The Exfoliating Mitts That Always Get Our Vote
 The Exfoliating Mitts That Always Get Our Vote

The Exfoliating Mitts That Always Get Our Vote

Few things beat the smoothing power of a good exfoliating mitt. Boosting circulation and stimulating sluggish skin cells, the right one can help skin appear healthier, brighter and silky to the touch. These are the best…
By Sapna Rao

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Exfoliating Glove, £18.99 | SnapScrub

Best For: Unique Design

Why We Love It: Made from a specially designed weaved fabric, this is no average exfoliating mitt. Thanks to a three-layer, glove-like design, you’ll see noticeable and satisfying results every time. Despite lifting away dirt, dead skin and surface build-up, it’s never too harsh or scratchy – plus, it's reusable and, eventually, biodegradable. Simply sweep it over wet skin in circular motions for a velvety finish.

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Eco-Friendly Exfoliating Glove, £6.50 | Kitsch

Best For: Eco-Friendliness

Why We Love It: This leopard-print mitt gently buffs away at dead skin using a plant-based rayon material that’s especially good for removing leftover self-tan. It also targets other concerns such as ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone – great if your skin is in need of a bit of TLC.

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Body Exfoliating Mitt, £18 | Face Halo

Best For: Large Size

Why We Love It: Face Halo’s body mitt delivers results as impressive as its cult make-up remover pads. The larger size means you can exfoliate your entire body at speed, while the dual-sided design features a wet and dry exfoliator – one to purge pores of dirt and dead skin, and the other to smooth and refine. It can also be washed up to 200 times, making it a more sustainable option.

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100% Silk Exfoliating Body Glove, £15 | Illume

Best For: Sensitive Skin

Why We Love It: Sensitive skin types rejoice – this gentle mitt is made of silk, so it exfoliates without irritating troubled skin. It also targets a range of other concerns, including ingrown hairs, scars and stretch marks. Simply sweep the mitt gently over wet skin – you don’t even need to use soap to see results. Rinse away the dead skin and follow up with a soothing moisturiser.

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Carbonised Exfoliating Gloves, £6.49 | Hydrea

Best For: Gritty Texture

Why We Love It: Because of the gritty texture, we probably wouldn't recommend these gloves for sensitive skin types. But for skin that can handle it, they provide a satisfyingly thorough cleanse. Designed to increase blood circulation and stimulate fresh skin cell turnover, added antibacterial properties make the gloves odour and mildew resistant so they last longer.

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Sustainable Cotton Buffing Glove, £5 | Planet Revolution

Best For: Dual Benefits 

Why We Love It: Featuring two separate textures and sides, this wonder mitt works double time to exfoliate dull skin while the spongier side gently cleans. Ideal if you suffer with those pesky textured bumps on the back of your arms, pair it with your favourite cleanser and buff until your skin feels silky smooth.

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Ultimate Back & Body Exfoliating Mitt, £19.95-£21.39| Bronze

Best For: Reaching Tough Spots

Why We Love It: A favourite of self-tan fans, this innovative mitt will get to those hard-to-reach areas like your back to lift away any stubborn leftover colour. The exfoliation is gentle but deeply effective, detoxifying impurities thanks to a unique charcoal infusion. It’s also dual sided, with a loofah on one end and a woven side on the other. Handles at either end give you even greater control.

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