This Month’s Health & Fitness List
This Month’s Health & Fitness List

This Month’s Health & Fitness List

From smart devices to aid relaxation to at-home ice baths, these are the health and wellbeing launches to keep on your radar…
By Tor West

Forage Botanicals

Whether you suffer with painful cramps, spot-prone skin, an irregular cycle, PCOS, a heavy flow or unreliable PMS symptoms, Forage Botanicals’ herbal solutions aim to take the stress out of your cycle. Founded by medical herbalist Natasha Richardson – who has helped women struggling with erratic periods in her private clinic for years – the brand’s remedies are based on the issues Natasha saw time and again with her clients. Try the Premenstrual Peace Drops to control mood swings, Rested Resilience to soothe anxiety and the Premenstrual Me Time to ease cramps.


The Female Factor

As an NHS doctor, registered nutritionist, bestselling author and founder of The Food Medic, Hazel Wallace knows all there is to know about women’s health. In her new book, Hazel explores topics such as how nutrition plays a role across the menstrual cycle; how our hormones affect our mental health through the years; and why sleep is critical for optimal female health. Whatever stage of life you’re at, this is an important read. Hazel’s podcast – which is constantly in the Apple charts – is also worth a listen. 



Combining a pebble-shaped disc that sits on your sternum with a selection of soothing meditations provided by an app, Sensate emits gentle vibrations to calm your fight or flight response, relax you in the moment and improve your stress resilience over time. Whether you’re looking for support with stress and anxiety or want to take your meditation to the next level, Sensate is a clever piece of kit.



If you struggle to wake up in the morning, download Sleepwave. The app transmits a silent sound wave from your phone and listens to the reflections caused by movement, enabling highly accurate motion tracking. By tracking movement while you sleep, Sleepwave wakes you as your body naturally stirs to help you feel fresh for the day ahead. Not convinced? In a recent trial, 78% of users said the smart alarm had a positive impact on their mood the following day and made getting up that little bit easier. 


Scent & Remedy

As the only sense that affects the part of your brain that processes emotions, florist Hannah Murray believes scent has the power to trigger memories and positively affect your mood. Whether a gift for a loved one – or yourself – Scent & Remedy’s freshly-cut, seasonal bouquets have been curated for their wellbeing properties. With jasmine, peonies and eucalyptus, the Nurture bouquet has been designed to soothe and heal, while Balance – with sweet peas, garden rose, geranium and basil – will build confidence and help you manage change. Flowers are cut to order to minimise waste and all flowers are grown in the UK.




A low-impact workout that focuses on toning, lengthening and strengthening the body into its natural form, the ThreeForm method aims to relieve tension, decrease inflammation and promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. Using resistance bands, functional movement and light weights, this challenging workout will sculpt and tone without creating bulk. From the founder of the cult, Pilates-inspired PVolve, we predict big things. 

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Porto & Bello

In March 2020, while pregnant with her second child, Alexia Baron was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just five days after her diagnosis, the UK went into lockdown, leaving Alexia to navigate cancer and parenthood amid a pandemic. Her business venture – Porto & Bello – soon followed. Offering port-friendly and treatment-accessible clothing, Porto & Bello’s cosy hoodies and tracksuit bottoms will not only keep you warm, but cleverly placed zips allow full access to your critical points. 



Offering a fresh way to get your daily dose of vitamins, Fount’s drops can be added to a glass of water for a nutrient boost. Choose from Refresh & Revitalise – a blend of green tea, ginseng and B vitamins designed to support optimal energy levels – or Stress Relief, a calming combination of ashwagandha, l-theanine and elderflower. Cleanse & Detox, meanwhile, will nourish the liver and a sensitive stomach with ginger, lemon and dandelion, while Heart Health, with hibiscus and pomegranate, will support optimal circulation. Each blend is free from sugar and made only with natural sweeteners.  


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