The Health & Fitness Launches Our Wellness Editor Is Loving This Month
The Health & Fitness Launches Our Wellness Editor Is Loving This Month

The Health & Fitness Launches Our Wellness Editor Is Loving This Month

From new fitness studios to skin-enhancing supplements, here are the health and wellbeing launches that get our wellness editor Tor West’s vote this month…
By Tor West

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.



By now, you’ll probably have heard that your gut health mirrors your overall health and wellbeing. But did you know you have microbiomes in other parts of your body that are just as important? Headed up by a team of scientists, Invivo offers first-of-their-kind formulas to enhance the health of these various microbiomes. Whether you’re struggling with digestive, immunity, fertility, liver, cardiovascular or cognitive problems, there’s a supplement in the range that can help. For the last month, I’ve been taking Mind + Mood, a multi-strain formula designed to support stress-related gut complications, and the genius Bio.Me Oral, a powder that contains science-backed live bacteria to support the oral microbiome, which also happens to be closely connected to the bacteria in your gut.




Whether you’re not using your gym membership as much as you’d like, or love a boutique fitness class but can’t justify a weekly visit, Athlo has the solution. Giving you the option to rent out your gym membership – whether it’s a yearly membership or a bundle of classes – Athlo allows users to earn back up to 90% of their membership fee. Meanwhile, for those looking to break a sweat, Athlo facilitates entry to gyms and classes on demand at preferential rates, meaning you won’t have to pay expensive one-off fees. With the likes of F45, MoreYoga, Paola’s Body Barre and The Manor currently on Athlo’s system, there’s something for everyone, especially if, like me, you enjoy mixing things up.




The benefits of breathwork are endless, especially when it comes to improving emotional balance. Whether you’re a naturally anxious person looking to boost mental resilience, are struggling with your sleep or looking for a science-backed way to deal with stress, Moonbird’s clever device makes breathwork simple. As you hold the palm-sized device in your hand, it expands, indicating when you should breathe in, and then as it deflates, you breathe out. It’s powerful stuff – just ten minutes of slow breathing makes you 15% more relaxed. Commit to 20 minutes before bed and you’ll fall asleep 15 minutes sooner than usual and wake up only half as many times in the night. Incorporate three short practices into your day for three days and your anxiety will go down 20%. 

Visit Moonbird.Life


Catie Miller

Since I discovered barre in 2018, I haven’t looked back. It builds lean muscle like nothing else and also defines and elongates limbs, improves posture and increases flexibility. Catie Miller is the queen of barre in London – she founded Xtend Barre back in 2012 and during the pandemic launched Oona Series, an online fitness platform with a holistic edge. With IRL fitness back on the cards, you can now book in with Catie at her Mayfair studio. The 45-minute classes are fast paced, designed to keep your heart rate raised for optimum fat burning and toning, but you’ll leave feeling stronger, happier and clearer headed. If you can’t get a spot with Catie herself, book in with Jennifer on a Thursday morning. 

Follow @CatieMiller



Supplement brands that do things differently never fail to pique my interest, and Cymbiotika’s liposomal supplements are exactly that. Made using only the highest-quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients, they contain liposomal mushrooms to support the immune and central nervous systems (your stress response) and enhance athletic performance; liquid chlorophyll to boost energy levels and support cellular detoxification; and the winter-friendly Elderberry Defence, a potent antiviral to protect the body against flus and viruses. I’ve got my eye on the liposomal-activated charcoal, which contains fulvic minerals to gently nourish the body as well as charcoal to reduce inflammation, support the digestive system and bind to toxins for detoxification – a staple for party season. 


Probiotic, £79.95 | Cymbiotika
Probiotic, £79.95 | Cymbiotika


Teff Cookie Company

Snacks that are both healthy and tasty are hard to come by, but Teff Cookie Company has achieved the seemingly impossible. Its nutrient-dense cookies are made with teff, an ancient, gluten-free grain that delivers a number of health benefits. Naturally rich in fibre, protein and iron, teff is high in resistant starch, a type of dietary fibre that’s great for gut health and blood sugar management, and it’s also the only ancient grain that’s rich in vitamin C. Each cookie also contains 28% of your RDA of iron, 58% of manganese and 19% of phosphorus. The chocolate date flavour has been a particular hit on the SL editorial desk. 



Tim Spector

Tim Spector is professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College, London. Twenty-five years ago he founded the fascinating UK Twins Registry, which now comprises 13,000 pairs of identical and non-identical twins, and is used to untangle the role our genes play in our bodies. Over the years, he’s become one of the UK’s most cited scientists and now specialises in gut health. His new, much-anticipated book, Food For Life, brings together years of research to deep dive into what everyone should know about food today. Investigating everything from the environmental impact of what we eat to allergies and deceptive labelling, Food for Life will leave you better informed about what to add to your next supermarket shop. 



Soul Sanctuary

Of all the pandemic trends that have stayed the course, home workouts are firmly up there. But, chatting to friends, it’s clear many miss a decent yoga studio – the warm, nourishing, candlelit kind where we’d head on a Friday evening for an end-of-the-week wind-down. Bringing the yoga studio to you, Cat Meffan’s Soul Sanctuary is the online platform for budding yogis. Membership gives you access to hundreds of classes as well as four new classes every month, from vinyasa to yin, and workshops to help you improve specific skills like handstands. You’ll also find guided meditations to help you unwind and, once a month, founder Cat hosts a Q+A. Your first seven days are free and from £14.99 per month thereafter. 



Dr David Jack

Aesthetics expert Dr David Jack started his career in plastic surgery and quickly noticed how much more efficiently the skin healed when supported by good nutrition. His supplements come highly recommended, especially if you’re not a great sleeper. Relax – a blend of stress-busting mushrooms, nootropics and adaptogenic herbs as well as magnesium, chamomile and raw cacao – has been designed to support the endocrine and nervous system, naturally aiding sleep. If you struggle with breakouts or feel your skin needs a boost, the antioxidant-rich Bioclear is worth a try, while SkinShake – made with pea and hemp protein, vitamin C, omega-3-rich flaxseed, green superfoods and antioxidants – is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie. The stylish apothecary-style jars are reusable, too.


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