7 Body Brushes Worth Trying

7 Body Brushes Worth Trying

Experts say body brushing can help shed up to one pound of waste and toxins from your skin – if you do it every day. The key is to invest in the right tool, and perfect your technique. Here are the ones worth the money, as well as how to use them…

Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush, £25


With an easy-to-use strap, this small brush allows you to get a firm grip and apply even pressure all over for optimum results. Specially designed cactus bristles make skin feel energised, and resurfaced, over time. Use it on dry skin, from the feet upwards in short, swift strokes, towards the direction of your heart, to stimulate circulation.

Available here


Dr Barbara Sturm Body Brush, £25

BEST FOR: Luxury 

Available in two densities – soft and medium – this palm-sized brush can be used on both wet and dry skin. Work it in a clockwise direction and always in upward motions to aid circulation and metabolism. The softer bristles mean it can be used everywhere – from your feet, legs and arms to your bum and stomach, too. It makes a huge difference to both the appearance and elasticity of the skin, plus the bristles don’t fall out, no matter how often or firmly you use it.

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Elemis Detox Skin Brush, £21

BEST FOR: Detoxification

Designed to speed up circulation, eliminate dead skin cells and help the body’s natural detoxification process, this brush is a must-have. With a removable head, it allows you to reach all areas – including your back thanks to the long handle – so your skin gets the full benefit. The elongated handle also helps to cover every section of your legs, while the natural bristles never feel irritating – expect your products to sink in much easier post-use.

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H&S Body Brush Back Scrubber Long Handle Bath Brush, £8.99

BEST FOR: Exfoliation
While all the brushes on this list exfoliate, this gets to work fast, removing dead skin and toxins while also stimulating circulation. The strong-to-medium bristles are ideal for a deep scrub and exfoliation, while some say it’s brilliant for buffing away keratosis pilaris, too – you could start to see a difference in the appearance of your skin within a matter days.
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MIO Skincare The Body Brush, £10 (was £14.50)

BEST FOR: Sensitivity
If you’re after softer bristles, opt for this rounded brush from MIO, which can be used on either dry or wet skin for gentle exfoliation. The boar bristles are surprisingly flexible and smooth, yet firm enough to get skin looking and feeling better. You’ll love the massage nodules, too. In-built, they help to activate cellular renewal and boost circulation to reduce the appearance of uneven texture and tone.

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The Body Shop Round Body Brush, £9

BEST FOR: Affordability
With firm, yet flexible bristles, this brush provides thorough exfoliation, speeding up cell turnover for more refined skin. Take it slow, but persevere with daily use for long-term benefits. Brush from the soles of the feet up the body, paying particular attention to dry areas, to make light work of flakes and dead skin.

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The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush, £7.95

BEST FOR: Longevity
Fans of this brush love its sturdiness. Despite being fairly rough in texture, the bristles break down with each use, softening each time for a smoother buff. The long handle also allows you to reach awkward spots – think elbows and ankles – for an all-over scrub to get the circulation flowing. Keep the pressure light, with gentle, circular motions.

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