16 Hair Tips With A-List Stylist Larry King
16 Hair Tips With A-List Stylist Larry King

16 Hair Tips With A-List Stylist Larry King

Larry King has built his reputation on legendary cuts and an impressive A-list clientele that includes names like Poppy Delevingne and Karli Kloss. So, who better to share their top haircare tips? From the importance of mousse to the right way to brush your hair, here’s what Larry thinks everyone should know.
By Rebecca Hull

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Think About Your Face Shape

“Both stylists and customers should consider their face and its shape carefully to get the best results from any haircut. You want the natural movement of your hair to frame your features well. Of course, a stylist can assist you with this, but it’s worth having an idea before you visit any salon and getting a feel for what areas of your face you want to enhance. There are so many cutting and colouring techniques available now that it’s worth knowing all your options.”

Follow These Three Tips

“There are three pieces of advice I wish everyone would take on board. First, don’t underestimate the importance of a regular haircut. Second, choose a good colourist – this can be the difference between wiry, brittle strands and healthy, well-conditioned hair. Finally, work with your natural texture, never against it. Knowing your own hair type is one rule to live by. So many people go against the grain – straightening curls, overusing heat tools to add waves and volume – but your hair always looks its best when you enhance what you’ve already got. Whether that’s with your fingers, pinching strands to create texture, or with texturising products and masks.”

Be Realistic With Colour

“As great as social media is, it can create unrealistic goals. Find a good colourist and listen to what they tell you. If you want your hair lightened, talk to them about what is achievable and how many sessions it will take to get there, as well as how much it will cost and what the upkeep will be. Be prepared and know what you’re doing. Personally, I would avoid at-home colour. That’s not just because I’m a stylist – but I guarantee you never get the same results.”

Don’t Be Afraid Of Styling Products

“There’s become a real fear around styling products. I think people just use them wrong and then give up. But stylists and industry experts use them for a reason: they make a huge difference, often without any need for extra heat. Keep it soft and movable – solid, rigid hair is unattractive. Embrace volumising mists, texture clays and sprays. Even hairspray is great for teasing strands and giving them a bit of effortless style.”

Think Of Your Hair Like Silk

“We are so harsh with our hair and then we suddenly panic when things go wrong. You want to think of your hair like it’s your favourite silk dress. This will make you more conscious of being gentle – you wouldn’t put a dress you love through a boil wash, then use a really hot iron on it, would you? Your hair requires as much care and thought, so make sure you’re using the right products and a gentle touch. Use a good sulphate-free shampoo – to me, this is the equivalent of taking your hair to the dry cleaners. Follow up with my Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner which nourishes and hydrates for softer, shinier strands.”

Brush The Right Way

“Always sweep your conditioner through wet hair – this helps the product adhere better to your strands. Do so with a wide tooth comb instead of a harsh, scratchy brush. The latter can sometimes overstretch and break the hair, especially when it’s wet. I also recommend combing from bottom to top – never the other way around. This prevents your hair snapping and breaking prematurely.”


Never Neglect Your Scalp

“Think about cleansing your scalp in the same way as your skin. If you were to use a daily cleanser that was harsh and stripping, your complexion would begin to produce oils to combat that effect – and your scalp is no different. The products you use are essential to maintain healthy hair and the natural balance of your scalp. It’s why it’s important to take care and use shampoos that are sulphate-free – they’re known to be gentler. The more time and effort you put into maintaining a healthy scalp, the better your hair will look overall.”

Take Care Of Frizz

“Frizz happens to the best of us and is often caused by things like wind, rain, central heating and hats. I created my Flyaway Kit to tame it – just add a small amount of my Social Life For Your Hair to the brush, really working it into the bristles, then take the brush and use it to smooth down any rogue hairs. It works every time and holds the hair in place – ideal if you’re creating a slicked back look. That said, frizz can be a sign of damage, so if it’s happening a lot, pay attention to what you’ve been doing. To rectify the issue, limit your use of heat tools or at the very least turn down the temperature setting. I also recommend using a t-shirt or something similar to dry your hair – go easy on using a rough towel. They can be quite abrasive and hair is so fragile when it’s wet.”

