Your October Horoscope
Your October Horoscope

Your October Horoscope

From relationships to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
By Fiona Graham

The power of the imagination – especially the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes – is an essential part of October’s success. Now is the time to show how creative and empathetic you really are. Around the 4th by doing your best to understand a complex character, especially their motives, you’ll see more clearly where your own priorities lie. From midmonth feel free to follow your heart, as it seems that a dream could become a reality. This is a major breakthrough as it marks a brand-new chapter in your key relationships. On the 20th, it’s tempting to make rash moves, but a wise ally will help you to reconsider. Your progress will now be inspired, and some risk is essential, yet check the facts before going too far – some things are not as they seem.

Obstacles to your most treasured goals won’t just vanish into thin air, but they will become much easier to tackle. In early October stunning progress is yours if you pay close attention to your surroundings and are prepared to speculate more freely than usual. Your instincts won’t let you down. It’s time to streamline your activities so that you spend less energy on stuff that – in all honesty – isn’t a priority. If you manage to take time out, your inner world will offer up riches. From the 19th developments in intimate relationships will also be a positive revelation. You’ll see how declarations of love come in various guises, and now you’ll need to appreciate some super subtle signs. Get set to clear up a misunderstanding at home too – a simple compromise may turn things around.

You have invested a lot of effort to reach the position you are in, especially when it comes to your assets, and the unique talents that are a vital part of you. Now things can move forward in leaps and bounds, so try to avoid getting caught up in negative thinking. From the 9th it’s wise to let your imagination run free as this is how you’ll find the ideal solutions. You’ll soon see that other people may even exceed your highest expectations. Around midmonth, a formidable colleague can help you develop one of your original schemes for the future. You should now spot exactly who your allies are. The key to your success is all about listening to those who genuinely know you. Before long an admirer may well stage a scene you really hadn’t expected, so be sure to enjoy it.

You are always at your most content when other people are in harmony with you. You like to know where you stand, and to feel confident that groundwork has been done before you extend yourself. From the 6th the scene is set for you to be as ambitious as you like, which means you can take great strides towards your top goals. However, don’t be shy about seeking advice, especially after the 16th. The tips on offer will make a massive difference. By late October, you’ll recognise an exceptionally gifted person and know much more about the role they can play in your life. Meanwhile pay attention to apparently minor complications – you will need support at home to overcome them. This will have an amazing knock-on effect on your progress at work too.

if you pursue a top aspiration this October, your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds. This may involve overcoming an old demon you’d prefer to ignore. As soon as the 3rd, you’ll start to realise you can do this. However, it will mean facing tough issues with even more courage than usual. By midmonth a leap of faith will go far, and nothing appeals to you more than experiences which are new and exhilarating. From the 23rd, strategic thinking leads to surprising benefits at work. Plus a few bold adventures into the unknown will be increasingly attractive - just don’t ignore someone’s common-sense. It’s so easy to make avoidable errors. You’ll have every reason to celebrate if you keep thinking things through, and never assume that you always know best.

The sky really will be the limit if you tune into subtle undercurrents. By the 9th you’ll be able to read someone else’s motives perfectly, and soon will be sure of your own next move. At work and personally you may sometimes feel as if others are withholding information, especially when it comes to longer term plans. Patience is your best immediate strategy; if you simply watch and wait all will be revealed as and when it should be. Being openminded will help you demonstrate how unique you really are. Around the 20th if you figure out the subtext in information you receive, you’ll realise what is most precious in an intimate connection. Your dazzling insights will achieve extraordinary results. And on top of this, you’ll know exactly how to win someone over.

Ambitions that seemed unattainable may well be in your grasp. As a result, life gets more interesting. In October all kinds of relationships will undergo a makeover; this will prove to be what you need, although plenty of effort is required. Increasingly it pays to open your heart to the people you believe in as this improves your life dramatically. From the 13th a revelation has the power to change things positively; this is especially true when it impacts a personal dilemma that has been preying on your mind. You’ll also discover that some people are expressing opinions on your personal life, which isn’t exactly ideal. You’ll need to engage in a certain amount of conflict with loved ones to knock this on the head. Your tact and charm should guarantee success here.

Some long-term goals have been put on hold for reasons you haven’t been able to influence. Yet in early October fresh developments empower you to turn things round and take charge of your agenda. You may want to look at new job prospects too. By the 11th it’s time to celebrate all this, and to create space and time to have fun for its own sake. You’ll also gain much by rethinking various aspects of life and simplifying routines, which works wonders to reboot your vitality for the action to come. With a clearer sense of priorities, you’ll be able to appreciate other people more. From the 24th your sharp insights are the key to achieving more than you’d imagined doable. Plus, an intimate conversation will reveal why a friend’s behaviour has been so mysterious.

It seems as if almost anything goes this month, and nothing really gets in the way of pursuing the goals that matter. Try not to over-analyse the details and allow yourself to take a leap into the unknown. Knowing that you believe in someone else means that your personal life will also move forwards, especially when you add a dash of excitement which you’ll do in your own inimitable way. However, after the 20th someone’s irresistible attractions may be rather deceptive, so watch carefully to see how this develops. In late October it’s also worth mulling over an unexpected suggestion at work. Some serious consideration of all your options is important. It’s clearly time to think inventively to maximise your opportunities, while always being true to yourself.

This autumn may mean getting back to basics as a launchpad for some stunning future success. Someone in your life likes to play devil’s advocate yet is firmly on your side right now. Your most important relationships may go through some kind of transformation, which is a positive development. Meanwhile a new acquisition can also be yours around midmonth if you do the maths properly. Make sure you share recent good fortune with someone else, as from the 21st this takes on a new relevance. If someone close attempts to be a tad controlling, the ensuing tension is best handled with the truth diplomatically told. Clarity and communication are the keys to your happiness in so many ways. You’ll also receive glowing feedback if you pursue a bold new plan.

Changes are occurring to your routine, which may feel out of your control and unnecessary. Yet from the 5th you will reap the rewards and know just how positive this really is in terms of the future. By midmonth a relationship also reveals how it has unexpected potential, and this requires sharing your honest feelings with someone who in fact ‘gets’ you. Yet being carried away by too many demanding projects, plus a possible wild goose chase, is not particularly helpful when you must deal with more critical issues. Make sure you take on board other people’s voices of experience, and you’ll see how you can achieve a meaningful goal with your own brand of charisma. From the 23rd you’ll take decisive steps towards the successful pursuit of an overlooked ambition.

This October your dreams and desires are highlighted, whether emotional or material. There was never a better time to start revising and changing your wish list. After the 10th making the most of your talents, and your personal resources, obviously requires a creative approach. Yet you are more than equal to this. At the same time, when getting stuck into all the hard work, be sure to take the breaks you need. You will see results sooner than you expect. Most importantly, avoid being too tough on yourself. If you relax your grip on your expectations a little, the simplest pleasures will become sublime. By the 26th you’ll understand how much you have achieved, and you’ll see the value in making changes to scenarios that once seemed to be written in stone.

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