How The Wellness Experts Are Looking After Themselves In 2024
How The Wellness Experts Are Looking After Themselves In 2024

How The Wellness Experts Are Looking After Themselves In 2024

Learning from the pros is usually a good idea. That’s why we’ve asked some of our favourite wellness experts what they’re doing differently to look after themselves this year. From supplements and scents to new shoes and cold-water sea swimming, this is what they told us…

Rhian Stephenson

Founder of ARTAH

“I’ve started wearing Vivo Barefoot shoes. I walk to and from work every day, which is about 6km in total, so I've really noticed the difference in my feet, calves, shins and overall leg strength. While I don't run with them, I've noticed an improvement in my running as well. My splurge this year would be a Bon Charge Infrared PEMF Mat. It's great for recovery, sleep and focus, and is a fantastic tool to reduce the effects of stress. I love this type of wellness tool because I can multitask with it. I can do yin yoga on it, lay on it if I'm doing a face mask, or just relax, so it's super easy to implement into my routine.”

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Jessica Love

Founder of Jessica May Wellness, Nutritional Therapy, Pilates & Retreats

Invivo Healthcare is my everyday probiotic and prebiotic essential to support a healthy gut and vaginal microbiome. I love this brand as it tailors the strains to the symptoms you might be experiencing, and it’s all backed up by science. The Bio.Me range is my daily go-to; I choose the Bio.Me Barrier as a probiotic choice and Bio.Me Essential as a prebiotic choice. While probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria, prebiotics provide the essential fuel that helps these bacteria thrive. Many don’t realise that supplementing with both creates a synergy known as ‘synbiotics’ and is likely to be a powerful alliance to support gut health, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and potentially offer broader health benefits.”

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Anna Allerton

Executive coach & workplace transformation expert

“If money were no object, I’d love to go on a wellness retreat in nature like Nest Life. I love the positive impact being out in nature has on me. The natural light, clean air, and the ability to switch off from our busy lives is really appealing.”

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Victoria Anderson

Clinical exercise physiologist & founder of Longevity Health and Fitness

“An under-desk treadmill is perfect for days when it’s raining, you don’t have time to get outdoors to meet your step count, or are lacking motivation to go to the gym. This is a great way to mobilise, reduce stiffness and get your body moving.”

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Isabelle Tucker

Founder & creative director of Klioh Studios

“My morning routine cannot start without lighting incense. No matter how I wake up feeling, the smell of incense helps me to reset and immediately calms me down. I started using incense when practising yoga on my travels, so it takes me back to that calm, present place. It helps clears my head for a short morning meditation – something I find challenging as a business owner waking up with a million things on my mind. The Aesop Sarashina Aromatique Incense is my absolute favourite.”

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Ross J. Barr, founder of Ross Barr

Fertility & women's health expert, & acupuncturist

“I’ve come across hundreds of products like the Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray, but not many that actually work. This is one that I honestly believe changes the mood in the house or clinic – almost every patient comments on the smell in a good way when they come in. Ilapothecary still makes most of its products by hand in the Cotswolds as well.”

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Kirsty Gallagher

Lunar guide, astrologist, spiritual mentor & bestselling author

“I’ve noticed such a difference since taking the Rheal Balance Tonic over the last few months. It’s now an integral part of my daily wellbeing routine. It’s easy to use, tastes great in just water and, even better, it works! I’ve also been using the Sacred Elemental Glow Face Oil daily for a few months now and I can honestly say I’m obsessed. Everything about it – from the way it smells to the way it feels on your skin – makes using it feel like a ritual, and it’s an essential part of my daily self-care.”

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Jess Shand

Founder of Eat, Nourish + Glow & naturopathic nutritionist

“My Lumie Body Clock has changed my sleep game and I recommend anyone struggling with sleep to invest in one – even my husband who was very sceptical now swears by it! The sunrise light function works by very gradually getting brighter and brighter 20 mins before the alarm is set to go off (and works in the opposite way for sunset to help you naturally fall into restorative sleep). Lumie mimics the light and colour of the sun, so by the time the alarm goes off I’m feeling refreshed and ready for the day, instead of it being a shock to the system and feeling like a zombie! Another thing I love about it is the white noise function, I set it to the sound of waves which helps me fall asleep quickly. It’s so soothing and a great way to support your parasympathetic nervous system.” 