Invest In Some Key Products

“I really rate Dyson’s hair tools. The technology that goes into the products is second to none – it completely blows my mind and the results speak for themselves. As a brand, it puts hair health at the centre of everything it does, which should be important to us all. Heat stylers aside, everyone needs a really hard-working brush. Though it’s best not to use them wet, a good one will detangle dry hair gently and keep hair taut when you blow-dry it – my favourite will always be Mason Pearson. I also love the brand Spencer for scissors and its wide tooth combs. Don’t underestimate a diffuser either – they’re so important if you want to enhance natural texture and curls.”

Know What Goes Where

“I’ve already mentioned the importance of styling products, but it’s important to know when to use them. Whether it’s a cream, mousse or heat protector, they should always be applied to wet hair. They act as the perfect base for your blow-dry and will ensure you get better shine and control. Applying them wet also plumps up the hair, so that when it’s dry, you get visible volume and lift. Finishing products, like blow-dry balms, oils and salt sprays, should always be used on dry hair to create the finish you want – whether that’s smooth and shiny or a grungier look.”


Stick To Weekly Treatments

“If you’re looking to repair and strengthen hair, masks and bonding treatments really do work. However, it’s important to recognise that you can overdo these products and they can have the opposite effect. You should only do one or the other once a week – no more. As the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing.”

Do Try Mousse

“Out of everything in my kit, my favourite product of all time is mousse. I use it on every single client. In my opinion, nothing primes the hair for a flawless blow-dry quite like it. Just work a small amount into wet hair then blast your strands with a hair dryer – you don’t even need to use a brush to roll it out, a mousse – like My Nanna’s formula – will give your hair enough bounce and fullness on its own.”

Treat Curly Hair Differently

“Curls were a totally forgotten texture until a couple of years ago. It’s a hair type that requires its own particular cut, blow-dry technique and styling products. The hair is often coily, and springs a lot, so you also want to make sure you’re not taking too much off. Try to wash it less regularly – one of my top tricks for styling curly hair is to avoid heavy shampoo. Instead, just add some mousse and curl cream to wet hair, then tip your head upside down before drying on a low-heat setting. Let the curls set and the dryer will do all the work. If you touch it, you’ll just create more static. Once dry, shake out the curls and finish with a good smoothing cream.”

Understand The Causes Of Thinning Hair

“Thinning hair is a huge concern for so many of us – the most important thing is not to panic. Figure out why it’s feeling thin – is it too much heat? Or the use of chemicals? Or have you gone through any major lifestyle changes? Think about these things and then make a good plan of action. If your hair loss is being seen at the scalp, then often it’s related to internal factors. This is common three to six months after pregnancy or illness, or particularly stressful times. If the thinning is directly on the hair shaft, this is likely due to chemicals and heat – so put back in some hydration with masks and heavy-duty treatments. Remember, hair also has a natural cycle, so you will have periods where hair feels thinner. All this said, if you ever feel concerned, see a trichologist – they can check your vitamin levels and see what’s really happening with your scalp.”

Start Every Look With A Sleek Base

“No matter what look you want to create, always start with a slick base. Do this by blow-drying your hair thoroughly upside down for extra volume. Finish when your hair is about 80% dry and then use a round brush to blow-dry your hair in sections, finishing each one with a cool blast. Take each of these sections and curl it round your finger before securing it with a pin or Kirby grip. Let these set for as long as possible then pull them out last minute for big, bouncy waves. You can then either work with your hair as it is, or begin securing it into an updo – whatever you choose, creating a sleek base will help you achieve the look you really want.”

Finally, Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut

“Life is short to not play and experiment with your hair. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Wearing the same style, colour and even parting everyday can become boring and even a bit ageing. Try new looks and products – have fun with it and change it up. You’ll never know what might work for you otherwise.”

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