8 Expert Tips For Growing Damaged Hair

8 Expert Tips For Growing Damaged Hair

Whether you’re a bottle blonde or tonging fan, achieving long, healthy-looking locks can be a struggle. But it is possible to grow damaged hair – be it bleach or heat damage – and even restore soft texture and shine. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Grow Gorgeous to bring you a tried and tested guide on how to do it…

1. Cut Your Losses

The first step is always the hardest, and it could be time to say goodbye some length – yes, it may sound counterproductive, but unless you cut off your split ends, they’ll likely continue to split up the hair shaft and cause even more breakage. In fact, this is where the myth that trimming hair encourages it to grow actually comes from – trims simply mean less breakage, therefore your hair gets longer.

Grow Gorgeous says: “This doesn’t mean you have to go for the big chop, a light trim can do wonders for your hair, result in it growing longer and healthier, and give the appearance of thicker strands, all whilst removing that unwanted damage.”

2. Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum

It might be time to ditch your daily blow-dry habit. Those ultra-high levels of heat you apply to hair during blow-drying, straightening, and curling processes are often hot enough to cause severe trauma to the hair. With some tools applying levels of heat at 200°C or more, the damage is caused by dehydration, rapid water loss and protein damage to name a few.

Grow Gorgeous says: “If you can’t avoid heat tools, you should keep the frequency of use to a minimum, use your tools on a lower temperature and should absolutely be using heat protection every time you use them.”

3. Don’t Over-Wash

Regularly shampooing your hair strips it of its natural oils, which are vital in the fight against breakage and damage. Try to reduce the amount you wash your hair to a maximum of twice a week – and don’t forget to keep the dry shampoo on hand until your scalp gets used to being washed less to help absorb excess grase.

Grow Gorgeous says: “When you do wash your hair, try finishing your shower off with a shot of cool water. This can help in closing the hair cuticle, resulting in shinier and smoother looking hair.”

4. Condition, Condition, Condition

Condition like it's going out of style. Condition like the conditioner just killed your entire family and the only way to get revenge is to condition your hair more. Use two conditioners! A good-quality product will protect hair from further damage, reinforce hair fibres and leave it intensely nourished – meaning your locks will be stronger, more elastic, hydrated and smooth.

Grow Gorgeous says: “Our Rescue & Repair Conditioner restores and repairs from within. Rich in cupuassu butter, amino acids and bamboo extract to repair, it gets inside the problem of hair damage and reinforcing strands instead of just masking the issue. Use together with the Rescue & Repair Shampoo for best results.”

5. Be Extra Gentle When It’s Wet

After you’ve washed your hair you need to avoid any vigorous towel-drying as this can cause extra damage to the hair cuticle. Instead, loosely wrap your hair in a towel and leave it to naturally dry. If you don’t have time to wait, try using a micro-fibre cloth or 100% cotton T-shirt to dry your hair instead – these tend to be more gentle on your strands.

Grow Gorgeous says:After you’ve gently towel-dried your hair, skip the brushing until it’s dry.  Hair, especially when it’s already a little damaged, is more fragile, therefore prone to further damage when it’s wet. If you have to comb through wet strands, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle whilst still remaining gentle.”

6. Eat Your Hair Healthy

A balanced diet paired with some smart supplements can give your hair the added boost it needs to grow that last few inches. Check out Grow Gorgeous’ healthy hair diet guide for a must-buy food shopping list – and when it comes to supplements, ensure you’re taking a multi-vitamin containing zinc, iron and vitamins A, C, E and B-complex.

Grow Gorgeous says: “Whilst changing your diet won’t repair damaged hair overnight, consuming the right nutrients will help promote hair health and strength. Incorporating vitamin-rich foods like spinach, berries and sweet potatoes will help optimise hair’s natural reparative process.”

7. Avoid Certain Hairstyles

Tight buns, super detailed fishtail braids or sleek pony tails can all put additional stress on hair follicles (not to mention the scalp). So, if you’re worried about damage, it can be a good idea to give your hair a bit of a break from these particular looks. Avoid using standard hair ties too – instead, opting for silk or spiral styles, which won’t cause as much breakage.

Grow Gorgeous says: “If you still want to keep your hair off of your face our favourite damage proof styles include messy buns, loose braids and chic chignons. These all work to give your gorgeous up-dos without the damage.”

8. Try A Targeted Treatment

For those who want to kick-start their way to Rapunzel-esque locks, you can’t go wrong with Grow Gorgeous’ cult Hair Growth Serum. Formulated with a unique complex of active ingredients – including clover flower extract, hyaluronic ccid, Chinese skullcap extract and the super-peptide acetyl-3-tetrapeptide – it’s proven to give you thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

Grow Gorgeous says: “Don’t just believe us… In two clinical trials, 90% of women agreed their hair looked fuller after using our Hair Growth Serum for 12 weeks, and some achieved visible results in as little as four weeks.”

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