The Best New Beauty Buys For August

The Best New Beauty Buys For August

The beauty industry rarely takes a day off – and our new-in round-up for August is here to prove it. From Glossier’s cult bronzer to the best new tools to have in your make-up bag, here are the latest launches we’re loving this month…

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Votary Magic Razor Wands, £20

There’s a lot of scepticism over facial shaving. While it should mostly be left to the pros, the right type of razor wand – those with light, safety blades – can be safely used at home as they’re less likely to rip or tear the skin. Votary’s wands are made from high-grade Swedish stainless steel and reduced plastic handles (they’re made from 80% wheat straw). Easy to use, they gently skim the face and are easy to control for seamless hair removal – use them to tweak your brows, trim your hairline or de-fuzz your upper lip. For those worried about regrowth, it’s a myth that shaving hair causes thickness, colour, or rate of growth to change, but it will give hair a blunt tip, so use the razor in swift upward motions to catch it right from the root for a smoother finish. 
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EDY London Brushes, £12.99

These fun brushes caught our eye immediately. Founded by celebrity make-up artist, Edyta Kurowska, they’re incredibly soft, with densely-packed synthetic bristles for seamless application. Slick and aesthetically-pleasing, tthe handles are made from purpose-grown wood, which is easy to grip. From brush sets, to contour, highlight and powder brushes, there’s something for everyone and at affordable prices, too – the range starts from just £9.99. 
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Flamingo Razor, £8

Did you know more than a million women use Harry’s razors? It’s this statistic that led Flamingo co-founder, Allie Melnick to launch Flamingo – a brand that’s inclusive, but predominantly caters to women, giving them a smoother, more hydrating shave. The razor itself is incredibly lightweight, with a bended head that gets into all grooves and curves, so you never miss a hair. It’s not just razors – you’ll also find waxing pads and hair removal foam in the line-up, too – no wonder the brand sells a product every 15 seconds. Just like Harry’s, you can order products as a subscription, or pay singularly – whatever suits you best. 
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Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags, £12.99

These are meant to be used for food and items like sandwiches, but we’ve started storing our make-up in them. With an easy seal, they lock everything in, with a see-through surface that allows you to keep tabs on what’s inside – handy when you think about the fact you’re far more likely to use your products when you can see them. Great for travel, they’re spacious and come in a variety of fun shades, too – we love the soft pink. 
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Skincity Deep Cleansing Brush, £7

These portable, easy-to-use cleansing pads are everywhere right now, but our favourite is from Skincity. With silicone bristles, it’s more hygienic, while the sturdy bumps stimulate your skin as you go. Massage it over your face with a cleansing gel, balm or cream, and it will swiftly remove dirt, while boosting cell turnover, too, and encouraging better blood flow. You can also use it to clean your make-up brushes – massage your tools against the pad with warm soapy water to get rid of any dirt and product build up. 
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Bite Beauty Daycation Whipped Blush, £30

We’ve waited a long time for Bite Beauty to come to the UK, and now it’s here, we can’t get enough. The vegan, cruelty-free line-up is vast, but it’s this Whipped Blush we love most. In a squeezy, fun tube, it’s portable and easy to apply. The satin-y texture is ideal, too, quickly absorbing into the skin, leaving behind a dewy, fresh finish. We like all four of the suits-all shades, but ‘Watermelon Marg’ stands out for the healthy flush it gives.
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Makeup By Mario Master Secret Glow, £19

To many, Mario Dedivanovic needs no introduction. Make-up artist to the likes of Kim Kardashian, he’s best known for his high glamour looks. Replicating them just got a tiny bit easier, too, thanks to the launch of his new range: Makeup By Mario. There are matte shadows, lip glosses, pigmented pencils and brushes in the range, but the glow-giving pot stands out for us. Offering a glass-like finish, it’s a balmy highlighter that can be popped onto the highest points of your face, as well as your lips, lids and neck for a bit of luminous glow. There’s zero shimmer either and it’s completely translucent for a more dewy, believable finish. Ideal for mixing with other formulas, including powder eyeshadows. 
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Glossier Solar Paint, £17

Glossier have finally launched their first bronzer and quite rightly, it’s come with lots of hype. Designed to add a touch of warmth to all skin tones, it’s a liquid-y texture that’s easy to blend and build, or sheer out for a more muted finish. The colour is akin to a vacation-like glow – believable and balanced without ever looking too orange or shimmery. It’s fresh and long-lasting – unlike similar liquid formulas and you can use it on the lids, too, or as a subtle contour. 
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Trinny London Lip Luxe in Pippa, £25

If you love a creamy, hydrating lipstick, you’ll love this new one from Trinny. Easy to apply, a little goes a long way, while the dry down is almost glossy, with a fresh, plump effect that’s very on-trend. Ideal if you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to dress up the lips, or if you want to add just a hint of something. It’s lightweight and hydrating, too, so the formula never feels too heavy or occlusive, just moisturising with a pretty sheen. There are heaps of shades on offer, but ‘Pippa’ is our go-to thanks to its flattering and universally-pleasing undertones.
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Bjork & Berries Scrub Soap Bar, £23

