The Big Beauty Trends For 2020

With a new year comes a list of new looks, ingredients and products to try. From next-generation skincare to the rise of two-tone eyeshadow - not to mention the return of glossy lips - these are the top trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2020…

Flushed, Glossy Lips

Lip gloss is back in a big way this year. Reflective glosses will be everywhere, so tap into the vinyl effect look spied on the SS20 runways. For extra definition, pick one packed with pigment (look to MAC and Stila), or if colour is too much for you, experiment with a sheer gloss, like e.l.f’s Lip Lacquer in Clear, either on its own or dabbed on top of a matte colour.


Floating Eyeliner

Good news for those who struggle to perfect their eyeliner – 2020 is all about the floating line, which means it doesn’t have to stick to your waterline or precisely along the upper lids. Instead, it can be drawn on just above the crease of your lids, creating the illusion of an upward sweep. Practice it yourself by using the below as inspiration – and if you choose to use colour? Even more on trend.


Grown-Up Glitter

Whether it’s a dash of glitter across the face, on the eyes, or some iridescent shimmer on the lids, the SS20 runways made the case for injecting some sparkle into  everyday looks. Thanks to new textures and luminous eyeliners, it doesn’t have to be kaleidoscopic – instead, treat it like jewellery, and just use a smattering of a metallic cream shadow across lids, or dab a little glitter into the corner of the eyes. Experts also recommend sweeping a small amount of luminous highlighter across the highest points of the cheeks for something a bit different.


Lilac Eye Make-Up

Coloured eyeshadow is a big thing this year, and the breakout shade for 2020 is lavender. Think more of an ethereal finish than a sickly-sweet pastel, and look for it in creamy formulas that catch the light beautifully, while still opening up the eyes at the same time. Glossier’s Lidstar in Lily and Stila’s Glitter & Glow Eyeshadow in Sea Siren are our current go-tos.


The Pre-Highlight

Pre-highlighting is one of the best-kept secrets to a natural glow, and it’s going to be big in 2020. Apply a liquid highlighter before any foundation – rubbing it in as you would a moisturiser to the cheekbones, forehead and down the nose. Once you’ve applied it where you want the glow, buff in your base and when you finish, you’ll see that first layer of radiance come through, looking natural and believable rather than shimmery or cakey.


Statement Brows

Brow trends have come and gone over the past decade, but brow lamination is set to stay for 2020. It’s a semi-permanent treatment that creates the illusion of colour and a fluffier texture. Searches for the treatment have grown by a whopping 465% since last year and it’s popularity is only predicted to rise. Can’t afford the treatment? Don’t worry, plenty of new brow products will help you to get the same results  – namely Roen Beauty’s vowBROW Pencil and Benefit’s Brow Styler Eyebrow Pencil & Powder Duo.


Two-Tone Eyeshadow

Two is better than one – that was the motto for any eyeshadow look at SS20 shows for Mark Fast, Vivetta, Oscar de la Renta and Jason Wu. To replicate the trend, look to palettes that house two blendable shades, like Kiko’s Duo Baked Palettes and NARS’ Duo Eyeshadows. Apply a wash of the lighter shade over your lids, then sweep on the darker colour through your  crease to amp up definition and give a 3D finish.


Bacteria Based Skincare

We’ve heard of friendly bacteria for our guts, but what about for our complexions? A big trend for 2020 is the increase in the number of skincare ranges and supplements including probiotics, prebiotics and multi-biotics. Said to balance pH levels on the skin and lock good bacteria down into the dermis, brands are catching on fast – look to Mother Dirt’s AO+ Mist and The Inkey List’s Multi-Biotic moisturiser to try it for yourself.


Cool Neutrals On Nails

A different take on nudes and neutrals gained traction on the SS20 runways. Think cool neutrals that mimic your skin tone – but don’t mistake them for the sheer nudes that were once on trend.  Instead, manicurist Jin Soon Choi, founder of JinSoon polish, says it’s about an opaque finish that’s low-key, but still high-impact. Try shades like Nailberry’s Cocoa Cabana and Dior’s Nail Lacquer in Grege.


Pink & Red Eye Make-Up

Bored of the classic, black smokey eye? This year is all about playing with colour and two shades that are set to be as popular as lilac are blush pinks and ruby-reds. Swap out your forest greens, blacks and navy blues for these tones and get playing. As an easy entry point, try running your cream blush along your lids – it’s low-key, but pretty and visible enough for people to comment.


Tranexamic Acid

Currently available in SkinCeutical’s new Discoloration Defense Serum, this acid targets hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It gradually encourages skin cells to turn over, working to disperse and break down melanin clusters for a brighter and more even complexion. You can expect to see this in numerous skincare launches this year, namely the Inkey List, who have announced they will drop an affordable version this year.


The relationship between stress and our skin will influence products from 2020 onwards, so its little wonder brands are harnessing the stress-busting powers of neurophroline. Working to lower cortisol levels, it helps to reduce the stress levels in your skin and rehydrate, as well as soothe conditions like rosacea. Look out for it in Garden of Wisdom’s new Neurophroline serum, launching this month. 


You’ll have heard of glycolic before, but this year you’ll see it crop up even more, having previously taken a back seat for gentler acids like mandelic and lactic. Known for its strong, exfoliating powers, you’ll find it in numerous skincare buys, working to refine and smooth rough complexion’s, as well as brighten, too.

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