10 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

10 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

The average woman loses 80-100 strands daily, so it’s normal to see some hair on your brush or blocking a shower drain. More significant hair loss can be caused by bad diet, stress, genetics, medication, chemicals and more. It can knock your confidence, but you can stop it getting worse. Here are ten simple ways to keep your locks luxuriant…

1. Massage Your Scalp 

“Introducing a deep scalp massage as part of a weekly or monthly routine is key,” says celebrity hair colourist Josh Wood. Regular massages stimulate blood circulation which helps hair grow back faster. Wood suggests a good hair oil with minimal ingredients, such as coconut oil, which doubles up as a great hair conditioner.

2. Take A Supplement 

Even if you eat healthily already, it can be worth introducing a hair supplement for extra nutrition. If hair loss is the result of vitamin or mineral deficiency, the right supplement can deliver results in 6-12 weeks. SL highly recommends Viviscal’s Maximum Strength supplements

3. Be Cautious Of Your Styling Products

“Avoid using a lot of styling products and strenuous styling techniques as this may put further strain on your hair follicles,” says hair loss consultant Lucinda Ellery. Soft boar brushes such as Mason Pearson’s are good at distributing the scalp’s natural oils gently down the hair. Always brush your hair from the bottom and work your way up to avoid friction. 

4. Get A Trim

“It might seem counter-productive to keep cutting hair that you want to grow, but it’s true: a trim every six weeks will help your hair grow longer and stronger”, says Josh. “Hair responds really well to light trims – it’s a rejuvenation that encourages it to grow. When hair is left alone, it naturally starts to split upwards, which can affect the length and halt growth altogether”.

5. Consider Your Hairstyle 

We’re loving the rebirth of the 80s scrunchie and pretty pearl hair slides. However, some accessories might look the part but are in fact increasing the friction on your hair. Tightly done styles can lead to hair breakage and eventual hair loss. If you tend to wear your hair up, make sure you keep it loose while you sleep. 

6. Avoid Drying Procedures

Blowing warm air onto soaking wet hair is a common and easily avoided mistake. Leave hair to dry a little naturally then, only once it’s towel-dry, finish with a hairdryer, tong, etc. Note: gently tap your wet hair dry with a towel, rather than using a rubbing action which will cause hair breakage over time.

7. Use Scalp Make Up

Also known as coloured hair thickener or root cover-up, this is great at concealing small patches of thinning temporarily. It will give your confidence a boost, but it’s not a permanent fix and can be messy. For something longer-lasting, look at Lucinda Ellery’s Intralace System, which covers thinning patches with a discreet mesh of human hair fixed to the crown. You can then wash and style your hair as you would normally. 

8. Lighten Your Roots

If you’re considering colouring your hair to make hair loss less obvious, Wood says lighter roots often help hide the scalp’s appearance and make thinning hair less visible. Don’t be too quick to cover them up!

9. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

It may sound like torture but rinsing your hair in cold water post-wash will lay down the outer layer of the hair more smoothly and prevent moisture loss, heat damage and snags. Just five seconds under a cold tap works wonders, plus it’s great for your circulation. 

10. Move More 

Yes, really. Exercise and hair loss are strongly linked because the more you move, the more your circulation increases and the more blood is pumped towards your hair follicles. This stimulates the scalp, which is key to avoiding hair loss. 

For more information on hair loss, visit LucindaEllery.com 

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