paleo diet or want to support your training, there’s a plan for you. And if there isn’t, the team will create a bespoke programme to suit your needs. From £46.95 per day.

Visit PurePackage.com

Best For A Reset:

Detox Kitchen

If you’ve overdone it this summer, the Detox Kitchen’s three-day Reset could be the perfect choice. An intermittent fasting plan designed in collaboration with a nutritional therapist, the 1,000-calorie programme comprises juices, salads, light stews and snacks, and there’s a vegan option, too. If fasting isn’t for you, explore the Detox Kitchen’s other meal plans, including its bestselling Green Cleanse, a minimum three-day set of grain-free, plant-based meals to kickstart the body’s cleansing processes. Whichever you choose, rest assured the food is delicious – think satay salad, black dhal, vegetable miso stew, fruit and nut-laden bircher muesli, roasted aubergine with sauerkraut, and daily juices and smoothies.

THE DETAILS: The Protein Three-day Reset costs £120, and the vegan option £105. Prices for other cleanses start from £37 per day. There are also discounts for plans lasting over 14 days – ideal if you’re looking to make long-term changes. 

Visit DetoxKitchen.co.uk

Best For An Active Lifestyle:

Fresh Fitness Food

If you’re a keen gym bunny, Fresh Fitness Food will help you clean up your diet while providing your body with the nutrients it needs to recover well and keep you firing on all cylinders. Start by choosing your personal goal, then talk to an in-house nutritionist to formulate your plan. As close as you can get to cooking your own food without actually having to cook, there’s even the option to exclude certain ingredients (ideal for fussy eaters), and each meal comes fully labelled with its macronutrients. Food is freshly prepared the day before delivery, and all meals – regardless of your plan – are free from gluten and refined sugar.

THE DETAILS: Try the Lean Gains Plan to shift stubborn pounds and tone up. With the right proportion of protein, carbs and fat to improve body composition, it’ll give you the energy you need to fuel your training. Delivery is available nationwide; prices from £23 per day.

Visit FreshFitnessFood.com

Best For Juices:


Those who swear by a juice cleanse say it helps with everything from weight loss to clearer skin, more energy, improved immunity and better sleep. It’s also a great way to flood your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from a vast array of fruit and vegetables, and no one does it better than Plenish. One of the UK’s first cold-pressed juice companies, Plenish offers a variety of cleanses, ranging from those suitable for beginners to the advanced Professional cleanse. There’s also the option to sign up to its soup cleanse, which combines organic juices, a probiotic juice shot, two soups and two herbal teas each day – ideal for those looking for a juice-based programme with a little more variety. Alternatively, try its 5:2 plan, which comes with six juices to consumer over your fasting days.

THE DETAILS: Prices for a one-day cleanse start from £59. If you’re keen to hit the ground running, order before 10pm for next day delivery.

Visit PlenishDrinks.com

Best For Those On A Budget:

Balance Box

Proof that healthy food needn’t break the bank, Balance Box serves up delicious, calorie-controlled meals from under £27 per day. The sister of The Pure Package, all meals are designed by nutritionists and prepared by expert chefs. Both the Lighter Plan (1,200 calories) and the Market Plan (1,700 calories) offer a nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch and supper, as well as two snacks. There isn’t the choice to personalise your menu (aside from vegetarian, pescetarian and ‘free-from’) but if you’re not a fussy eater and want a well-priced, top-quality option, Balance Box will help you get back on track. 

THE DETAILS: Deliveries are made every four days, and all meals come with detailed heating instructions. Prices for the Lighter Plan start from £26.99 per day, while the Market Plan is priced from £32.99 per day. Delivery is available nationwide.

Visit BalanceBox.com

Best For Gut Health:


Whether you’re prone to bloating, constipation or just feel like your gut could do with some TLC, Kurami focuses on nourishing the gut microbiome through its colourful, varied and nutrient-rich dishes. Choose from its Signature plan which, at 1,600 calories per day, contains at least 30g of fibre each day plus 30+ different plant foods each week; or its Calorie-Controlled option, which reaches 1,300 calories a day. Both plans have been developed by an in-house nutritionist – breakfast could be a golden smoothie bowl, lunch a nutty noodle salad, supper rainbow falafels, coleslaw and sorghum, and snacks golden chai milk, nutty yoghurts and crudité and dips. 

THE DETAILS: Seven days of three meals and two snacks per day works out at around £39.40 per day. Food is delivered daily for freshness – London delivery only. 

Visit Kurami.co.uk

Best For A Cleanse:


If you’re ready to dive in at the deep end, Purearth’s cleanses are some of the best out there. Each cleanse is made to order using the highest-quality organic ingredients and sent direct to your door within 24 hours of being juiced. If you’re new to juicing, try the Rainbow Juice Cleanse, which will kickstart immunity and reduce inflammation, while the Medicinal Cleanse makes use of superfoods, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic herbs and tonics to replenish the liver, improve stress management and aid overall health. If you find the prospect of cleansing daunting, each plan comes with detailed guidelines and advice, including tips on how to get back into your normal routine once you’re done. 

THE DETAILS: Enter your postcode on the Purearth website to see your available start dates – the team is typically able to get a cleanse to you within 24-48 hours of placing an order, although this varies on your location. Prices for a one-day Rainbow Cleanse start from £44.79 while a three-day Medicinal Cleanse costs £209.99.

Visit Purearth.co.uk

Best For Something Different:


If you’re looking for a lighter option, FoodHak is one to try. Its dishes are based on the Ayurvedic principle that food is medicine, and all dishes are prepared without dairy, refined sugar, gluten or wheat, and are low GI and anti-inflammatory. Ingredients are top quality, with spices and aromatics chosen for their healing properties. Perfect for fans of Asian cuisine, tuck into dishes like white bean miso stew, mung mushroom bolognese, apricot and olive tagine, and a traditional Ayurvedic kitchari. There are also healthy treats to satisfy a sweet tooth – the ashwagandha chocolate chip cookies are right up our street. If you’re looking for a more structured plan, the Ayurvedic Detox Regime is a four-day plan that promises increased immunity and energy.

THE DETAILS: Individual meals are priced from £6.25 each, while the Ayurvedic Detox Regime costs £60 for four days. As meals are made to order, expect delivery three days after ordering.

Visit FoodHak.com

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