6 Hair Rules To Live By, From A Top Stylist

6 Hair Rules To Live By, From A Top Stylist

With over 12 years’ experience of cutting and styling, Patrick Wilson, Color Wow’s Artistic Director of Europe, knows a thing or two when it comes to hair. No matter the texture, colour, length or condition of your locks, these are his six commandments that are relevant to us all.

1. Keep A Toothbrush Handy

I always say a toothbrush isn’t just for your teeth. For me, it’s a backstage favourite, and I use it all the time to get rid of those annoying frizzy baby hairs that pop up. It acts like a little mini comb and gets into places that your normal brush can’t. Try spritzing it with hairspray first then watch your fly-always flatten in minutes.

2. Don’t Underestimate A Texturiser

A lot of people forget about texturiser’s but finding a good one is the key to getting a bit of added weight and guts into your strands. Not to mention the easy breezy natural look it gives. The same goes for dry shampoos, they’re another great addition to your regime for plumping and creating that lived-in texture we all crave. Just make sure you only use them in small amounts, you don’t need a bucketload on your hair to create the effect you want.

3. Give Hair A Pinch

You may have seen models like Rosie Huntington-Whitely doing this before and thought, ‘What is that?’, ‘Why is she doing that?’. But it’s a simple trick that’s effective, especially if you have a centre parting. Simply pinch where your hair parts and spray it lightly with a mist of hairspray. It frames the face and gives that cool, Bardot look to any fringe.

4. Beach Waves Made Easy

It’s still the look people crave more than anything, and it’s simple to do at home. Section your hair into four parts, like a hot cross bun marking. Plait each of those sections and then secure the ends with an elastic band. Then gently run straighteners over each braid. Leave to cool down, then take out the plaits to shake out the texture. Trust me, it works so well and takes no time at all.

5. Easy, Instant Volume

I always recommend keeping a volumizer nearby for throughout the day as hair inevitably tends to drop and fall flat by the afternoon. I like to keep a mini Color Wow Raise The Root in my bag for when my hair falls flat. I just tip my head upside down and spray a little into the roots, nothing gives instant body quite like it. Another tip is if you struggle to get any lift whatsoever, flip your head in the morning and blast it with your hairdryer. This will just give lifeless hair some much-needed oomph with minimal effort. 

6. Ponytail Hack

I see so many people try and recreate the ponytail look that’s tied with a strand of hair, but they end up gripping it in with kirbys and then leaving the pin showing on the other side. Not a great look. A top tip I always use behind-the-scenes is to use hairspray. So, start by wrapping the hair around the bobble of your ponytail, and each time the hair winds round, spray it in firmly with a good dousing of hairspray. Keep going until it’s firmly in place, then use your hairdryer on the coolest setting to hold it into place. It will feel super secure and you won’t have any hairs poking out.

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