What’s New In The Wellness World This Month

What’s New In The Wellness World This Month

From the supplements worthy of a space on your bathroom shelf to the must-try treatment, workout or alternative therapy, here’s what you need to know about in the world of health and wellbeing this month…

Spanx Activewear

For figure-flattering gym gear that’ll see you through the sweatiest of workouts, Spanx’s activewear ticks all the boxes. Designed with the brand’s cult sculpting innovation, expect leggings that smooth and lift, as well as sports bras that provide support in all the right places. With a high-rise waistband and rear-affirming performance fabric, the Booty Boost leggings are our top pick. Previously only available in the US, the collection is now available exclusively at Selfridges.
Visit Selfridges.com

Tom & Dicks

Playing a vital role in restoring the immune system, balancing hormones and supporting skin, brain and gut health, the restorative benefits of sleep are hard to ignore. With three different ranges for every kind of sleeper, Tom & Dicks’ luxury bedding is the ultimate way to supercharge your slumber. Made from 100% natural fibres and handmade in Portugal, these butter-soft sheets get our vote. We love the Mayfield range, while the linen Portland collection will keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter.
Visit TomAndDicks.co.uk 

Neom Magnesium Body Butter

Did you know 80% of us are deficient in magnesium and that applying it topically supercharges its absorption? Offering 88mg of the wonder mineral per teaspoon, Neom’s heavenly scented body butters are your short-cut to better sleep, stress levels and muscle recovery. With five super-smart options to choose from, there’s a tube for everyone – whether you’re after a sleep-inducing fix or general wellbeing boost. 
Visit NeomOrganics.com


So much more than a protein powder, Nuut’s genius sachets pack a hefty dose of protein (around 20g per serving) as well as fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Either mix with water or milk for a low-calorie, on-the-go breakfast, or add a frozen banana and a scoop of nut butter for a post-workout treat. Nuut has three different blends depending on your dietary preferences, including a low-carb keto blend and – our favourite – the deliciously chocolate-ly daily balance blend, which is packed with superfoods including lucuma, cacao, kale, alfalfa and chlorella.
Visit Nuut.com

Deliciously Ella Quick & Easy

Proof that vegan cooking needn’t be complicated or time-consuming, Ella Mills’ latest book will be a welcome addition to your cookbook repertoire. From speedy pasta dishes to colourful salads and Asian-inspired plates, expect over 100 hassle-free, plant-based recipes. Whether you’re looking for new ways to get your five-a-day or trying to cut back on your meat consumption, expect a dose of healthy inspiration.
Pre-order now at Amazon.co.uk

Nomo Chocolate

Plant-based chocolate has had a bit of a bad rap in recent years – mainly for being too coconut-y and overly sweet. Enter NoMo, the first vegan chocolate to give Dairy Milk a run for its money. The entire range is free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts, making it suitable for allergy sufferers, too. With flavours including caramel and sea salt, ‘hazelnot’ crunch and creamy chocolate, the only trouble you’ll have is deciding which one to try first.  
Visit NomoChoc.com

Brooks Dare Crossback

Finding the right sports bra can be a labour of love, but if running’s your thing, Brooks’ Dare Crossback is one to try. Years in the making, this super-soft bra has a clever cross-back design, moulded cups and an integrated bottom band for chafe-free comfort. Providing the perfect balance of stretch and support, it feels like a second-skin and doesn’t have zips or hooks, making it a dream to slip on and off. Unlike other sports brands, Brooks also offers a 90-day trial run for all its products, meaning you can test your gear on the road. If it’s not quite right, return it for free.
Visit BrooksRunning.com

Giselle La Pompe-Moore 

Giselle is the founder of Project Ajna, which aims to give women the tools, time and space they need to heal through holistic self-care. The name to know on the spiritual scene, Giselle offers online tarot readings, virtual healing sessions, moon meditations and reiki courses. If you’re feeling stuck, have relationship issues or find yourself feeling unsure about the future, a 45-minute tarot reading could serve up some intuitive guidance, while workshops on how to use astrology and practice self-acceptance could be just what’s needed. Giselle’s warm, compassionate energy make her the clairvoyant to know.
Visit ProjectAjna.com

The Pregnancy Bundle x Annie Clarke

Taking positive steps to optimise your nutrition and wellbeing during pregnancy can be overwhelming. Fortunately, sisters Annie and Ellie Clarke have your back. The Pregnancy Bundle x The Practice by Annie Clarke will fast become your go-to for pre-natal wellness, comprising an exclusive online guide to pregnancy nutrition and ten months’ worth of access to Annie’s online pregnancy yoga classes. Offering tried-and-tested tips for a more mindful pregnancy, as well as tools for reducing common pregnancy complaints, guides to self-massage, exercise advice and recommendations for supplements, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without this. 
Visit EllieClarkeWellbeing.com

Balance Box 

If your nutrition has fallen by the wayside, enlist the help of the Balance Box experts to get you back on track. The new Rejuvenating Box has been specially designed to help you focus on nutritionally dense ingredients to reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, fuel endorphins and get blood sugar back on an even keel. With dishes including cashew butter on rye bread with fresh figs, smoked salmon ceviche salad and tandoori spiced halloumi as well as two snacks per day, this calorie-controlled, nutrient-rich programme never feels like deprivation.
Visit BalanceBox.com

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