The 6 Golden Rules Of Futureproofing Your Hair

The 6 Golden Rules Of Futureproofing Your Hair

Who doesn’t want glorious, shinier hair? Well, we’ve teamed up with professional haircare brand, System Professional to help deliver just that.

Their new INESSENCE range blends natural ingredients with the power of science to combat common hair problems as well as future-proofing your hair’s health. Plus, SheerLuxe readers can take advantage of the new collection with an exclusive 20% OFF until the 31st May when they shop through Lookfantastic. Step this way for six simple steps to shinier healthier hair…  

1. Seek Products With Scientific Technology

It’s said that 50% of us in the UK who buy beauty products look for ones made with natural ingredients, but are still concerned they won’t perform as well. Thanks to new-gen launches, that needn’t be a concern any longer. Haircare brands are becoming savvier about their combination of natural ingredients with science technology, which is exactly what System Professional have incorporated into their new Inessence line. Merging the potent powers of antioxidants with stem cell research, you’re guaranteed impressive results that deliver every time. And forget the white, clunky bottles of ‘au naturel’s’ past, these feel luxuriously weighty and look super slick – you’ll want to display these in your bathroom.

2. Get Smart About Your Shampoo

When seeking a good, nourishing shampoo, you want one that claims to ‘rejuvenate’ or ‘repair damage’ on the label. You also may want to find one that has natural ingredients (think fruit extracts) to strengthen hair. Just like System Professional’s Hair Rejuvenating Cleanser, which has the lowest concentration of detergents and is stripped from sulphates and parabens. The stripped-back formula, cleanses fully to remove all product residue build-up that often makes hair less flexible and leads to breakage. It may sound obvious, but be savvy about where you apply your shampoo. Be sure to use it on the scalp only – not on the ends of your hair. You want to avoid scrubbing the ends, which are naturally drier and more brittle. Don’t use more than a 20p coin size either. Less is more.

3. How Often You Should Wash 

A recent report showed 33% of women have lessened their washing habits, for fear of damage. While you don’t need to leave it a week, try and skip it a day to prevent the hair from over swelling on the inside, as this leads to frizz and breakage. Instead, embrace a dry shampoo like System Professional’s BB Instant Reset Spray, which is a hard-core oil absorber. It removes grease and sweat from hair rather than just coating it with powder.

4. Protect Your Hair Against UV Damage 

Where possible, always try and protect your hair from the elements, such as sun, wind and rain. They can all contribute to frizz, dryness and breakage. Cover your hair with a hat during the warmer months, and double up with a nourishing spray, like System Professional’s Inessence Hair Rejuvenating Spray. With in-built UV protection and anti-pollution properties, a few spritz on towel-dried hair will help to tame stubborn strands that just won’t lay down or fall into shape, while conditioning with Acai Berry stem cell extract.

5. Conditioner Is Critical

It’s no secret that a good conditioner smooths frizz and increases shine. But they’re also critical for heat protection as they coat strands before you use a blow-dryer or straighteners. Use System Professional’s Inessence Conditioner Cream and leave it for at least five minutes before rinsing with cool water. A cooler temperature allows you to seal the hair cuticle, ensuring your strands lay smooth once dry. A smoother hair cuticle will also help to increase shine and reflect the light better.

6. Treat Yourself Weekly

Weekly conditioning treatments make a surprisingly big difference in the long run. They work to keep hair follicles clean, which prevents blockage and inflammation that can lead to thinning hair later in life. Try System Professional’s Inessence Rejuventating Mask on a weekly basis to strengthen and rebuild weak strands. The addition of mango, honey and ginger will leave your hair smelling fresh and feeling completely recharged.

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