5 Easy Steps To A Flawless Blow-Dry

5 Easy Steps To A Flawless Blow-Dry

To create smooth, bouncy waves at home, experts agree a heated brush is essential. Cue Revamp’s high-tech tool, which is revolutionising hair-styling regimes. With a retractable bristle mechanism and gentle ionic technology, it’s designed to help you perfect your blow-drying technique, while causing minimal damage. Here’s exactly how to use it for salon-level results…



Pull The Hair Taut

Take a one-inch width of hair and hold it taut at the ends before wrapping the brush around the mid-section. When you feel the bristles have attached properly to your strands, start rolling it downwards, before working backwards, wrapping the hair around it back up to the root.


Hold For 5 To 8 Seconds

Once you’ve rolled the brush and your hair up to the root, hold it there for five to eight seconds. The longer you hold the brush at the root, the more voluminous the wave – the option is yours, depending on the effect you’re after. If you want more laid-back, beach curls, hold it for just three to five seconds. The beauty of this tool is how versatile it is, letting you play with loose or bouncy waves, while adding noticeable volume. Plus, the clever ionic technology works to neutralise the static charge in your hair, making strands easier than ever to manage.


Hit The Button To Release Your Curls 

Once you’ve held the hair at the root for your desired time, press the button and the retractable bristles will gently release the hair. One of the biggest pros of this brush are these gentle bristles that grip the hair softly to give tension and control for a smooth and polished finish. When they retract, they let go of the hair smoothly, with no snagging or pulling, for minimal damage and ease.


Scrunch Your Wave As You Release

As you hold the button to release your wave, use your fingers to guide the curl down, scrunching and twirling it into place as it releases for a fuller, bouncier effect.


Use Your Fingers To Break Up The Curl

Finish off by running your fingers through your hair to break up the waves so it doesn’t look too corkscrewed or unnaturally tight. For a sleeker, glossier finish, smooth a pea-size amount of serum throughout the length of your hair.

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