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Becca Meadows


“For me, 2024 is about redefining stress and rest. Instead of trying to remove stress, I am focusing on training for stress. Therefore, rest is something utterly essential to allow me to recover from and next approach stress in a more resilient way. Instead of buying more wellbeing items, my money is focused on techniques to carve rest into my routine. This could be micro rests – lasting just a few minutes or seconds throughout the day – for which I use an app called Simple Habit.”

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Clare Bourne

Pelvic health physiotherapist

“I love the whole Naydaya skincare range, but highly recommend the Vagina Victory Oil in clinic for postnatal, perimenopausal or postmenopausal women. The new Neck Glory has been a personal favourite; since using it the dry skin I get every winter on my neck has totally gone. If money was no limit, I would build a fully equipped home gym to support me to keep active throughout the week and minimise any barriers to exercise. I would have a spin bike, reformer Pilates equipment and weights so that I could do all the forms of exercise I love, but that I also believe help us to achieve our goals for cardio and resistance training. “

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Asha Chong

Five Element acupuncturist

London Nootropics is a pure natural-ingredient adaptogenic coffee brand that supercharges and uplifts your morning without the jitters, and keeps you feeling alert and in flow all day. I love all three of its coffees, but my favourite is Flow, the lion’s mane mushroom flavour which also contains rhodiola rosea. Lion’s mane helps to support memory, focus, clarity and concentration. Rhodiola rosea has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, fatigue and depression. As a workday coffee fiend, Flow keeps me naturally powered up and I experience no dips of energy even when I work into the evenings – it’s a real game-changer. It’s also a great substitute that I highly recommend to caffeine-loving patients who struggle with their mental and emotional health.”

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Hollie Grant

Founder of The Bump Plan

“I am now obsessed with cold-water swimming. I live near Lulworth Cove in Dorset and it’s like my own swimming pool. I have made so many incredible friends there, seeing them each day, bracing the waves to get their fix, and hearing all their reasons why they love sea swimming so very much. There is a wonderful sauna on Studland beach that I am addicted to, and it’s made me desperately want one for my back garden. This Polhus one would tick all the boxes.”

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Charlotte Townend

Founder of Wylder

“I've seen rave reviews for The Nue Co.’s pre and probiotic supplements. Gut health is hugely linked with mental health and has a knock-on effect with sleep, skin health, stress levels and immunity.”

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Sarah Jones St John

Founder of Grey Wolfe & energy healer

“A solo retreat is on my wish list. Solitude provides a unique opportunity to tune into your thoughts and feelings without external noise. This introspection can lead to a clearer understanding of your mental landscape. Travelling solo is a precious opportunity for self-discovery and growth. Making the most of this experience involves thoughtful planning of your time, incorporating wellness practices, and utilising tools for creative exploration. I like Rejuva retreats. Last year’s was about anxiety and strengthening your chakras, while this year is about the expansion of your physical, mental and conscious awareness, giving a personal upgrade at every level.”

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Louise Macnab

Founder of JERMS

“This year I’m making a conscious effort to prioritise quality, restful sleep. The Blooming Blends Night-time Herbal Tincture is a natural blend of traditional herbs and adaptogens. A few drops before bed helps me peacefully dose off and promotes restorative rest. If money were no object, I’d splash out on an at-home reformer Pilates machine so there’d be no excuse not to stay consistent.”

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Leila Martyn

Founder of MyOva

“Every morning, I make sure to add Hunter Gatherer Collagen Powder to my coffee, along with a teaspoon of MCT powder. It’s a staple in my daily routine, and I’ve not just seen an improvement in my skin but also my joints, which have become increasingly important to me as I navigate through my 40s. I prefer grass-fed bovine collagen from Hunter Gatherer because of its traceability, which gives me peace of mind compared to marine collagen, where the origin and farming conditions can be a bit of a mystery.”

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