Switch Up To These Healthy Swaps This January

Switch Up To These Healthy Swaps This January

January is the perfect time to reboot your routine, and opting for a more plant-based diet is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Whether you are exclusively vegan, firmly flexitarian or a committed carnivore who's simply vegan-curious, it’s never been easier to opt for health-conscious, meat-free options.

We spoke to Donia Hilal, Senior Nutritionist at Holland & Barrett, to find out how…
Whey protein
SWAP FOR: Vega Clean Protein in Chocolate and Vanilla
If you eat mostly plant-based food, you need to pay particular attention to your protein sources. Vega Clean Protein packs 25g of high-quality protein per scoop, making it perfect for high-protein pancakes to start the day, or with a nut-based milk alternative as a replenishing post-workout shake.


SWAP FOR: Vegan Egg
No need to forsake your weekend fry-up or midweek frittata. These vegan eggs offer 3g of protein per serving so you can enjoy them sunny side up and over-easy.

Crisps containing rennet or whey

SWAP FOR: Hippeas Cheese & Love, 22g
These chickpea puffs carry all the flavour, but a fraction of the fat, of your usual bag of ready salted. They are also free from whey or milk often used to enhance the flavour of many crisps.


Protein bar

SWAP FOR: Vegan Carb Killa Go Nuts
Carb Killa bars are the protein bars of choice with sporty types, but now committed vegans can join the party with Vegan Carb Killa Go Nuts. This is the brand's first vegan bar, which eliminates milk protein and fat, whey protein and chocolate.

Chocolate bar

SWAP FOR: Deliciously Ella Energy Balls in Hazelnut & RaisinCocoa & Almond and Cashew & Ginger
Chocolate bars can contain up to a whopping 50g of sugar. Compare this to the 13g of naturally occurring sugars – derived from dates – in this tasty treat. Plus each ball contains just six ingredients proving simple can still be delicious.


Chocolate spread

SWAP FOR: Vego Spread
Vegans who have missed eating chocolate spread because it contains dairy can celebrate with their own vegan hazelnut chocolate spread. Hailed as the vegan Nutella, this treat is made with hazelnuts, cocoa powder and shea butter.

Chocolate bar

SWAP FOR: Vego Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
If you crave a little indulgence, you can still go for a vegan option. The Vego Chocolate Hazelnut Bar contains 39g of sugar per 100g, compared with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Hazelnut Bar, which comes in at 53g per 100g.


SWAP FOR: Oatwell Crispy Heart
Many kinds of cereal are vegetarian-friendly, but they can be fortified with Vitamin D3, which is often derived from animal sources. Oatwell is suitable for vegans and has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol making it good for your heart health too.

Cow’s milk

SWAP FOR: Good Hemp
There’s no need to forfeit your Omega-3 just because you aren’t drinking cow’s milk. This hemp alternative to dairy contains this essential fatty acid, needed for a healthy heart and brain.


SWAP FOR: The Groovy Food Company Premium Agave Nectar Rich & Dark
Agave Nectar is 150% sweeter than conventional sugar, so it's easy to get your sweet fix using less.

Hot chocolate

SWAP FOR: Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate
Dairy-free and gluten-free – for something so virtuous, this is seriously delicious and at 14 calories per teaspoon, it’s also suitable for diabetics. It’s also perfect for making hot chocolate, spreading on toast - or drizzling on cereal, fruit, ice cream or pancakes.

Nutritional powder

SWAP FOR: Vega Essentials Nutritional Powder in ChocolateVega Essentials Nutritional Powder in Vanilla
This plant-based protein powder is made from pea protein, flaxseed, hemp and other fruit and vegetables. High in protein, minerals, Omega-3, fibre and 13 essential vitamins, it is ideal to put in your breakfast smoothie to get the day off to a health-conscious start. It’s not the only vegan nutritional powder out there, but being confident it is 100% vegan, saves you the time and trouble of searching through long lists of ingredients.

Vegan recipes have blown up in recent years, and whether you’re exclusively vegan or not, many are enjoying vegan and plant-based dishes on a more regular basis. Thankfully, vegan swaps for meat and dairy products have come a long way, so making your favourite recipes is easier than ever before. Here are some on offer at Holland & Barrett.

Vegan Chilled & Frozen Swaps at Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett also have over 800 stores with a vegan chilled and frozen offering, which includes everything from vegan cheese and mayo to meat alternatives such as OUMPH! pulled 'pork' and Fry's meat-free sausages. It's worth popping in-store to browse the selection. 

To shop the range or learn more about vegan food and products visit hollandandbarrett.com and use the code HB10% for 10% off.

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