The Dry Skin Solution That's A Winter Game Changer

The Dry Skin Solution That's A Winter Game Changer

Wet and windy weather, central heating, coming in from the cold outside to the warmth at home… It’s no wonder winter can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. That’s why the skin experts at Ameliorate have shared their dos and don’ts for combating dryness. It’s gained a loyal following thanks to its industry-approved products that – in SL and many a beauty editor’s opinion – work better than anything else on the market.

This hard working beauty brand was originally developed for Keratosis Pilaris sufferers, otherwise known as ‘chicken skin’, that affects a staggering 40% off the country. Loved by the likes of skincare guru Caroline Hirons and beauty editor Sali Hughes, Ameliorate is designed especially for people with dry skin. All of their products start in the laboratory, and are rigorously tested by dermatologists to ensure the utmost effectiveness – not only in the lab through clinical trials, but with independent at-home tests on real people too. Combined, it means they’re unrivalled when it comes to performance. New research has proven that the products keep skin moisturised for up to 24 hours, so whether you’ve long suffered from dry patches or are simply looking to revive thirsty winter skin, it’s a brand to trust.

Common causes of dry skin…

Hot water: This strips oils from the skin faster than warm or lukewarm water – long and hot showers can do more damage than quick, lukewarm ones.

Soap: As soap is an emulsifier which removes the skin’s natural oils from the surface, it can lead to dryness. The more often skin is washed with soap, the more oil is removed, ultimately resulting in dryer skin.

Harsh exfoliators: Sponges, flannels and exfoliators can physically remove your skin’s natural oils.

Dry air: Usually caused by heating, air conditioning or drier climates, draws moisture out of the skin.

Medication: Some prescription drugs have side effects which can dry out your skin – seek your doctor's advice if you think this is happening to you.

Health conditions: Certain illnesses, the menopause or even a genetic predisposition can also make your skin dry out – again, it’s best to see your GP if you think this could be the case.

What to do about it…

Pick the right products: Using a moisturiser with two main ingredient types is key – those to provide a barrier and stop water evaporating and those to draw water to the skin, otherwise known as humectants.

Moisturise damp skin: This will help to lock in water. Moisturising on dry skin is much less effective.

Use a pH-balanced cleanser: Rather than soap. After cleansing, your skin should feel soft, smooth, and healthy. If your skin feels dry, tight, inflamed, or at all irritated, change product.

Gently exfoliate: Steer clear of harsh exfoliators and opt for a gentle option instead to maintain your skin’s natural oil balance.

Look out for alcohol: On ingredient lists – some are beneficial to the skin (cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol), others can dry and irritate skin and should be avoided (ethanol, SD alcohol, denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol).

Lower central heating: Or reduce air conditioning in the summer months, and use a humidifier while indoors.

Wear soft materials: Such as cotton. Some materials such as wool or synthetic fibres tend to irritate the skin and worsen dryness.

Protect skin from the weather: In both cold or warm dry air by wrapping up in cotton layers.

Drink more water: This will help keep skin hydrated from the inside out.

Eat omega-3-rich foods: Like oily fish and nuts, to help fortify the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Cleanse & Exfoliate

Ameliorate have two gentle exfoliators – both designed to be used before moisturising to boost results – a mitt and a wash-off product. The daily Exfoliating Body Mitt is designed with a unique fabric weave to gently kick-start the exfoliation process – removing dead skin cells and helping to unblock hair follicles in a much more skin-friendly way than a typical loofah – whilst the weekly Smoothing Body Exfoliant uses AHAs and and biodegradable bamboo granules to simultaneously exfoliate above and below the skin’s surface, combined with shea and cocoa butters for moisturising benefits. Ameliorate’s Nourishing Body Wash is soap-free, pH balanced and contains active ingredients which maintain moisture levels whilst washing, proven to moisturise for up to eight hours. It’s super mild too, and enhances the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

Nourish & Moisturise

Ameliorate’s best-selling Transforming Body Lotion is a lightweight, everyday lotion containing lactic acid, sweet almond oil and the brand’s patented LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex – a powerful blend of six active moisturisers – to soften and protect skin, leaving it moisturised for up to 24 hours. The Transforming Body Cream is an even richer formulation, with the addition of shea and cocoa butters, omega oils and squalene for intensive nourishment and improved elasticity. And one of our favourites during the winter months, the Softening Bath Oil Milk, works to comfort, hydrate and soften skin thanks to nutrient-rich starflower, camelina oil and soothing colloidal oats – a must-try for those with eczema or particularly tight skin (and great for little ones with eczema too).

Skin Loving Extras

Want to see if the range is for you? Test out Ameliorate’s bestsellers with their 3 Steps To Smooth Skin Collection, which contains the Smoothing Body Exfoliant, an Exfoliating Body Mitt, the Nourishing Body Wash and the Transforming Body Lotion. Those with dry hands and feet should also turn to the Hand Treatment – which deeply hydrates even very rough skin and softens cuticles – and the Intensive Foot Treatment – which provides long-term relief to cracked heels and resurfaces stubborn areas of hard skin.

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