6 Ways To Conceal Grey Hair
6 Ways To Conceal Grey Hair

6 Ways To Conceal Grey Hair

By our 30s, the natural pigment in our hair follicles is depleting and grey hairs start to show. And while more of us are embracing our silvery tones, not everyone is ready to commit. If you fall into the latter camp, there are plenty of ways to conceal the appearance of early greys, as celebrity hair colourist Josh Wood explains…

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Try A Temporary Tweak

“Before diving into any permanent colour, try a temporary solution, like my bestselling Blending Brushes. They’re ideal if you’re keen to cover just a few greys in exchange for minimal effort. For best results, use the blending brush on damp hair and blow-dry it in. Click the bottom of the brush to pump the formula into the bristles then dab off any excess on a tissue. This will ensure you distribute the formula evenly, so you don’t deposit it too much in one spot. Apply the brush directly to your greys but avoid touching your scalp so you don’t stain it. Once you’ve covered the areas you want to, continue to style your hair as normal – you’ll be covered for up to three washes.”

It really is the colour on the box. THE RESULTS ARE NATURAL and the colour never goes brassy, which is a problem I’ve had with other DIY dyes.
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Use A Dedicated Kit

“If you have more than a smattering of greys and want to conceal their appearance, it pays to invest in a good at-home colour kit. Our Miracle System includes permanent colour, a toning shot and the Miracle Shot, the unique formula that strengthens hair from within while you colour. It has everything you need to top up your colour safely and effectively at home with ingredients that are proven to make hair stronger and reduce colour fade. If you’re using the permanent colour, don’t feel you have to use it all – just use enough to cover your greys. Always start with a barrier cream – there’s one in our kit – and apply it to areas like the tops of your ears and hairline to prevent staining. Brush your hair through first then split it into four sections – the neater the section, the better your application. Mix the colour into the colour activator, then adding the toning shade and Miracle Shot for an extra boost. For best results stir together using the bowl and brush from the expert Hair Colour Application Kit. Stir everything in until you can see the colour is absorbed, then brush this onto dry hair, dotting it around your hairline where needed. Use the salon-grade gloves provided within the kit to use your fingers to really push the colour into your roots. My biggest tip is to start the application where you feel your grey hair is most resistant, and for the majority of us that is directly on the hairline.”


Blend Your Dye Outwards

“If you’re using permanent dye to cover your greys, always blend the colour away from your face. You don’t want to pull the colour onto your skin. I also recommend leaving any remaining colour in the bowl while your colour processes. You can use this to reapply to any stubborn or missed greys that you may notice afterwards.”

Branden Harvey Stories/stocksy united

The colour is easy to use, and I can TRUST THE QUALITY for a great result EVERY time.
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Nail Your Colour

“It’s a myth that salon-quality hair colour isn’t achievable at home. In fact, that’s exactly what we want to help you create. It’s why we launched our online video consultations with experts from our central London Atelier. This service allows us to connect with our community and give tailored advice, so you never go wrong. If you don’t have time for that, don’t miss our quiz which is designed to help you perfect your shade and hide regrowth. It goes without saying that before using any DIY dye, you should always carry out a patch test first.”

Give Glosses A Go

“If you colour your hair to keep greys at bay, don’t dismiss the idea of a gloss. While it won’t get rid of grey strands, the right one will neutralise any unwanted tones and brighten the colour you do have, minimising the appearance of grey tones. Our Icy Gloss formula is a bestseller for good reason. It’s semi-permanent, so again you don’t have to fully commit as it will wash out within ten days. Just a small amount will smooth your hair and give it more vibrancy and better tone. Use it like a conditioner and let it sit for a few minutes for best results.”

Finally, Don’t Underestimate Masks

“Grey hair is often wiry and different in texture. While hair masks won’t get rid of the grey colour, they will smooth them down and making them less brittle and less visible. Our Miracle Mask has been formulated to lock in any dye, prevent colour fade and maintain the overall condition of your hair. Use it weekly for five minutes at a time or leave it on overnight to supercharge results. Alternatively, for thirsty hair, use it like a conditioner every time you shampoo." 


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