The Supplement Range Women In The Know Swear By
The Supplement Range Women In The Know Swear By

The Supplement Range Women In The Know Swear By

With science at its core, Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement works at a cellular level to enhance your overall health. Delivering improved energy levels, quality sleep and mental focus, as well as better immunity, hormonal balance and the signature Lumity glow, it's a wellness essential. Here’s why three inspirational women swear by it.

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Savannah Miller

I’ve been taking Lumity Morning & Night for four years. My sister recommended it to me, and I haven’t looked back – it’s an amazing product. I used to struggle with energy highs and lows, and craved sugar regularly. My energy levels are now more consistent, and I feel so much better.

The beauty benefits are unparalleled. I was astonished by how effective Lumity Morning & Night is, especially when it comes to hair, skin and nails. I used to have terribly dry skin and spent my life slathering on thick creams, but now I feel my skin is hydrated from the inside out. My eyes are brighter too, and my nails don’t break like they used to.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one supplement that keeps you LOOKING AND FEELING YOUR BEST 24/7, it doesn’t get better than Lumity.

It’s a great way to cover your bases. I love the fact Morning & Night ticks all the boxes when it comes to nutritional support. I can relax knowing there’s everything I need in one formula – vitamins, minerals, omega oils and amino acids. I’m not the most organised person, so I love the fact it comes on subscription. I know I’m never going to run out or have to reorder. It arrives regularly, which makes it easy for me to build into my routine.

Lumity is for everyone. If you’re looking for an all-in-one supplement that keeps you looking and feeling your best 24/7, especially as you age, it doesn’t get better than Lumity. If you’re looking to improve bone density, improve skin elasticity and boost energy levels with a convenient supplement that’s simple to take and slot into your routine, give it a go.

Edith Bowman

It keeps me balanced. I’ve been using Lumity's Morning & Night supplement for at least six years – and now, it’s an integral part of my routine. If I forget to take it, especially at night, I genuinely notice the difference. I love that it’s a collection of goodness that’s been well researched and thought out. It’s one of the only supplement brands to be backed by independent, clinical trials.

I've been USING LUMITY FOR SIX YEARS. It's an integral part of my routine.

I noticed the benefits instantly. I used to be a rubbish sleeper but quickly found it easier to wake up in the morning. Plus, I used to have sensitive skin but Lumity quickly took the edge off my redness and dryness.

The skincare also comes highly recommended. The facial oil is my favourite product in the skincare range – it works in tandem with Morning & Night to support collagen production and promote radiance. It contains 32 plant oils and extracts and the scent is amazing – I’ve recommended it to all my friends.

Ruby Hammer

Lumity is a powerful supplement for inner and outer health. It’s been part of my routine for nearly a decade, and I couldn’t be without it. It takes care of my hair, skin and nails as well as supporting my immune system, muscles, bones and joints. I take four in the morning and four at night and feel great, even at the tail end of menopause.

I love the fact it BALANCES HORMONES, gives you RESTFUL SLEEP and ENERGISES you during the day.

It gives you energy when you need it. What makes Lumity Morning & Night different from other supplements is that it supports health from so many angles. I love the fact it balances hormones, gives you restful sleep and energises you when you need it most during the day. The clever formula works in tandem with your body’s circadian rhythm – the internal clock that keeps your body on track – to offer targeted nutritional support precisely when you need it.

Consistency is the name of the game. Lumity isn’t an overnight fix, but that’s what makes it unique. It changes the body at a cellular level to transform your health – think of it as optimising your body’s natural processes for the best possible results as you age. It can take three months before you feel the full benefits, but the results are more than worth it.

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