Emily Ratajkowski Chats All Things Beauty
Emily Ratajkowski Chats All Things Beauty

Emily Ratajkowski Chats All Things Beauty

How to describe Emily Ratajkowski? Bestselling author, podcast host, women’s health advocate and model – oh, and she’s also a serious beauty junkie. From the one product that transformed her skin to the fragrance she’s obsessed with right now, here’s a sneak peek inside EmRata’s beauty bag…
By Sapna Rao
Images: @EMRATA

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I grew up in in southern California and there’s plenty of that SoCal lifestyle in my beauty routine today – whether it’s the way I apply my bronzer and blusher to create a sun-kissed look or the way I like my hair to look a little beachy and textured. It’s also really tied to the fragrances I choose. I love a summer vacation scent – so naturally, Flowerbomb Tiger Lily by Viktor & Rolf has become my latest favourite. 

You’ll always find a brown pencil in my handbag. I’m not fussy about the brand, but even if I’m on a date and only bringing a tiny micro-purse with me, I’ll always have it in there. You can run to the bathroom and touch up your freckles, lip liner, eyeliner, brows, all at once. It’s such an all-rounder.

When I know I want to WAKE UP WITH REALLY GREAT SKIN, I’ll prep the night before with retinol, snail mucin and a slightly heavier moisturiser.

Vitamin C completely transformed my skin. It’s an ingredient I added to my routine last year and have since committed to applying it every morning. Mine is from Dr. Dennis Gross and it makes my skin feel instantly snatched in the best way possible – plus, it’s really good at evening out my skin tone. 

Snail mucin is my secret to getting a noticeable glow. When I know I want to wake up with really great skin, I’ll prep the night before with retinol, snail mucin and a slightly heavier moisturiser. Dr. Dennis Gross is usually my go-to for most of these products but everyone’s skin is so different – this is only what’s worked for me. 

I hardly ever wear foundation. Controversial? Perhaps, but I tend to use concealer where I need coverage and then diffuse the product out for a more natural look. I really prefer the way it looks on my skin. If I want a heavier look, I’ll go for the Makeup Forever HD Skin Concealer, but for day to day my favourite is the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush concealer. It goes on a little wet, but the finish is more of a radiant matte, which I really like. 

Don’t be afraid to break a few make-up rules. For example, I probably wear way too much blush – but I feel like it really complements my face. I love Pat McGrath’s sticks and sometimes I’ll add a little powder on top from either the same brand or Charlotte Tilbury. I rate both brands so highly – they have some of the best colours, staying power and formulations. Like I said, the goal is that sun-kissed effect, so I apply the product across my nose and cheek area, and often go a little higher up than make-up artists would usually advise – but it really works for me. 

I don’t contour but I love to bronze. It goes pretty much all over my face – which is another reason I don't really use foundation. I like my skin to look lit in some areas with the concealer, and then try to make the rest of my skin look super warm and bronzed. Again, Charlotte Tilbury is a go-to for me. 

Brows aren't my thing. It looks so good on some people, but it’s always looked so severe on me. For red carpets and events, I do usually fill them in but for day to day I usually just brush them up for a more natural look. For my lashes I’ve been using the Kylie Lash. It really thickens my lashes and makes them a lot fluffier. 

I’m pretty passionate about my everyday lip combo. I’ve been reaching for Makeup Forever’s ‘Coco’ pencil and I use a Pat McGrath lipstick over the top. I also really like using the Rhode Peptide Lip Tints when I want a glossier look, both on their own or over lip liner. They’re super juicy and give the lips that perfect pouty look. 

Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury make my favourite palettes. I usually create a warm brown and black look, and sometimes bring in a little red – because I have red hues in my eyes. I’ll do it using a brown with a reddish undertone – I really like that when I’m going out.

My attitude to hair health has completely changed over the past few years. While make-up is something I've always been really confident about working with, hair is something I’ve only become more in tune with over the past couple of years. My hair was in a really bad place for a while from all the damage it went through on set. It would literally break at the sight of heat. I started working with Kérastase a couple of years ago and the products have become such a holy grail for me – especially the Kérastase Resistance Bain Extensionist range. I also love Bumble & Bumble’s Pret A Powder Dry Shampoo when I need to eliminate grease and add volume. 

That 90s Bobbi Brown look is so my vibe. It’s sort of like a Penelope Cruz look – but with a little less eyeliner. That’s always been what works on me, and it feels like my signature look now. 

Don’t be afraid to BREAK A FEW MAKE-UP RULES. For example, I probably wear way too much blush – but I feel like it really compliments my face.

My latest beauty buy was an LED face mask. All of my friends were raving about the results and everything I read about it really interested me. I don’t get facials that often, but when I do, one of my favourite parts is the LED session. It makes my skin so much brighter and glowier, so I’m excited to start using one at home. 

A Vitamin C sheet mask is my self-care essential. My favourite is from Dr. Dennis Gross. With a lot of sheet masks, it can be hard to know how long to leave them on for, but with this one you can physically feel the product leave the mask and hydrate your skin. I also love taking a bath – sure, most of the time they’re with my son, so they’re slightly less relaxing – but it’s still really nice. 

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Emily Ratajkowski is an ambassador for Viktor & Rolf.

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