The Brand To Know For Better Wellbeing & Happier Hormones
The Brand To Know For Better Wellbeing & Happier Hormones

The Brand To Know For Better Wellbeing & Happier Hormones

Thinning hair, irregular cycles, disturbed sleep, brittle nails… According to research by Wild Nutrition, nine out of ten women fail to link these symptoms to the perimenopause. Many of us are also in the dark about the support that’s out there for dealing with them. Here’s what else Wild Nutrition wants you to know…

Created in partnership with Wild Nutrition

The Lowdown On Perimenopause…

We've started talking about the menopause much more, but many of us remain in the dark as to what’s really going on, how our hormones affect our health, and what really works when it comes to finding relief from symptoms such as poor sleep, low mood and irregular cycles. After all, menopause is the technical term for the full year anniversary of not having a period, not the years preceding it. Perimenopause is misunderstood and misdiagnosed – a Wild Nutrition survey revealed 18% of women visit their doctors six times before getting the help they need. To shine a light on this vital life stage, Wild Nutrition adopts a holistic 360º approach. Believing that the earlier you start, the better the results, Henrietta Norton, nutritional therapist and founder of Wild Nutrition, and Dr Shahzadi Harper, The Perimenopause Doctor, have partnered to support women through this pivotal life stage.

Why Knowledge Is Power…

Experts agree there are more than 40 possible symptoms of perimenopause, and up to 90% of women will experience at least one. Despite conversations opening up around perimenopause, knowledge remains limited, which is why Wild Nutrition is on a mission to educate women on their health and provide tangible solutions for better long-term health. Whether you’re currently going through the perimenopause or want to be armed with the knowledge of what lies ahead, you can now book in for a complimentary, 15-minute consultation with a Wild Nutrition nutritional therapist. Whether it’s a specific question you have, a symptom you are struggling to understand or support with supplements, the team is on hand to help. 

EMBRACING NUTRITION and supplementation can be a GAME-CHANGER for women going through the PERIMENOPAUSE.
Henrietta Norton, founder of Wild Nutrition

The Formulas That Really Make A Difference…

After treating tens of thousands of women in clinics and consultations over the years, Henrietta and Shahzadi have curated two new supplement bundles, both of which have been proven to holistically support your hormones for better balance. The Perimenopause Support Trio is the brand’s hero collection that contains nutrients, minerals and botanicals proven to support the mind, mood and body, while the Menopause Support Trio provides full-spectrum support for female hormones. Moreover, Wild Nutrition supplements use food-grown nutrients that are all natural and non-synthetic, meaning they are better absorbed and used by the body for genuine results. In fact, there’s something for everyone…

Perimenopause Support Trio, £82.50 (was £97)

Best For: A Smooth Transition

Curated nutrients, minerals and botanicals for mind and body
Helps regulate hormonal activity and aids muscle recovery
Omegas for cognitive function

Menopause Support Trio, £79.50 (was £93.50)

Best For: More Balanced Hormones

Helps regulate hormonal activity later in life
Formulated for bone and joint support
Supports optimal immunity

Botanical Menopause Complex, £30

Best for: A Starting Point

A blend of seven key nutrients in a daily formula
Supports mental resilience and joint health
Promotes hormonal balance





Natural Energy Duo, £38.25 (was £42.50)

Best for: Busy Lifestyles

Dual formula to support daytime energy and deep sleep
Magnesium for slow-release energy and relaxation
Adaptogens for physical resilience

Sleep Duo £36 (was £40)

Best for: Restorative Sleep

Relaxes muscles and nerves
Calms the mind
Clinically proven to lower cortisol levels

Start your Wild Nutrition journey today and get 20% OFF your first order using code SHEERLUXE20. Valid until November 14th and not applicable with other codes or offers. T&Cs apply. For more information or to book a consultation with an expert, visit Wild Nutrition also recently published a landmark Future of Perimenopause report, read it here.


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