Over 50s Are Having The Most Adventurous Sex Of Their Lives

Over 50s Are Having The Most Adventurous Sex Of Their Lives

It’s easy to assume everyone over 50 has a boring, sparse sex life. However, rather than retiring for early nights in fleecy PJs with a milky drink, this age group now reports having the most adventurous sex of their lives. SL contributor Gabrielle Johnson leans in to find out more.

Lumen, the dating app for the over-50s, polled 6,000 mature daters and discovered some surprising statistics about physical intimacy in your 50s.

Increased Age, Decreased Inhibitions

Almost two-thirds of UK respondents reported being more adventurous in the bedroom because they have fewer inhibitions. Ageing made them feel more at ease in their own skin, clear about what they want in the bedroom – and confident to ask for it. 

Rushing Is The Thief Of Love

As any working parent knows, finding time for intimacy can be a challenge. With time pressures of work and family easing off in your 50s, your sex life gets a lift. Three in ten respondents credited an improvement in their sex lives to having more downtime. Talking of time, a sex session for over-50s lasts an average of 25 minutes. 

Poll Positions

Most of those sessions involve three different sex positions. Missionary is the most popular, with doggy, oral and 69 following close behind. Anal sex also made it into the top ten.

Going All The Way – Quickly

There’s a good chance over-50s will have sex on their first date. More than one-third said they would have sex within the first three dates.

Hitting Double Figures

The study found 4% of over-50s have had ten or more sexual partners since turning 50. This could be due to an increase in libido: 10% reported a higher libido once they’d passed the half-century mark.

Still Going Strong 

More than half of respondents intended to continue having sex and would only stop when they were physically unable to do so. Lumen co-founder Charly Lester admitted: “I recently did a roadshow with a guest speaker in her 80s whose sex life sounded far more exciting than mine.”

Sex Is Not Like In The Movies

Charly says: “I think the key to good relationships always stems from good communication. Work out what you like and what you don’t, and tell the other person. Sex is messy. It’s not clinical. It’s not like in the movies. Laugh out loud when something goes wrong, talk about things candidly, and find someone who laughs and talks with you.”

Take Your Sexual Health Seriously

Although this age group may be enjoying their best sex, they may not be adopting the safest sexual health practices. Eight in ten respondents revealed they’d never been tested for STIs. This figure is particularly worrying because half of them also said they never used protection. It’s no surprise, then, that research shows increasing rates of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes and syphilis diagnoses in those aged 45 and over. To raise awareness, Lumen is partnering with sexual-health educators and brands on a ‘safe sex’ campaign.C

Challenging The Stereotype

Charly believes the survey confirms it’s time to drop the stereotypical view of sex for over-50s. “I think we’ve all grown up with the idea that 50 is old, but these days it is middle age. As a result, people in their 50s don’t behave much differently to people in their 30s and 40s. This is definitely the case with sex – people don’t suddenly hit 50 and switch off.”

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