3 Women In Beauty Share What’s In Their Baths
3 Women In Beauty Share What’s In Their Baths

3 Women In Beauty Share What’s In Their Baths

If you like to indulge in baths, have we got the inspo for you. We asked three bath enthusiasts – who also happen to be beauty experts – to tell us how they like to pimp theirs…
By Sapna Rao

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The Prep

Beforehand, I’ll always exfoliate or dry body brush to energise and wake up my skin. I find this helps get rid of any dry skin cells more efficiently than doing it on wet skin. I’ll also wash my face before I get it as I don’t like to sit in a warm bath with make-up or SPF on. This means I can start my bath feeling fresh and clean.

The Routine & Mood

I like an ‘everything’ bath. For me this means dry body brushing or exfoliating, followed by using a bath oil as opposed to bubbles. I also enjoy applying a decongesting mask or giving myself a facial massage with a gua sha. I’ll always have candles on too. Finally, I need there to be either a podcast on or for it to be total silence.

The Post-Bath Rituals

Afterwards, I like to rinse myself off using a gentle body wash like the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream. I love how the scent lingers. I then lock all the goodness in with a body butter like the Fenty Skin Butta Drop.

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The Prep

We all know baths are the ultimate self-care treat but it’s so easy to dismiss it as something we don’t have time for. Body care is so important to me, so my pre-bath routine is a little longer than usual. I like to dry brush to remove all the dead-skin, and it’s also great for circulation. I’ll also do a massage using my lymphatic drainage tool, mainly on my legs to reduce swelling from the day. I’ll also pop on a face mask so it can work its magic whilst I’m relaxing. I really love the DECREE skin SOS revitalising masks.

The Routine & Mood

For me, bath time is typically at the end of a long day – whether I've been in London at launches or events, or on my feet doing facials – it’s a time for me to soak in some nourishing oils. I never forget to use my magnesium bath salts – specifically I love the Westlab Magnesium Flakes. Sundays are my day for extra indulgence, which consists of lots of exfoliating and adding extra products to my water to encourage relaxation. For example, a couple drops of Seed To Skin Bath Therapy oil which is rich in vitamins and minerals. My bath pillow is also such an essential to rest my head, as is a foot scrubber. Finally, I can’t forget my body gua sha tool. It’s made the biggest difference to tight or painful muscles.

The Post-Bath Rituals

After my bath I’ll often light my Trudon Ernesto Candle and have my favourite Collagen Hot Chocolate to keep my mind in a relaxed state. I also enjoy applying a rich body oil, especially in the winter. Right now, I’m loving the Amly Botanicals Cocoon Me Body + Hair Oil. After doing my skin routine I’ll always do a facial massage to ease tension. I’ll use a gua sha tool for this or even just my fingers. Then if I’m not in my Soho Home robe I’ll slip into some soft lounge wear from Skims, light a candle and pick up my book.



The Prep

Before I get in the bath, I set up my space, making sure I can fully relax and switch off (letting my fiancé know not to bother me). Before I run my bath, I will dry brush my entire body. It feels so nice and has become a big part of my body routine. Next, I exfoliate with the MIRROR WATER Buff Body Exfoliator. I prefer to exfoliate on dry skin because it’s more effective. Then I add a bit of water into my hands and emulsify the scrub. Once I’m sufficiently exfoliated, I’ll give my body a quick rinse, pop on my robe and fill the bath up with hot water.

The Mood & Routine

As someone who loves baths – so much so that they founded a bath and body care brand – I can confidently say there is a bath for every occasion. Sometimes I like to soak for hours and other times I like to have a quick bath on a Saturday morning. One thing is for sure and that is: bath time is my self-care safe space. I’d love to advocate for morning baths. Sometimes I like to wake up extra early during the week and have a morning bath. I find it helps me get in the right frame of mind for a busy day. I always bathe/shower in low light, so I either use candles or just use the lowest possible light I can. It helps me relax. Some of my favourite candles include Ostens Cashmeran Velvet, Boy Smells Kush and Earth by Homework. I’m biased but I also love the MIRROR WATER SOAK Bath Salts, which are a lovely blend of Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salts and magnesium flakes. I’m not that into bubbles, but I do like to put a bath oil in there as well. This is also a great time to do a hair mask and put it up in a clip. I usually do my skincare when I’m out of the bath, but I can’t resist doing a face mask while I’m soaking.

The Post Bath Rituals

My post bath routine is to cover my body head to toe in Smooth Body Oil from MIRROR WATER. It has a satin finish so it's not greasy and it sinks in quickly – especially on damp skin. It’s fragranced with essential oils such as vetiver, cedarwood and bergamot – the blend is so calming, which makes it ideal for continuing the chilled vibes outside of the tub. I also love using lymphatic drainage tools with a body oil. I like to drain the lymphatic system of fluids and toxins to promote the blood circulation. It also tones the body, which is a great side effect.

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