The Supplement Brand That A-Listers Love For Brighter, Glowing Skin
The Supplement Brand That A-Listers Love For Brighter, Glowing Skin

The Supplement Brand That A-Listers Love For Brighter, Glowing Skin

Supplements that promise glowing skin and stronger hair and nails are everywhere these days, but Australian brand Vida Glow is a standout. One box of its cult collagen peptide powder sells every four seconds worldwide, not least in part due to its loyal A-list following, which includes Rita Ora, Irina Shayk and Sofia Richie. Here’s what makes the brand so unique, plus the products that are really worth the money…

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The Story...

Anna Lahey founded Vida Glow in 2014 after discovering collagen supplementation and the incredible effect it had on her hair loss. Within weeks, her hair was stronger and visibly thicker, her skin looked plumper, and her nails were growing fast and strong. After spotting a gap in the market for a quality hydrolysed marine collagen supplement that was easy to take, Anna launched Vida Glow. Fast-forward a few years and Vida Glow is the global number one marine collagen brand, with one unit of its collagen powder sold globally every four seconds. Backed by scientists, the brand continues to break boundaries in the supplement space, with new formulas providing tangible solutions for common beauty concerns such as pigmentation and hair loss. Its ethos, however, remains the same – to provide powerful, effective and easy to adopt products so your supplement regime works for you.

The Science…

Collagen may be a buzzword in the wellness world, but there’s a good reason for that. Did you know collagen is the most prominent protein in the human body? It provides structural support to bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Essentially, it’s the glue that holds everything together. And it’s responsible for the youthful appearance of skin, hair and nails. Made with marine collagen peptides, Vida Glow’s formula is easily absorbed by the body to stimulate collagen production. With consistent supplementation, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, elasticity is improved, and the complexion is plump and glowing. Every product in the Vida Glow collection is supported by robust clinical data, so rest assured they do what they say for real results.

Where To Find Vida Glow…

As well as its online store, you can now discover Vida Glow in its Harrods pop-up. Running for the month of November, the pop-up offers the full product line-up as well as a bespoke marine collagen tasting station for shoppers to discover their new favourite. Skin experts will also be on hand for any questions and to help you find the right supplements for your needs. Before you go, these are the products to know…

1. Natural Marine Collagen, £39

Best For: Plump, dewy skin

What Makes It Different: Vida Glow’s hero formula deserves its ‘cult product’ title. The efficacy lies in the formula’s bioavailability – it’s a clinically proven solution to all your anti-ageing concerns. Expect to see a noticeable reduction in fine lines within eight weeks and an increase in skin elasticity and firmness within 12 weeks. Plus, it’s available in five flavours, and the handy sachets dissolve quickly in water to make getting your daily dose simple. The team are so confident you’ll see results that if they don’t arrive within eight weeks, you’ll get your money back.

2. Anti-G-OX, £43

Best For: Antioxidant protection

What Makes It Different: This clever, berry-flavoured powder is brimming with a potent blend of actives to support skin at a cellular level against the three main causes of premature ageing – inflammation, glycation (the process in which excess sugar from the diet breaks down collagen) and oxidative stress. Activated to enhance absorption, the formula assists healthy sugar metabolism and counteracts free radical damage. Formulated with vitamin C, biotin, chromium, curcumin, magnesium, zinc and more, it’s a skin superhero.

3. Radiance, £49

Best For: Bright, more even skin

What Makes It Different: Formulated to brighten and improve the complexion, this intelligent, vegan-friendly supplement contains a unique blend of potent actives that address dull, discoloured skin caused by excess melanin production. Powered by first-of-their-kind actives, the formula is clinically proven to increase luminosity by 26%, significantly reduce facial imperfections by 18% and reduce dark circles by 12%. The easy-to-consume capsules are tasteless and odourless, making it effortless to reap the benefits.

4. Hairology, £45

Best For: Healthier, fuller-looking hair

What Makes It Different: It’s normal to lose hair on a daily basis, but age, stress, hormones and vitamin deficiencies can prompt excessive shedding, weakness and damage. Targeting the cause of thinning hair, this innovative, vegan-friendly formula uses a unique, trademarked active, AnaGain™, derived from pea sprout extract, to reduce hair loss by 34% in just 28 days. Take one capsule daily for thicker, stronger hair.

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