10 Expert Tips To Combat Dry Hair
10 Expert Tips To Combat Dry Hair

10 Expert Tips To Combat Dry Hair

When it comes to hair, dryness is one of our most common concerns, with up to a ¼ of us looking for ways to remedy the issue. Everything from hair dye to UV rays, heat styling and even nutrient deficiencies can play a part. Thankfully, there's plenty you can do to keep your strands in good condition. Here, Kérastase expert and hairstylist Victoria Ralph shares her tips, including the bestselling Nutritive products that really make a nourishing difference to both your hair and scalp.

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Understand Your Specific Needs

“This is the first step to creating a healthier haircare routine. Understanding your individual needs is essential to knowing which products are worth investing in to get the best results. You can ask your hair stylist for advice if you’re unsure. Once you've understood this, look for key ingredients that support your specific needs and begin to build your haircare routine.”

Know What Causes Dryness

“Dry, brittle hair is one of the most common concerns. Key causes include heated tools, changes in the weather and over-processing hair with colour or chemical treatments. That said, it can also come down to genetics or a natural lack of sebum – an oil that hydrates and protects the skin, scalp and hair. Those with a genetic lack of sebum may find they are more prone to dryness and therefore they need to use more nourishing products. To carry out a dryness test, run your fingers through a section of your hair from root to tip. Does it feel smooth? Or does it feel rough to the touch? If the latter rings true, this suggests your hair is dry and dehydrated.”

Look For Key Ingredients

“You might have heard the phrase ‘skinification of hair’ recently. Haircare is starting to utilise and benefit from the same ingredients found in facial serums, moisturisers and masks. The phrase refers to key active ingredients that support your hair’s specific needs. One to look out for is niacinamide. As it does in skincare, this key ingredient is known to help retain hydration and moisture, and you’ll find it across Kérastase’s entire Nutritive range, which offers treatments for three different levels of hair dryness. A derivative of vitamin B3, niacinamide is well-loved for both its strengthening and protective benefits. Look out for salicylic acid too, which is known for its exfoliation benefits. You’ll often find it in anti-dandruff cleansing products and scalp treatments. The final ingredient to prioritise is hyaluronic acid. Its hydrating powers are second to none and it works in the same way for your hair as it does your complexion by filling and healing hair fibre wounds. The result is a resurfaced cuticle that means hair feels soft, hydrated and looks shiny and healthy.”

Try These Products

“The Nutritive range by Kérastase is ideal for dry hair as it’s so nourishing. It offers treatments for three different levels of dryness to keep your strands feeling silky soft and supple. From shampoos and conditioners to more intensive serums, each one is non-greasy yet hydrating. It’s worth using these products to build a good routine for both the morning and night – just as you would for your face. In the morning, use its Split End Serum on dry hair and let it absorb throughout the day. At night, apply its bestselling 8HR Night Serum for instant results come morning.” 

Avoid These Mistakes When Washing

“First, avoid over-washing as this can cause excess dryness. Likewise, stay away from using very hot water. The skin on our scalp is the same as that on our face and therefore must be treated with care. If you use water that is too hot, it will cause irritation and sensitivity. Use moderately warm water instead. This allows the cuticles of your hair and the pores on your scalp to open gently, allowing for better product penetration. As for your scalp, avoid pulling your hair up in tight, slicked-back hairstyles with thin bands. This can cause breakage at the root.”

Pat, Don’t Rub

“I recommend patting your hair dry rather than vigorously drying it with a towel. This will create less frizz and prevent breakage. You should always be gentle with your hair when it’s wet as it’s more fragile. This is because our natural hydrogen bonds temporarily break down and reform again once our hair is dry. To prevent any breakage on wet hair, brush it through with a soft detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb. Never sleep on wet hair that’s tied up as this can cause hair to snap.”

Keep Hair Protected At All Times

“Under the influence of heat, water evaporates from the hair, causing different levels of damage to the hair’s fibres. Heat damage can start at temperatures as low as 90°C-120°C, so it’s vital you apply heat protection ahead of any styling – even if you are using a lower heat. I recommend trying Kérastase’s Beautifying Blow-Dry Mist. Apply pre-blow dry and it will protect your hair from heat that's up to 230 degrees*. The blow-dry mist also helps to reduce flyaways and frizz, while boosting shine and smoothness.”

*Instrumental test


Pay Attention To Leave-In Serums

 "Invest in leave-in serums. The ones from Kérastase contain concentrated, skincare-inspired ingredients which target specific hair needs, for example combatting dryness, dandruff or hair fall to name a few. Try Kérastase’s Split End Serum and its 8H Magic Night Serum. Both target dryness and seal in moisture. The nourishing, vitamin-in-oil blend formula for split ends instantly helps to restore shine, and over time results in up to x2 fewer visible split ends*, while reducing frizz and smoothing the ends of your hair. As for the 8H overnight serum, this prevents friction while you sleep to minimise flyaways and damage. It's non-greasy too, nourishing your hair without any stickiness, so you don't have to rinse it away in the morning. 

*Instrumental test vs untreated sensitised hair.


Get Regular Trims

“Frequent hair trims will help to reduce split ends and breakage that occurs from the bottom up. Having yours cut regularly will give it a much healthier appearance overall. Typically, I recommend having your ends tidied up every six to eight weeks to prevent any fraying.”

Adjust Your Routine

“It’s not only in the shower that your hair needs attention. As we approach the summer, it needs protecting against sun exposure and chlorine too. Look for products that contain a UV filter to prevent the kind of damage that can also lead to dryness. Wear a hat too, as it’s easy protection. If your hair has lots of exposure to chlorine, try to coat it with an oil or serum before you swim – this will seal in hydration and give you a level of protection. Finally, keeping your hair in a very loose braid overnight can help minimise breakage and knots. The key is to secure it with a very soft, loose scrunchie.”

Use A Mask Weekly

“Incorporating a mask into your routine once a week is essential. Masks can be seen as too heavy by many, but within Kérastase’s Nutritive range there are specific formulas designed for every hair type – from fine to thick and frizzy – so they don’t feel weighty or greasy. After you shampoo, apply your mask to towel-dried hair. Massage it into your mid-lengths and ends then rinse out after three or five minutes. You can leave masks on for longer if you feel the need to. It’s worth visiting your hairdresser for professional treatments too. These can quickly give your hair the boost it needs and seal in moisture and nourishment at speed.”

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