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Whether it’s just a couple of bad nights or you’re on a slippery slope towards insomnia, sometimes all we need is a little stimulus to help us nod off. From ASMR to soothing bedtime stories, we’ve rounded up our favourite podcasts to listen to for a better night’s sleep.
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Sleep With Me: The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep

If you’ve just started having trouble sleeping, this is the podcast you should try first. The premise is simple: in each episode, the narrator, Drew Ackerman – who goes by the pseudonym ‘Dearest Scooter’ – picks a banal topic and delivers a rambling, monotone, hour-plus-long monologue on it. Which sounds like the worst thing ever for a podcast, but trust us when we say it’ll have you sleeping like a baby in no time. 

Listen to Sleep With Me here.

The New Yorker: Fiction

Not strictly a nighttime listen, the New Yorker’s Fiction podcast comes from the magazine’s fiction editor Deborah Treisman and in her oh-so-soothing voice, she reads pieces of fiction by all kinds of esteemed writers, from Patricia Highsmith to Margaret Atwood to Vladimir Nabokov. And she has help, too: each episode features a guest who critiques the story with Treisman. We recommend the Joyce Carol Oates and Miranda July episodes.

Listen to The New Yorker here.


Run by two women known only as Wanda and Paula, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, from favourite Netflix episodes to how to survive a zombie apocalypse. The difference is, all of their discussions are delivered in a soft, barely-there whisper that’ll get those ASMR senses tingling. It’s like a massage for your brain – and really, is there anything more relaxing than that?

Listen to ASMR HQ here.

Game of Drones

You might recognise the narrating voice on Game of Drones – it’s the same guy who lulls you to sleep in the Sleep With Me podcast. His offbeat, meandering way of talking remains the same, but the topic of conversation covers only the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. And if you love how action-packed the show is, you’ll be seriously impressed with how boring the narrator makes it sound.

Listen to Game of Drones here.

You Must Remember This

Don’t get us wrong – this podcast is actually quite fascinating. Host Karina Longworth takes a deep-dive into the history of Hollywood, covering everything from famous feuds, celebrity scandals and fake news all the way back to the golden era. And the podcast isn’t short on celeb guests, either: John Mulaney, Adam Goldberg and Wil Wheaton have all featured. Truly interesting bedtime stories told in Longworth’s soothing voice – perfect for drifting off to. 

Listen to You Must Remember This here.

Miette’s Bedtime Story

Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast is narrated by the mysterious Miette, whose interesting lilt has many listeners confused about where, exactly, she hails from. Either way, she reads some of the world’s greatest stories from all different authors, but seems to have a particular penchant for James Joyce, the king of long, meandering, stream-of-consciousness stories. Of course, Joyce isn’t boring, but his tales don’t necessarily demand the listener’s attention. Check out her guest readers too, who have voices that are equally as sleep-inducing.

Listen to Miette’s Bedtime Story here.

Story Not Story

Everyone loves a bit of pillow talk to help them drift off – and now you can get involved in Craig and Chyna’s. The husband and wife duo record Story Not Story from their bed, swapping bedtime stories and making up silly tales to help get you off to sleep. They also encourage listeners to get involved and send them prompts for stories. The pair had a baby late last year and so likely have their hands too full to make new episodes right now, but you can listen to their 20-plus back catalogue until they’re back from maternity leave.

Listen to Story Not Story here.

The Great Detectives Of Old Time Radio

If it’s consistency you’re into, Adam Green’s podcast is updated daily with cool tales of detectives at work, including the likes of Dragnet and Philip Marlowe. Again, Green’s podcast is a fascinating listen, but it’s the static-y, vintage radio quality and the 1940s American cadence of its actors that’s really snooze-inducing (in the best way).

Listen to Great Detectives here.

The Daily Meditation Podcast

If not being able to sleep means you tend to suffer from anxiety and stress, then Mary Meckley’s podcast should help. Uploaded daily, each episode is a short, guided meditation – some episodes are three minutes, while others are 10 – to help you feel calm and relaxed. The episodes tend to have a general theme, from releasing difficult emotions to finding your inner peace, all delivered in a soothing tone. Mary is currently on episode 1576, so you’ve got plenty to keep you going.

Listen to The Daily Medication Podcast here.

In Our Time

Radio 4’s In Our Time is one of those truly captivating podcasts that you can learn a lot from, and if you have a long commute we recommend stocking up on these and educating yourself on something new. But it’s the way in which the podcast is delivered – just imagine how sleepy you used to feel when your science teacher would get really deep on a topic – that gets our seal of approval. Host Melvyn Bragg and his team of experts discuss a wide range of subjects, from Africa to ageing and radiation to the Renaissance.

Listen to In Our Time here.

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