The Women Changing The Way We See Condoms

The Women Changing The Way We See Condoms

Our awkward teenage years are long behind us, so why does a trip to the condom aisle still fill so many adult women with shame? Black boxes, neon slogans, garish logos… it can feel like you’ve stepped into the red-light district. And there’s no doubting every brand on the shelves is aimed at men. The trouble is, it’s hurting our health.

Last year a major survey revealed that only 18% of women purchased the condom used for their last sexual encounter. A shocking 65% of women said they’d never bought a packet, and only 3% admitted to carrying condoms in their bags. Step in, HANX – the female-friendly condom brand aiming to change the way women see, buy and use condoms. SL spoke to Founders Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh to find out more…

Why are condoms so important?

Condoms are not only an effective contraceptive, they’re the only form of birth control that protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This includes the likes of chlamydia, which can lead to infertility if left untreated, gonorrhea, which is becoming harder and harder to successfully treat, and viruses such as human papillomavirus (HPV) which can lead to cervical cancer.
Unlike other types of contraception, like the pill or the coil, they’re a completely safe and non-hormonal form of contraception, with close to no side effects.

Do you think enough people are using them?

Absolutely not. It’s a huge public health problem, and something people don’t take seriously enough. The fact that some STIs are becoming resistant to antibiotics, such as ‘super gonorrhea’ means we’re obviously not taking care of our sexual health well enough.
There is far more education around condom use needed than just putting them on a banana during sex education…

Why do so many women avoid condoms?

In a word, embarrassment. Currently, condom use is associated with a man’s conquest and promiscuity. Additionally, they’re definitely not sexy or glamorous.
There’s still a taboo around condoms, and people are worried what others may think if they're seen with them. HANX is here to change this, and empower women to confidently take control of their sexual wellness.

HANX are the condoms women would be proud to have in their handbag.
Farah Kabir & Sarah Welsh

Tell us more about HANX…

We are the condoms that empower. The packaging is beautifully discreet and something that fits perfectly in your handbag. You can have HANX delivered each month to your door, hassle-free, and we’re also available in Coco de Mer.
The condom itself is premium in every aspect. They’re made from 100% natural latex, which is fair traded and clean scented (which means no nasty ‘rubber’ smell). They're also vegan certified and ultra-thin.

How can HANX help encourage more women to wear condoms?

They can make women feel good about buying, carrying and using condoms – they’re something women would be proud to have in their handbag or bedside drawer. The ingredients are as natural as possible, and – as a brand – we’re aiming to educate people about their use and why condoms are so important.

What's next for the brand?

Condoms are just the start for HANX. Our brand is making the world think differently about sexual wellness, and there’s lots more to come.
As well as expanding our product range, we're passionate about improving education. We recently held the UK’s first sex ed class for adults with Coco de Mer, and it was a huge success. Most of us haven’t had sex ed since school, and often we learn from friends or porn – neither of which tend to be accurate. We’ve had a real interest in rolling out more of these sessions, so keep your eyes peeled!
What’s more, throughout May we’re donating 10% of all proceeds to Eve Appeal, the gynecological cancer charity. Their campaign ‘Get Lippy’ is an important initiative raising awareness for the five types of gynae cancers, and something we’re proud to be a part of.

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