How To Find Comfort & Support During Cancer Treatment
How To Find Comfort & Support During Cancer Treatment

How To Find Comfort & Support During Cancer Treatment

According to Macmillan Cancer Support, diagnoses rates in the UK have risen by 40% since 2002, and by 19% only in the last decade – which makes it increasingly likely that you or someone you know could be affected by the disease. To help you through what is both an emotionally and practically difficult time, we thought it was worth putting together a list of things that might offer just a little bit of comfort or support.

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F*** You Cancer by Deborah James

The precursor to Deborah James’ massively successful How To Live When You Could Be Dead, this book came out in 2018 as a means to empower readers to do things their way as they navigated the ‘big C’. Taking you all the way from diagnosis to coping with family and friends, this book will transform your outlook as you navigate one of life’s most difficult events.

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Maggie Keswick Jencks used her own breast cancer experience to create a new type of cancer care – centres all over the UK (and abroad) that offer professional support and where people can come together in a calm, friendly and uplifting space. Whether you just want to talk to someone going through a similar experience or are looking for practical advice on finances, side effects or how to deal with cancer in the workplace, the Maggie’s team is well-equipped to steer you in the right direction.



Making Sense of Cancer

The presenter of this award-winning documentary, Hannah Fry, is a maths professor who’s used to investigating the world around her through numbers. When she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 36, she started digging into the statistics to ask whether we are making the right choices in how we treat this disease. Are we sometimes too quick to screen and treat cancer? Do doctors always speak to us honestly about the subject? It may seem like a dangerous question to ask, but are we at risk of over-medicalising cancer? In this raw and emotional watch, Hannah records her own cancer journey through personal footage, where the realities of life after diagnosis are laid bare.

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Spring Green London

When you’re going through treatment, you’ll know that eating well is just another thing you don’t have the time or energy to put real thought into. That’s where Spring Green London comes in. Bonnie Stowell is a chef dedicated to whole-food, nutrient-rich ingredients, who trained under Michelin-starred Matt Tomkinson, and now tailor-makes diets for some of London’s most influential and creative people. Every day, you can arrange for Spring Green to deliver healthy and nourishing food directly to your door, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, infused botanical beauty water, a daily detox juice and a boosting super snack. Nothing contains any cow dairy or wheat and is very low in sugar. There are three different Botanical Superfood Programmes to choose from according to your dietary requirements. Prices start from £36.



Porto & Bello

In March 2020, Porto & Bello founder Alexia Baron was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. Just five days later, the UK went into lockdown as the pandemic swept through society. Forced to face her biggest fear alone, it wasn’t long until Alexia came up with the idea for a brand that made port-friendly and treatment accessible clothing. Today, Porto & Bello offers a range of wearable pieces designed with medical treatment in mind – from t-shirts to hoodies and everything in between. 



The C List

The-C-List is the passion project of Helen Addis – a mum, TV producer and most importantly someone who beat aggressive breast cancer following her diagnosis in 2018. After being told to only use mild and less fragranced beauty products during and after treatment, Helen had to rethink her entire bathroom cabinet – and the shopping experience was far from easy. Following a conversation with leading beauty industry expert and friend of SL, Lisa Potter-Dixon, The-C-List was launched to offer the ultimate guide to beauty products when you’re going through treatment. Every product available on the site comes with a detailed description of who it’s designed to help and at what stage of treatment it can to be used. 



The Menopause and Cancer Podcast

Dani Binnington is the host of The Menopause and Cancer Podcast. Diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 30s, Dani was later pushed into surgical menopause – a common side effect of anti-hormone medication or radiotherapy that can sometimes be temporary, or sometimes permanent. At first, Dani set out to create online support groups but soon realised that it wasn’t enough. In collaboration with world leading menopause specialists and other experts, Dani went on to launch The Menopause and Cancer Podcast, where she now hosts conversations with cancer patients, survivors and medical professionals to learn about treatments are available for women. In 2022, she also set up the not-for-profit Menopause and Cancer organisation to extend services and support to as many people as possible. 

Listen here


Urban Oncology Massage

During such a stressful time, the idea of an hour or two of pampering has rarely sounded better, and the good news is there are plenty of services out there offering treatments designed specifically for cancer patients. Urban is an SL favourite, and its oncology massage aims to relax muscles, reduces stress and anxiety and offer support with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment. The best part is the treatment can be tailored for your unique situation and symptoms. Prices start from £48.



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