It’s no secret soap bars are kinder to the environment but finding one that feels nourishing can be a task. Cue this one from Bjork and Berries which uses rosehip and willow bark to gently exfoliate the skin, while nourishing oils lock in long-lasting moisture. Cruelty-free and made up using organic ingredients, it’s a must-try if you’re looking to streamline your routine or make it a little easier on the planet. You’ll love the clean, uplifting scent it leaves behind, too.
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Buttah Charcoal Detox Mask, £20.50

If pores or blackheads are your bugbear, give this potent, detoxing mask a try. Brimming with charcoal powder, it works quickly to unclog blocked follicles, freeing them of dirt, oil and leftover grime. Meanwhile, the balance of shea butter and fatty acids means skin is never left irritated or inflamed post-use. Apply it all over your skin twice (or once) a week, leaving it on for 10 minutes a time for best results. Even sensitive skin types will find it a breeze to use – you’re guaranteed visibly smooth and refined results once you’ve washed it off.

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NEOM Super Shower Power Wash, £26

This new body wash is seriously invigorating. Full of spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils, it instantly wakes up the skin with a zingy, refreshing feeling that’s cooling, too – ideal for the summer months. Fragrance aside, it’s packed with moisturising oat milk for smoother, softer limbs, while the extra shot of coffee nudges sluggish cells back to life for a more revitalised, luminous appearance. A great shower staple, it’s expensive at £26, but worth it given how good it makes you feel. Plus, a little goes a long way, so it’s likely to last you months.
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Verdant Alchemy Breathe-In Bath & Shower Oil, £42

A must-try for weary souls, this heady, luxurious oil can be used in both the bath and shower. It’s full of essential oils – think eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot – resulting in a soft scent, but also to remedy stuffy minds and provide some on-the-spot grounding. Like NEOM, this does more than wake up your senses, too – it also locks in vitamins K and E to strengthen skin, while omega 6 fatty acids visibly hydrate from the first use. A must-try year-round, but especially when you’re feeling under the weather, or in need of some ‘me-time’.
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Dior Vernis in Dune, £22

Dior’s new summer polishes are as chic as you’d expect, but this one caught our eye specifically. A nutmeg tone, it’s surprisingly flattering and wearable on all skin tones – even the palest ones. We love that it’s very warming, meaning it’ll take you from summer right through to autumn with a sophisticated, glossy finish. Another bonus? Dior’s nail polishes all have a thick, wide-set brush to make application even easier.

Shoreditch Nails Polishes, £10

Not only are the bottles cool, these polishes are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and made using 85% bio-sourced ingredients (i.e. from plants) for a gentle formula that never strips or causes brittleness. The colours are fun, too – from soft pinks to coral oranges, blues to vivid greens, there’s something for everyone. Starting from just £10, they’re affordable as well, especially in comparison to other conscious nail brands on the market. 
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Plenaire Tropique Enzymatic Exfoliant, £24

Here at SL, we love this fully recyclable brand, which is made in small batches in Norfolk. Their skincare is second to none, and offers seriously impressive results. Adding to their small, but concise range, their new exfoliant is not to be missed. Full of natural fruit acids, it gently sloughs away dead skin cells for noticeably brighter and evenly toned skin. Salicylic acid is ideal for blemish-prone skin, too, as it quickly gets rid of dirt and smooths under-the-skin bumps. A must-try if you suffer with dullness, breakouts or enlarged pores. Use it three to five times a week post-cleanse, sweeping it over both your face and neck for best results.
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Cultured Biome One Cleansing Balm, £32

REN Skincare's Brand Founder, Rob Calcraft is back with a new brand that's all about maintaining a healthy microbiome. Cue 'Cultured Biome,' which comprises a range of products that tackle the source of each skincare concern, rather than just symptomatic issues. The result? Stronger and more resilient skin that isn't set off balance, thanks to use of prebiotics, postbiotics and ferments, all of which stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, while smoothing and rejuvenating, too. Our favourite from the line-up is this nourishing Cleansing Balm. With a luxe, honey-like texture, it detoxes the skin, fully unclogs pores and leaves skin feeling hydrated, fresh, calm and revived. You'll love the added plant oils which deliver serious moisture, too.
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WBCo Prep Mist, £15

This clever mist can be used pre-or post-make-up, either to prime skin, or to boost radiance. Full of hydrating aloe vera and glycerine, it locks in moisture and leaves skin with a subtle, dewy glow, while the soft coconut scent evokes a holiday feeling, even at home. It’s great for extending the life of your make-up, too, without any of that typical stickiness or greasy residue that setting sprays are often associated with. Pop it in the fridge beforehand for extra cooling benefits.
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OUAI X Byredo Leave-In Conditioner, £22

OUAI and Byredo have once again joined forces and it’s easy to see why – their last collaboration was a huge success and sold out globally within weeks. Now, they’re set to make waves again with this leave-in conditioner. Scented with Byredo’s iconic Mojave Ghost fragrance, it’s been dubbed a ‘do-it-all detangler’  thanks to its ability to hydrate, fight frizz and protect against heat damage. Use it on wet or dry hair, but we like to layer it on wet and slick hair back into a bun to let it works its magic. Be quick though, it’s expected to sell out fast.   
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