How A Wellness Coach Looks After Her Health
How A Wellness Coach Looks After Her Health

How A Wellness Coach Looks After Her Health

Healthy living has always been a priority for wellness coach Karen Koramshai, but her journey took a new direction last year, when she discovered her breast implants were to blame for mysterious symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety and muscle pain. Exactly a year ago, Karen had her implants removed and has since been on a mission to get her health back on track. From exercise to supplements and the professionals helping her along the way, here’s how she’s making it happen…
By Tor West

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My relationship with my body has changed over the years. Having worked as a model in the past, everything I did revolved around looking a particular way. Making the decision to remove my breast implants – which I had put in 14 years ago – wasn’t an easy one, but ultimately the right decision for my health. As a model, you can feel pressure to look a certain way and, as you get older, there’s pressure to remain looking a certain way. When, after a year of escalating symptoms – from chronic fatigue to hair loss – countless medical opinions and my own research, I realised it was my breast implants making me sick, it was a tough pill to swallow. It was challenging to accept that I was the one who had caused the suffering. Today, I’m a year post-explant and, slowly but surely, my symptoms are disappearing and my health is improving. 

It wasn’t until my implants were out that I realised how unwell I’d been. One thing I have learnt is that wellness is so individual – we all live different lives and have different needs. What’s important is identifying what you need and actioning achievable steps to get there. Wellness doesn’t have to mean huge lifestyle overhauls – it can be small daily changes to help you live a happier and healthier life. Wellness isn’t about perfection or following a rigid set of rules. It’s about building a toolkit we can use daily, monthly or in times of need.

Blood tests showed HIGH LEVELS of toxicity and inflammation in my body TRIGGERED by my breast implants.

Morning exercise is non-negotiable. In the last year, I’ve learnt the importance of making my body as strong and healthy as possible. I take it one day at a time and listen to what it needs. Mornings are important to me as they set the tone for the rest of the day. I wake before my children and squeeze in a workout – either cardio, Pilates (with Bryony Deery) or weight training. I’ve also found a new love for swimming since my surgery – it’s low impact and I find it incredibly therapeutic – and enjoy horse riding on the weekend with my daughter. I have regular sessions with my PT, Scott Francis, throughout the week.

I don’t eat dairy or gluten. Gluten bloats me and my skin doesn’t react well to dairy. Breakfast tends to be a slice of sourdough toast with avocado and poached eggs, and a bowl of berries, or homemade granola with dairy-free yoghurt and fruit. If I’m in a rush taking the kids to school, I’ll make my Green Goddess smoothie – celery, cucumber, fennel, apple, lemon and ginger, along with some protein, fat and seeds. I love a morning matcha, which I enjoy while either journalling or meditating for five minutes, using Roxie Nafousi’s mantra cards or Mimi Bouchard’s Superhuman app. 

Avocados are the one food you’ll always find in my fridge. I know it’s basic, but I could eat a whole avocado with every meal – I’m obsessed. I always have plenty of lemons too, as I drink lots of warm water and lemon throughout the day. In my cupboards, you’ll find several varieties of nuts – I usually have a handful after exercising.

Wellness isn't following a RIGID set of rules. It's about building a TOOLKIT we can use daily.

I love dark chocolate. I’m an advocate for creating easy switches in your diet that still feel like treats as opposed to restricting yourself entirely. If I’m craving sugar, I’ll have a few squares of dark chocolate or a cacao smoothie – I love the Dirtea mushroom super blend. I also can’t be without Wild Nutrition’s protein powder – it provides vitamin B12 for energy and focus as well as greens and mushrooms. Having a protein smoothie makes me feel good, knowing I’m supporting the maintenance of muscle mass after each workout. If I’m out and about, I’ll always take a homemade protein ball or a Deliciously Ella trail mix bar – my favourite is the pecan and maple oat variety. If I fancy a savoury snack, it has to be Em The Nutritionist’s caramelised onion hummus, which I have with wholewheat crackers.

Ayurveda is about rebalancing the body. Prior to having my implants removed, I underwent extensive blood testing, which revealed high levels of toxicity, inflammation and heavy metals in my body. Since having the implants removed, I’ve been working with an Ayurvedic doctor to reduce these levels. I’ve always been drawn to Ayurveda and its ancient philosophy of balancing the body and bringing it back to homeostasis. The aim is to ensure perfect harmony between the three principle doshas through lifestyle adjustments, diet and herbal formulations. I’m also currently focusing on detoxing my liver – I add a teaspoon of The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Support powder to water daily – and take JSHealth Detox + Debloat when I feel I need extra support.

I have a vitamin drip every so often. I love White Night London, which comes to your home. Its Hydration Remedy is my go-to for an energy boost. Float tank therapy is another recent discovery – it’s a form of sensory deprivation that allows your brain to enter a state of deep relaxation. It gives a real sense of escape. 

Lymphatic drainage has become my weekend ritual. I have it every Saturday with Ana Trida – she’s the best practitioner I’ve found in London. I also have regular sessions with Brett Gibbens, a sports chiro. He helped me hugely prior to the surgery with aches and pains I was experiencing in my back and neck, and has become my go-to when I feel my body needs realigning. Acupuncture also keeps the body in balance – my favourite practitioners are Ross Barr, Renata Nunes and Dr John Tsgaris.

Nothing beats a facial. I love Charbec – she specialises in foot and facial reflexology. Her Zone Face Lift facial is an incredible spiritual facial that uses crystals, acupressure tools and Japanese massage techniques. I also recommend Dr Sindhu Siddiqi at the No Filter Clinic – I rate her natural approach to non-invasive treatments. 

The Bamford Wellness Spa in Brompton Cross is a hidden gem. It’s one of London’s best-kept wellness secrets. The minute you step in the door, you feel relaxed – it’s a true urban sanctuary. I love its Wellness Facial, which includes abdominal massage to release emotional and physical stress, the symptoms of which can manifest on the skin, as well as gua sha and facial massage.

There is power in taking control of your own health. To me, being healthy means advocating for my own body and being confident in knowing what I need. Peak health doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s empowering to know that each decision I make is improving my physical and mental wellness, helping me feel strong, happy and healthy.

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