Dua Lipa Answers Our Quick-Fire Questions
Dua Lipa Answers Our Quick-Fire Questions

Dua Lipa Answers Our Quick-Fire Questions

Dua Lipa is the name on everyone's lips right now. After another stratospherically successful year in music, she’s also become a brand ambassador for YSL – which has made her understandably hard to pin down. That’s why Sapna jumped at the chance to ask her some quick-fire questions in Paris last week…
By Sapna Rao
Images: @DUALIPA

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What Are You Wearing Today?

I’m in a full Saint Laurent fit today. Straight-leg, mid-blue jeans, a silk tank top and a boxy tuxedo jacket – a YSL brand signature. Accessories wise, I’m wearing pointed-toe pumps and some simple gold earrings. 

One Thing That’s Always In Your Bag?

I can’t leave the house without lipstick. If I wear no make-up at all but put lipstick on, I still feel put-together and more alive. The LoveShine Candy Glaze in colour 15 is my go-to, but I also love shade 44 – they’re both lovely versions of the perfect warm nude. Generally, I lean towards brown shades as they suit my skin tone best.

I can’t leave the house WITHOUT LIPSTICK. If I wear no make-up at all but put lipstick on, I still FEEL PUT-TOGETHER AND MORE ALIVE.

Your First Beauty Memory?

I can remember watching my mom get ready every morning. I loved watching her apply her eyeliner, which is something I still try to emulate today. Eyeliner is probably the first beauty product I was drawn to because of those memories. 


Key Skincare Must-Haves?

I try to keep my skin clean and hydrated. I always double cleanse, I love moisturising masks – anything with hyaluronic acid catches my attention – and I'll never leave the house without SPF. Moisturisers and face creams are typically the products I go through quickest. My preference is something lightweight that won’t clog my pores. 

Biggest Beauty Regret?

I don’t know why I did it, but I used to put mascara on my eyebrows. I think the thought process was trying to cheat a tinted brow gel before they were a thing. Now I keep things pretty minimal with just a clear brow gel to shape and keep the hairs in place.


Self-Care Rituals?

Magnesium is a secret weapon of mine. This, along with a silk face mask, puts me straight to sleep. I also use a lot of Epsom salt baths – especially after dance rehearsals to heal my muscles and relax. 

I would tell my younger self that I’ve got this and NOT TO WORRY SO MUCH about everything. When it comes to beauty, it would be that LESS IS MORE – especially with skincare.

Pre-Show Rituals?

It’s lots of tea followed by vocal and dance warm-ups – and just hanging out with my dancers to get each other hyped up for the show. I do think movement is so important. Yoga helps me re-centre and feel more present, which always shifts my energy into a more positive place. After that, it’s pretty much just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Best Spot For A Night Out In London?

This may surprise people, but I don’t tend to go out that much, but I do love a night at Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone. My drink order is always a dirty martini.

Favourite Red-Carpet Look?

I really loved my look at the Grammys this year. I wore a Courrèges d ress which had an amazing deep V-neck and this really cool metallic finish. It’s so fun to experiment with different looks at events like this.

Advice To Your Younger Self?

Honestly, I would tell myself I’ve got this and not to worry so much about everything. When it comes to beauty, it would be that less is more – especially with skincare. We always wonder why our skin’s better in the summer and it’s because we strip things right back. This winter, I actually went back to my summer rituals to keep things simple and it’s been such a game-changer.

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