The Beauty Insider: Lisa Potter Dixon’s Beauty Rules

The Beauty Insider: Lisa Potter Dixon’s Beauty Rules

Where would we be without mascara? It makes a bigger difference than any other product to your look. To celebrate its benefits, here are my favourite lash hacks to ensure you make the most of those weird, yet wonderful little hairs.

Bottom Lashes First

Yes really. Think about it, when you apply mascara to your bottom lashes, you tend to look up. If your top lashes are wet, you’re more likely to get transfer to your eyelids and make a mess of your eyeshadow. If you do your bottom lashes first, that won’t happen. Game changer, I know!

Don’t Forget Corner Lashes

The outer and inner corner lashes are often forgotten but, if you make the most of them, your eyes will look bigger and wider. The easiest and most effective way to coat these lashes is to turn your mascara wand vertically. Use the tip of the wand to flick out the outer lashes and to reach the shorter inner lashes. 

Do The Wiggle & Roll

The wiggle and roll isn’t some crazy dance routine – though it can be if you like. Starting at the root of the lash, wiggle the wand and then roll it up the lash. This will give you an even, separated, volumised lash.

Try Lash Curlers

Lash curlers are brilliant for straight lashes, or for an added curl. Gently place them right to the root of the lash line and pump the curler slightly, three or four times. This will add an extra lift to the roots.

My faves:

Blue Mascara Is Back

Okay, it never really left. Don’t assume I mean 80s style, paired with pink blush. Wearing a blue mascara is more than a fancy dress outfit. The blue makes the whites of your eyes whiter. This makes your eyes look instantly brighter. The perfect hack for tired or hungover eyes. If you don’t fancy going full-out blue, brush a touch onto the tips of your lashes, over the top of your usual black.

My faves:

Use A Teaspoon

A teaspoon isn’t just for stirring your cuppa. If you tend to make a mess, or you have short lashes and need to layer them, a spoon can help. Hold it, curved side up, under the lower lashes then put on your mascara. Put on as much as you like because the excess will go onto the spoon. Do the same for the top lashes. Don’t forget to clean the spoon before making a brew! 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

Coloured mascaras are a brilliant way to change up your look. I like to stick with jewel tones. Think deep purples, emerald greens and royal blues. Don’t be afraid of these. They look beautiful alone or paired with a smokey eye. My favourite way to wear them is to do black mascara on the top lashes and your chosen coloured mascara on the bottom.

My faves: 

Give It A Shake

If your mascara is less than three months old and feeling a little dry, rest the bottom of the tube in a cup of warm water for ten minutes then give it a good shake. This will help loosen the formula. If your mascara is more than three months old, change it! Whatever the brand. A lot of bacteria gets into that little tube, so changing it quarterly is important.

Finally, I couldn’t write this article without listing my three favourite mascaras of all time. And trust me, I’ve tested them all.

Benefit Badgal Bang! Mascara in Black

This mascara is so jet black, and it adds an incredible amount of volume. Its wet formula coats the lashes evenly. I like to leave the lid off for a couple of hours on a new tube to thicken the formula slightly. Do this at your own risk!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This mascara adds so much definition to your eyes. It gives a really even yet separated lash. I also like how lightweight the formula is – it doesn’t weigh your lashes down.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

If you want to add length to your lashes, this mascara is brilliant. It also has proteins and peptides which help to condition your lashes.

Until next time, 
Lisa xx
Lisa Potter-Dixon is a presenter, make-up artist and SheerLuxe beauty contributor. Follow her @Lisapotterdixon, tag her in your beauty pics with #LearnwithLisa and @Sheerluxe on Instagram.

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