8 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Hair
8 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Hair

8 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Hair

Hair feeling a bit lacklustre? If you want to change things up at your next salon appointment – be that a subtle change in colour or a micro trim that'll make a big difference – help is at hand. We asked some top hair stylists for their recommendations…
By Sapna Rao

Try A Face Frame

Every good hair stylist will tell you how essential it is to get regular trims. However, if you want to switch things up at your next visit, there are some subtle ways to do it. Larry King Hair’s Annie Redman explains: “If you just want to refresh the hair without any major change, speak to your stylist about playing around with the shape through the front of your hair. Adding a little extra face framing could be just enough of a change to feel like you’ve lifted everything up around the face.” A face frame can also work when it comes to colour. If you’re blonde, a subtle but bright lift will freshen up your look.

Have A Gloss Or Toner

Easy, quick and often inexpensive, a gloss or a toner is a simple add-on if you’re already booked in for a trim. However, you could also ask for it to be applied pre-blow dry for an extra silky finish. Larry King Hair’s Sophia Karayiannis says: “Whether you want to freshen up your blonde or turn a mousey brown into more of a liquid brunette, a gloss will give you that.” If colour isn't for you and you simply want to add shine, ask for a clear gloss instead.

Consider Copper

It’s a colour trend we’ve seen making the rounds on social media. While it may sound a little scary, it doesn’t have to be the dramatic auburn red you may be picturing. L’Oréal Professionnel Paris UK editorial ambassador Adam Reed explains: “Smoked amber is the colour to know about this year. It’s an ultra-cooled-down shade mixed with gold and chocolate. It’s a rich yet natural tone that we’d often finish with a gloss to keep it warm. This trend is wearable and nicely enhances the eyes.” Dubai-based hairstylist Limoz Logli adds: “For anyone who’s feeling brave, a copper gloss can be a great way to add some shine and complement your skin tone.” 

Choose A Bob

There are lots of bobs out there right now, but none are more popular than the ‘boyfriend bob’. Session stylist and founder of Larry King Hair, Larry King explains: “With a slightly more androgynous feel to it, it’s rounded off slightly at the front with shorter pieces through the front – think 90s vibes. It isn’t suitable for everyone, but those with strong cheekbones really suit it. If you have a rounder face shape, there are other styles that will work better. These days, the best bob is less blunt and more layered, so when you get it cut, ensure you ask for a relaxed, effortless feel. Right now, the coolest hair isn’t freshly blow-dried or overly done.”

Request A Cleansing Treatment

Hard water can do a lot of damage to coloured hair. If your colour is feeling flat, but you’re not quite ready for a full-head refresh, chat to your hair stylist about a detox to bring your hair back to life. Limoz explains: “A lot of clients are requesting our metal detox. After summer sun and swimming pool chlorine, coloured hair is at its worst in terms of health. At the start of a new season, I always recommend getting a cleansing treatment done to remove toxins and strip back the build-up to bring your hair back to that fresh healthy colour you started with.”

Intensify Your Colour

Rather than changing your tone, if you simply want to intensify your current colour and make it more vibrant, Sophia suggests: “Shade kickers can give you the pop and vibrancy your hair may need. You can add to and intensify copper, red or blonde hair in need of a lift.” Formulated with direct dyes with no background, they’re vibrant shades.

Book A Moisturising Treatment

Great treatments can be done from home, but if you want something that targets your hair a little deeper, while also experiencing a bit of pampering, book one in at your salon. Sophia explains: “Think of it like a facial but for your hair. We all know our skin can use a little extra TLC but often we neglect that our hair does too. Try a moisturising treatment – there are several options to choose from, but each will revive dry strands in a way you can’t do yourself at home.” 

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